Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #514 – He’s Content But Not Passionate



I’m truly honored. My question today pulls back to a couple of the seminars to gather you described contentment as being very close to passionate. And that the distinction between the two was the momentum. Yeah, we like the word satisfaction even better, because when you’re satisfied, but it’s a similar thing, isn’t it? When you feel satisfaction, that means that you are allowing yourself to receive as much as you’re able to allow yourself to receive where you are.

And if you are not reaching for more than you’re able to allow, then you feel satisfied. Now, we’ve not said that before, quite like that, did you hear it, if you’re not reaching for more than you’re ready to allow, then you stay stable. But if you reach for more than you’re ready to allow, which is what jumping into action too soon brings about, then the discontent is evidence that you’re not allowing the momentum because there’s momentum about what you want, and there’s momentum about its absence, and there’s momentum about what you want, there’s momentum about its absence.

And it’s like the train and the engine of desire going that way. And an engine of belief going that way. And a sort of tug of war going on within you correct that. It’s very close to my experience. Yeah. I live my life in a place of incredible contentment. Credible satisfaction, yes, is the word. And that’s the thing is like, I’m in this stable, like, wow, everything is just kind of at the real and great. But then it’s like, I’m not that passionate person. That’s not me, what you’ve just described is not quite accurate.

And here’s why. Sometimes, you can acquiesce or get used to things as they are, you stop the verbal struggle, and you stop the physical struggle, you just sort of accept it, not liking it, but not overtly pushing against anything as sort of settling in for it. But in that experience, there still is a contradictory vibrations going on.

So here’s the pure law as it is, and then we’ll come back and talk about what to do, and you’ve already heard it, but we’re going to say it again, anyway, that when your vibration of desire doesn’t have anything pulling against it, then even though it’s new in your meditation, and there’s not much momentum in the thought, if there’s no resistance going on this very slow moving, but very pure vibration will pick up speed, it just has to. And the reason that it must pick up speed is because your inner beam is already holding the thought of that and so much more.

Now, remember, you’re not creating it, you’re letting it in, it’s already created. And there’s already a great deal of momentum going haven’t said that before, stay with us for a moment. So there’s already a lot of momentum happening in the vortex. But if all of that momentum rushed into your experience before you’re ready, you would not like the experience of it. So all of that momentum is already there. And you are in the early stages of allowing yourself to receive the momentum.

And since there’s no resistance within you, some of it comes and now law of attraction is responding to the purity of your vibration, which means that vibration will gain speed, unless you’re countering it with a contradictory vibration. So if you’re not doing that, then it must gain speed and it must gain speed. Until in a very short period of time, we’re talking sometimes about even at happening during meditation, or in the few minutes following or certainly in the day off, or certainly the week off, you can.

And it is logical that you would get up to speed with your inner beam on the subjects that matter to you. Which is where what we were talking about at the first part of this day, enters into the equation when we were talking about deliberately focusing on processes, or deliberately focusing upon the idea of a creative workshop where you are deliberately focusing upon the things that matter to you. In other words, it’s a bit like, hang in there, me know.

This is sounding a little confusing. It’s like, here I am all active and thought active and thought active and thought acting the thought out here in the real world, but it’s working against me because I’m active about as many thoughts that work against me, as I am active about the thoughts that work for me. Alright, so that pretty much describes everybody you know, and all of you at some phase of your experience and others. That’s sort of how everybody rolls. So now you hear what we say and you take us in our knowing. And so now you decide that you are going to get into a sort of daily meditation and so you do that and you manage to take all of that sort of chaos, and you bring yourself to a place of knowing.

No chaos, you bring yourself to a place of a quiet mind where there’s no contradiction going on within you. And now you are in a place of pure vibrational alignment. And now, because you’ve managed to do that over a period of a few days, when you’ve been meditating, you’re pretty good at holding it. Now momentum is increasing, momentum is increasing, momentum is increasing, momentum is increasing, and you’re getting more and more up to speed with the vibration of your inner being.

But you’re vibrationally up to speed in a sort of inactive way, the subjects aren’t that active, but your vibration is now when you start to think about what you want and why you want it. Now your thoughts become part of the process. If you introduce contradictory thought to the process, it will slow everything right down, and the satisfaction will not continue. But if you are allowing yourself to stay in sync with it, and you’re feeling your way through this, and you’re allowing yourself to think the thoughts that are coming, and to engage, where you feel inspired to engage, and you’re not remembering the old habit of needing to withdraw from this because there was always chaos out there.

