Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #570 – Meditation And Inspired Action



How do you make that switch? How do you get into this mode? Where these pure thoughts, these non resisted thoughts, these desires that are not contradicted by doubt? How do you get to that place? Well, there are some ways, when you wake up, you’re more likely to be there. making lists of positive aspects then would keep you there. Appreciating is a surefire way to be there.

But the best way we know of is to every day if you can, and you can, every day if you can, and you can, every day if you could, if you would, and you can, every day if you could, and would. And you can, if you would find 15 or 20 minutes to sit quietly by yourself, to quiet your mind. And we’ll talk a little bit later if you’re interested in you will be about how meditation happens, how easy it is to accomplish.

But if you can quiet your mind, which means you stop thought when you stop thought you stop resistant thought. And when you stop resistant thought your vibration raises, so that now you’re in that receptive mode, so that you can begin to receive these high flying knowings that your inner being is holding for you. Then once you get hold of one of those, and you acknowledge the satisfying feeling of it, now you’re off and running, it only takes 1716 1716 1716 closer to 60 in the 17 seconds for law of attraction to respond to a vibrational output by you. So if you find a thought, that feels sort of kind of good.

Another thought we’ll join it quickly. If you can find no thought than the thought of your inner mind, the thought of your inner being will be what sets the tone of what law of attraction brings to you next. So you know how you know that you’ve got off on this really good foot? Let’s say you’re in meditation, do you ever meditate, let’s say you’re in meditation, you’ve been there for 15 or 20 minutes, your mind sort of wandered all over the place.

Because you’ve got all of these things that you need to do that you should do. All of those things that we were talking about your to do list is running through your mind, the argument you have last night or yesterday, you’re feeling a little defensive. So it takes a little while for you to talk yourself out of that. By focusing on something that’s not very important, like the ticking of a clock, Esther just bought a really good loud ticking clock, she just loves listening to that thing. not interesting at all, but it is loud.

So find something to focus on. And as you focus upon that, whatever it is that requires thought but doesn’t let your mind go too far. It won’t take long before you’ll feel a detachment, you’ll feel maybe weightless. Maybe you can’t tell your nose from your toe, a sort of detached state of being and when that happens, you’re in that state of non resistance. And as you stay there for a minute, or two or three, it might take you 1112 13 minutes to get there.

You might not get there the first day might have to sit the next day for 15 minutes and then the next day for 15 minutes. But it is our promise to you that if you will sit and focus upon something not very meaningful, like the sound of the air conditioner or the dripping of a faucet or the ticking of a clock or something’s better if your eyes are closed. Then you will feel that detachment and once you do, just bask in the no thought don’t even think about it.

If you can help it, don’t say Oh, I’m detached because then you won’t be just softly enjoy the feeling of detachment, you might even begin to feel some movement. You might even begin to feel your inner beings guidance about your body something in your body might move, you might find some soft, gentle movement and just allow it and try not to get too excited about it.

But then, something really wonderful will happen. A thought will come right out of the vortex and into your mind and it will be such a good feeling thought you’ll know where it came from. And as you now have a sort of more deliberate awareness inside your meditation as you ponder that thought for as little as 16 seconds. Another thought like it will join it and you will feel the The emotional satisfaction of the progression of your reception of the thought.

Now what’s happening, vibrations are turning to thoughts and a thought manifested in your mind, you received it. And once you received it, you can stay there for another 16 seconds. And then another, once you cross that 68 second mark, oh, now you are in the full state of receiving and often about, then you just can’t sit there anymore. There’s something that you feel an impulse to do. It might be go buy furniture. It might be call someone, but it will for sure be if it happened, the way we just described to you, it will be a path with no resistance on it.

Because remember, your inner beam knows where everything you want is, and knows the best path to get you there. If you try to go directly to the action that you think is required to get you something that you want, and you have thoughts of resistance about that, as soon as you start making the action or making the moves to go there, you’ll lose your connection, you’ll lose your leverage to this source energy that creates worlds.

And then you will be doing what almost everybody is doing banging it out in the physical. This is our description of what the physical is over here. This is where the manifestation is, this is thoughts turning to these things. And these are the things that it’s already turned to the see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it things, if you try to get there too fast, and you jump into action too fast, there will be resistance all over the place, and then you’ll just be banging it out like you have been.

And you will lose the leverage that you could have had had you allowed it to be inspired action. There’s such a difference in that motivated action where I said, I would go and I need to go. And this is my goal. And this is my timing, and I’m just gonna do it, and I’m gonna make it happen. And I’m gonna throw enough mud on the wall, and some of it will stick. And it’s so exhausting. And while you can keep that pace up for a little while it isn’t sustaining, because you have not returned to the replenishing mode.

That’s what the receptive mode is. It’s the replenishing mode is where you keep being fed by source with ideas and energy and vitality and knowing you see. So what happens with so many people, this is very, very good. By the way. What happens with so many people is that they are offering so much behavior and so much action, in so many words, politics, trying to compensate for energy that they didn’t follow, and you just can’t get there from there, you cannot get there from there, you cannot get to where you want to be in only an action oriented way, you’ve got to enlist the knowledge of your inner being the energy of this source energy, you have to get up to vibrational speed with who you really are.

And oh, when you’re in the receiving mode, so many things that are in your vortex will begin to show up. Some moments will be full, there’ll be laden with three or four or five or 20, or maybe even more simultaneous things that are satisfying, all happening at the same time. Can you imagine that? Can you sense that coming for you. And so this is our best sales job ever of why you might want to meditate. We’ve been teaching for a long time through this format.

And we’ve said to you many times that we teach meditation, because it’s easier to teach you to have no thought than a pure positive thought. Because you got momentum on so many things. It’s not wrong, that you have momentum, it’s normal that you would have momentum, because you’ve been responding to what’s going on life will keep coming at you because of your point of attraction that you’ve been practicing. And you’re not going to stop that point of attraction all at once.

You’re going to work the bugs out of it a little bit of the time. Or you could have a lobotomy, but That’s way harder. That’s way, way, way harder. We don’t recommend that at all. Oh, in some cases, but mostly meditation is a much better plan. So now you know everything that’s really important you understand that your source energy and the physical body and that here you are sifting and sorting and coming to conclusions and growing the universe.

Do you know that this combination of beings has never been before and to all of the universe and today together we will take thought beyond what it has ever been before. And you might not feel ready for that because that’s a doubtful thought that you’ve been carrying around. You might feel like you’re new or like you really don’t understand this but you have all of the tools you were born with them that You need and when you walk out of this room, everything that you need to know how to deliberately create to be or do or have anything that you want, you will fully understand it is not difficult.

It just requires being willing to start at a place where your true momentum can grow to the inspiration that you really love when it comes, wouldn’t you rather feel true enthusiasm for something than determination? Wouldn’t you rather feel passion for something than conviction? Wouldn’t you rather feel absolute love and appreciation? Then I need to do this? Because it’s been assigned to me. Yeah. So what do you want to talk about? We’re eager to talk with you about anything, nothing is off limits.

We will find the perfect representative in this room to talk about what’s important to you. So don’t worry, whatever it is, that’s on your mind. We’re going to find it and we’re going to discuss it. So a soft desire, not only in this room, but throughout life will serve you best if you feel an urgency. You’re working against yourself, and we can’t see you. If you have a desire and a soft expectation, then you light up in a very strong way. And our conversation will be exhilarating. All right. All right.

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