Do Vibrations Go Away? #76


Infinite Intelligence Episode #76 – Do Vibrations Go Away?


You say, it’s about not listening to that vibration, and it goes away. But it’s there. Well, now this is good, you’re brilliant. Because we were talking about the sound always been there. But in the hearing sense, you no longer having the ability to hear it. But it’s like that every vibration is still possible for you to tap back into. There are rivers and currents and streams of energy, that when you focus, when you tune your receptive mode, very finely, you can tune back into it, and then through your attention to it, amplify it again.

So the key you’re wise, you already know, is to give your attention to those things that you wish to amplify, and gain momentum and withdraw your attention from those things that you do not. Take it further, you’re onto something important. If there’s something that you have lived in the past that you no longer want to carry into the future. Can your ability to hear it cease by turning your attention to something now? You know this? Don’t parents with children and restaurants teach you that? They can’t hear their own children at all.

They’ve completely turned them out. And so this is really what we are wanting for you to tune out those things that you’re no longer wanting to carry forward into your experience. And to tune in to those things that you would like to see more of. It really is about focus, isn’t it? I can feel it. Yeah. Feeling it for months. Yeah. So far I can relate what it is, well, maybe it’s enough. Let’s say that you are wanting $200,000 extra in your bank, not asked for doesn’t need to go anywhere. It’s just there in case you think of something fun to do.

And even thinking about it for a while and you’d really like that you’d like it a lot. unlikely for it to show up today. But the feeling of it. You can accomplish today by feeling exhilaration by feeling the prosperity and abundance around you by acknowledging your point of attraction and how good it is by thinking about things like this magnificent travel that you experienced how everything went just right, that’s cashing in your vibrational chips, isn’t it? There are vibrational assets that as you begin to allow yourself to receive them. That commercial says there are just things that money can’t buy. This is priceless. Well, alignment really falls into that category, doesn’t it?

And so when you begin to cash in your vibrational escrow by focusing and allowing the universe to spoil you, you might say with all of the advantages that are available to you, after a little while, your expectation becomes that and then your ability to translate this thing that you’re sensing into the tangible becomes more often and more obvious. You’re already doing it, just notice it. When somebody says something to you, that feels good to you.

Stop for just a moment and acknowledge to yourself you don’t need to say to them, they’ll think you’re crazy. But acknowledge to yourself. I did like this manifestation. I did like this manifestation. That was a manifestation and I did like it. When you happen to look, when you’re moving through some space at something that you didn’t expect to see am thrilled you when you saw it.

Say to yourself, I did like that manifestation until you prove to yourself that it’s your sensitivity to the impulse that is what you’re wanting to hone you see, that’s that timing and connection. And then before you know it, you will be so surrounded by so much of the things that you once dreamed of, or at the things that you want admired or appreciated, that you will realize my thoughts and vibrations have turned into a reality that is now tangible for others to see is the way it must go. It is law it cannot be otherwise for you. Thank you yesterday.

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