Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #550 – Vibration Is Subtle



Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of CO creating. Do you agree? You’re knowing what you’re wanting? It’s good to want isn’t it? Desire is wonderful is it comes into clarity for you. Yes. And you’re getting better and better at being a vibrational match to your own desire. You’re accepting your vibrational nature.

You’re enjoying your place in this vibrational universe. You’re becoming more consciously aware of your own vibrational patterns, and the mix of your own vibration. Does conversation about vibration annoy you? It does some people because vibration is subtle. You have to tune to know it all you’re good at translating some vibration. In fact, everything that you perceive in your physical world is because you are an excellent translator of vibration.

Even what you see is because you’re translating vibration, and smell and taste and touch and hear. But there are so many other vibrations that you can feel through your energetic field you can feel through your solar plexus, you can feel through your emotional center. In fact, your emotions are your keenest way of understanding the mix of vibration that you’ve got going on.

Have you ever had an experience where you have a very clear opinion about something and someone you know, usually someone you care about, also has a very strong opinion about the same subject in total disagreement with your opinion. We know it sounds illogical, but it could happen. It could happen. So you know how when you go with your clarity and your determination and you speak what you know to be your opinion. And the more words you speak, and the more clarity you think you’re offering to them, the more they dig in and offer what they think which isn’t what you think right back at you.

And you know how that usually turns out. Neither one of you usually make any headway until one or the other of you dies. It’s often a battle that is unsettling and not much productive happens in it. And there are usually no good feelings in that situation. Well, we want to help you to understand that you are waging that kind of battle with yourself on most days, because you have desires that are of one opinion and beliefs that often oppose it. And so you have this vibrational contradiction going on inside of you.

And that is, in fact, the only thing that ever slows you down causes resistance within you or prevents you from experiencing anything wonderful that you want to experience. It’s your own vibrational battle. And it could be broken down as easily as saying that when your desire does not match your belief that you’ve got a vibrational contradiction going on.

And the way you know that it’s there is because of the way you feel, you just don’t feel good when you’re opposing yourself. And we would like it so much if by the time we visited for a few hours today, that you leave here, knowing that you are the only one who can get in your way. And even more important understand how it is in what ways what patterns you have, what thoughts you’ve been thinking that are in your way. In order to understand your guidance system.

We’ll be brief here because we know you’ve been listening to us for a while. But we want you to remember that you were source energy before you came into this physical body and that the largest part of you still is source energy in a non physical form. And while you have come into this body, there is consciousness streaming to you all the time from your inner beam.

So here you stand in your physical form, doing just what you intended to do, sifting and sorting through the variety of life and come into your own very important opinions and decisions about what you prefer preferences born in you all day every day.

And when you know what you don’t want and therefore know what you do want you emanate vibrationally sometimes with your words, often not, especially in the beginning, you offer vibrationally this desire, and this desire radiates from you and your inner being joins it encompasses it becomes it, the vibrational version of you, except each new decision of your evolution as you sort through life and choose more and more things. As you amend each and every desire.

You do it all day, every day, nothing stands still for you. You’re constantly living and coming to New awarenesses about what you now prefer and what you now prefer and what you now prefer. And what you now prefer. This combination of beings has never been before and to all of the universe. So today, together we will take thought beyond what it has ever been before.

And that non physical part of you will keep up with that newness. But if the physical you if to you in your personality, if you who argues with your mate or your kids or your neighbors or or or if that argumentative view, stems in your argumentative attitude.

Often, you hold yourself apart from the very expansion that your life just helped you to carve out and you don’t feel good, you feel negative emotion you feel distress, or what you call stress, you feel an easiness sometimes you feel downright anger, you feel confusion. In other words, when you can’t predict the vibration between the physical you and the non physical you who is always keeping up with everything that life is causing you to become, then you just don’t feel good.

So this conversation today is about helping you to get to a vibrational place where that resistance is no longer happening within you. You simply cannot be offering a vibration that says, I don’t have enough of something I want and get whatever it is that you are wanting. This is a universe that’s based upon attraction. It’s all about inclusion.

There’s no exclusion, there’s no detraction. So when you say no, no, no, I want not that what you’re actually emanating vibrationally is, bring me more of that because the vibration about it isn’t asking for more of it. So that’s why we’re saying to you that your vibrational point of attraction, may especially in the beginning, feel very subtle to you. Because you are accustomed to moving things around with your action and getting response from people with your words.

But what most people do not realize is that they are spending almost all of their action and words and effort trying to compensate with what they didn’t smooth out with their energy. So most people are not utilizing the leverage that you were born to use. And that’s what we want to talk about here today. We want you to feel the perfection of who you are.

And we want you to feel the determination that you came into this physical body with and we want you to feel appreciation for those who surround you who helped you to understand what you now prefer. And most of all, we want you to get in touch with the very core vibration of you. So that you have more conscious awareness of what your own guidance system is telling you. You can make it through life and many do never knowing about the non physical counterpart of you.

You can make it through life and many do not ever seriously considering law of attraction and its effect on you. You can make it through life just fine sifting and sorting and coming to awarenesses what you know but it is so much more delicious and so much more the way you intended to live your life.

When you are feeling your way through it when you are knowing what your vibrational countenance is when you’re deliberately bringing yourself again and again into vibrational alignment with who you really are.

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