Are you following us, this is why step five is so valuable to you. Because you’re not afraid to get out there in the world. And you’re not afraid to think the thoughts, there’s nothing more exhilarating than to be tuned in with who you are having full consciousness flowing through you be in the real world with everything going on and thinking the thoughts that you mean to think out there with your inner being fully engaged within you. That’s when you are clever and clear.

That’s when your timing is right. That’s when you find yourself in what you want to call the right place at the right time. That’s when opportunities are showing themselves to you, you see. And so just a little more time in meditation is what we’re encouraging. And then don’t spend more than 15 or 20 minutes, then get out there and see what your meditation has provided you that’s really what we wish for you meditate and then see what happens. And then the next day meditate and see what happens.

And then the next day meditate and then see what happens. And you will notice an improved trend, you will notice that your point of attraction has improved, you will find yourself thinking clearer thoughts than you’ve ever thought before, because you are the receiver of thoughts. And then you’ll kick into something that feels sort of astronomical, where the conscious physical, you will ask a question and the non physical you will answer it and you’ll be giving and receiving you’ll be in the receiving mode, you’ll be in the asking and receiving mode, you’ll be tapped in turned on in a way that as others watch you they will say what has gotten into you.

And you’ll say I just feel more alive. Because I figured out a process that would allow it to happen. In the remainder of the days that we are together, we think it might be a good idea for us to focus with you on things that are mattering to you and feel where you are in this process. In other words, some of you in this room meditation is the only encouragement that we would give you right now. Some of you have meditated enough that you’re ready to be ready to be ready to be ready that it’s a good idea for you to start doing some creative workshops. Because it’s a lot more fun to have a fully active mind than it is a mind that is quiet. Some of you can hardly stand to meditate.

When you quiet your mind, you start receiving thoughts and you just want to get out there and go, some of you every time you get out there and go, you take a big bang into a big tree and then you just want to hide some more. So it’s almost a different thing for every person. And it’s different for you. And every day. What this conversation is all these days that we’ve been together is about is you recognizing where you are in terms of what tuning into who you are, and then living the life that you have been asking for.

So you have the keys to all of this in that you now understand that there’s a natural step one that’s going to cause you to do more thinking and more asking, that’s what step one does. And step one often is not the most satisfying of moments. Step one is usually where you’re evaluating and thinking about what’s going on, and making your decisions about what you want. But step one is full of awarenesses of stuff that you do not want. And most people live there all day every day. But you’re wiser than that. You don’t have to live there all day, every day anymore. Step two is not even your work.

That’s when source and law of attraction are putting together the cooperative components to yield to you through the path of least resistance, whatever, you’re ready to be ready to be ready to be ready for step three is you find whatever way you can to tune in to the frequency of who you are, so that you can begin to receive step four is just getting so good at that that is just natural. What are you going to do now? I’m going to meditate. It’s early in the morning. What are you going to do now?

I’m going to appreciate in other words, you just have a whole bag of tricks in your bag that you apply frequently. Because why? Because you’re trying to make things happen maybe but mostly because you just like the feeling of being tuned in tapped in turned on. You like being ready to be ready to be ready because you know that the universe knows what you’re ready for.

And the redder you are then the more is going to flow When the more fun you’re going to have, the more dynamic you’re going to feel the more productive you will appear to others. And the more satisfied you will feel moment by moment. And then step four, you’ve really got that down. And then step five is the best step of all, because that’s when you’re all tuned in tapped in turned on, but you are in your most connected state, able to go back into the contrast with no risk of it taking you over because you’re so stable in your alignment.

And now you get to be the receiver of the thoughts that source is thinking, in concert with asking the questions that the physical conscious you as asking, you follow that. So you’re asking and receiving and asking and receiving and asking and receiving and asking and receiving, asking and receiving and asking and receiving in real time. And that’s what you were born to be.

That’s what you were born to do. But you can’t get there until you first acknowledge the step one and step three are separate steps. You’ve got to get so good at knowing. It’s like learning to dance in the beginning. Remember, you were a bit awkward stepping all over each other. And after a little while. It’s just natural for you to put your feet right where they belong. You find the rhythm, the dance almost dances you enough.

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