It Takes Living Life to Decide

It Takes Living Life to Decide

Rather than call negative experience badness let's call them less than wanted because there are degrees of it and unless you let the momentum really get carried away it won't be bad it's just preferred and less preferred....

When You Dont Know Where to Start

When You Don’t Know Where to Start

It's logical because when you really really want something the absence of it doesn't feel so good. And you're not feeling both of those things at the same time, you're feeling really really happy or really really sad but you're not feeling both ends of that vibrational spectrum at the same time. ...

Interpersonal Skills and their Effect

Interpersonal Skills and Their Effect

The elements of interpersonal skills are the development and maintenance of conversations and interactions in which the emphasis is on openness and correct relations with other people, expressing interest and understanding for those with whom they are directly communicating. This article will focus on what interpersonal skills are and what effects they have on...

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