Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #565 – Every Environment Can Deliver



Hello. First, I just wanted to say that I was thinking about that BlueGlass and the butterfly and the feather story. And before and I was just thinking about how much I love that story. And how demonstrative it is about how nervous about it before we told it? Yes. So you may have been part of getting us ready to get ready to get ready. So that was kind of my question.

Yeah. Which just happened again? Yeah. In other words, you’re in the receiving mode. Yeah. And we’re in the receiving mode. And so here we are on the same wavelength having some of the same thoughts. Those of you have been listening to us for a while. Even though that’s a story that we often tell because it really represents what we want you to understand about your point of attraction.

There are many stories that you’ve never heard his tale that the idea of them comes into your mind even before Esther receives the transmission begin speaking the world, isn’t that been happening to you all day? Doesn’t happen you with others? Don’t you sometimes go to the door, and room service is there before they’ve even knocked? Doesn’t that happen to you, too? Yes.

I guess I’m just really appreciating the awareness that I did that perfect words, like I did that perfect words. It was Yeah. Beautiful. So the question that I’ve been thinking about was, Does every environment have the ability to give you everything that you want? Yeah. Every particle of the universe contains wanted and unwanted.

But the information that you need to understand in order for you to be able to experience that in the environment, is my understanding that through this current environment, and all those that have gone before, which includes even the environments, not of this lifetime, even the environments of non physical before you got here. All that you are is now in this active vibrational environment. It includes everything that you want, and its potential to manifest now is certain.

Isn’t that interesting? And you know why? Because you are the perceiver of it. Now, this takes some willingness to let your mind move into some places that maybe it hasn’t been before. But this whole experience is a perceptual experience to people walking down the same street having very different experiences, because whatever vibration you’re on, is causing you to translate it through different vibrational lenses. So yes, that is an accurate statement.

Every particle of the universe has the wherewithal to please or displease you, in the variety of ways that you have already found. So can I talk about a specific, yes, because at the essence of every detail, at the basis of every detail, is an essence, that once you find it, then the momentum can take it to full fruition. If all about we’re talking about instant manifestation, and most people are really not up to speed yet with instant manifestation.

But if you could find and actively engage in and hold steady in your vibration, the essence of the things you want, those things would manifest in every experience in such multitudes that people would follow you around and wonder what you’ve got going on. I believe you.

One day, not long ago, a woman told us this story. She wanted to come to a seminar didn’t quite have the money didn’t really have shortage consciousness just wasn’t ready to be ready to be ready to have it yet but wanted to go to the seminar. And our desire to be there in Chicago was the strongest vibration within her. So she began talking with a friend.

Now this friend is also someone who is listening to Abraham, who’s up to speed so they have that exponential thing going on, where both of them were tuned into source energy, and they’re walking through this very wooded area with lots of leaves on the ground, talking about this friend going to Chicago to this particular workshop.

And so they’re both tuned in tapped in turned on and this girl looks off into the bushes and she sees something doesn’t really know what it is. It’s sort of shining. She reaches over comes out with a very large diamond earring. too large to be real, but it was had a value of $9,000 and she came to the seminar. nother girl at the same seminar wanting to make her way to Chicago.

Again, a friend who she visited with another friend who exponentially they got themselves into these high flying In places, so she decides she wants to go to Chicago even though she really doesn’t have the means for everything that that involves. And so her friend had the ability to get her a standby ticket for an airline. So she went to the airport in her city stood and waited for the flight, the flight filled up, she didn’t get on. But she didn’t lose her feeling of abundance about it.

And so then another flight came and left without her again. So she called her friend and said, Well, I’m not on yet. And her friend was getting on a plane in her city, on her way to Chicago. And so that was happy and helpful. And then her friend said, Well, why don’t you ask them if they have a flight to some other city like New York, and then maybe they’ll have a standby from there, which was a sort of getting ready to be ready was a viable thought.

I thought that was being received. And so she went to the service center. And she asked if she could get on a standby maybe to New York. And the woman behind the counter said, Well, where do you really want to go? And she said, I really want to go to Chicago. And the woman paused for a month, she said, Wait a minute, I’ve got a flight going to Chicago, hold on.

She left came back, gave her a boarding pass, sent her to a gate. When she got to the gate. She was the only passenger on the flight. They were moving a plane from one place to another. She got on the flight attendant did the safety announcement directly to her. And then the pilot Captain got on the intercom and said, Good morning ma’am. Every moment in time has the ability to yield to you. It just depends on how keen your receptors are.

Because your inner being knows the path of least resistance, your path of least resistance means your inner being knows what your hang ups are, what your hiccups are, what your ways to not let it flow in. So your inner being sometimes guides you over there so that you can be guided over there so it can be guided over there so it can guide it over there so it can guide it over there.

So it can be guided over there. So it’s a path of least resistance and sometimes it’s a sort of convoluted path, but it doesn’t have to be it’s just depends on how much resistance you’ve got going. You can always get there. You can get anywhere from anywhere. vibrationally speaking.

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