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Welcome to Infinite Intelligence – Who, What and Why We Are

Hello my dear friends and welcome to the Infinite Intelligence blog. We are excited that you have found us.

This site exists to help us better understand The Law of Attraction, primarily through the teachings of Abraham Hicks. We’ll also include examples from other well-known figures who have proven themselves to be excellent manifestors. 

We’ve decided to share our thoughts with the world – those who seek to improve their lives and believe in the power of their minds. There are no secrets here, we should all encourage each other on our journeys to enlightenment and happiness.

For those unfamiliar with Abraham Hicks, here is a brief background: 

Esther and her late husband, Jerry Hicks, are our generation’s most public figures of wisdom on The Law of Attraction and similar concepts; they served as the source material for books like The Secret. Esther channels a group of spiritual beings named Abraham who are happy to spread their teachings to a wider audience.

So why now? Why would they only make themselves known in the last 20 years? Perhaps our collective consciousness came to a level where an idea like what Abraham is, is now more accepted. 

Our world is becoming more interconnected through technology and people are evolving, meaning more questions about life are being asked, and they (Abraham) have decided to respond (through Esther).

I had watched The Secret and learned a little about the Law of Attraction, so I was curious to see this source material.The first time I watched a video of Esther starting one of her sessions, I didn’t understand what was happening.

What was all this strange terminology – ‘The Vortex’, ‘alignment’, ‘upstream/downstream’ etc and most importantly, who was Abraham?

I must’ve read over 100 personal development articles – back when Elite Daily was a sort of personal development for millennials kinda site (2014-2015) and there was an abundance of great blogs and networks to choose from. I really enjoyed reading Steve Pavlina, ProBlogger and a few others in that genre back then.

After listening to about 5x hour-long sessions from Esther and Abraham Hicks, I realised that everything they said made so much sense. Esther was so eloquent in all her responses to even the most seemingly difficult questions to answer. A lot of the time there was a great logic to what she was saying and soon I started to devour the material.

4 years on in my journey of studying Abraham Hicks and their teachings, I am still learning. I’ve barely scratched the surface. I have managed to manifest an incredible reality so far as a result, but as they remind us – we are always looking for ways to improve our lives. It will never end, the search to satisfy ourselves with more in life. And that’s the fun of it, that’s what makes it interesting.

So join us in our mission to evolve as manifestors and co-creators and subscribe to this blog and follow us on our various social media sites.

Thanks for dropping by!

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