Month: March 2019

How to Have Better Conversations with Your Partner

Not wanting to look bad in the eyes of the person you admire may keep you from sharing what is on your mind. Again, trying to look perfect all the time can also force you to keep your issues to a point where they start to hurt. But in either way, if you don’t give your concerns a voice and let your partner listen, you will be the one to carry the huge burden. You will continue to suffer yet your partner can help lessen your worries and maybe help destroy what is bothering you despite how you present them.

Psychology of the Self and Impacts of Exercise on Mental Health

Including exercise in our everyday life can significantly improve not only physical but also mental health, and it is therefore recommended to integrate and observe it as a way of life.

The way a person perceives physical exercise largely determines whether they consider it desirable and good or they ignore it. Furthermore, social relationships within a group contribute to persistence or resignation from exercise. Perceived success and self-efficacy sense significantly affect the increase in intrinsic motivation for exercising, and an increasing good mood.

How to Get Your Dream Job

During a session between a man looking for a job and Abraham it was jokingly concluded that he just needs to ‘chill out and feel like the king of the world, and the job which you want will come to you.’ The man is asking for guidance, because he can’t understand how to change his mindset in order to attract the best job.

Making Your Position in Life Count

The world has a place for all. When young your parents work tirelessly to make sure another person does not occupy your position. This is the time you find parents doing the best they can for their children. For example, taking to best schools, best entertainment place and so on. Essentially, at this time though you exit, your parents make most decisions, and you have to obey.

What happens on your birthday

What happens on your birthday?

So, here’s what happened on your birthday. That day, on your birthday, this source energy that is you emerged into this environment in pure vibrational form with no resistance. That’s what happens every time you emerge from meditation. Every day is your birthday. It’s a rebirthing, it’s starting anew because it’s all about what’s flowing now. It doesn’t matter what’s manifested or what hasn’t manifested.