How to Turn Yourself into Receptive Mode

How to Turn Yourself into Receptive Mode

Resistant is the last thing you may want to welcome in your life. Resistant kills your dream and worse stop you from being in the receptive mode. A receptive mode allows you to embrace new ideas in your life. This mode allows you to see things from a different angle.

When you are receptive, your vibrations rise and your resistant leaves. Without resistant, new ideas stream in one by one and soon you start to feel that feeling you wanted. You began to feel everything is working for you. Important you start getting closer to your destination.

Normally, you don’t get to your destination immediately once you are in a receptive mode, but now your path is clear. Now you can focus and be able to visualize how your goldmine looks likes. Everyone has a goldmine, but the challenge is getting to it. But once you are in the receptive mode, getting there is just a matter of time.

Meditating once you are in this mode is a plus. A moment meditating allows you to see the various options you have and how to align them. So, always find time to be with yourself as this has the potential to open your eyes. Meditation takes you to a path of less resistance. That time you feel relaxed is the right to meditate and find more about your inner being.

Your inner being has a lot about you than you think. Your inner-being knows all that matter most to you. Your inner-being knows how best to overcome those beliefs stopping you from moving forward. Listening to your inner being when in receptive mode can help solve many puzzles some of which you never thought had answers.

The more you continue to mediate the more fresh ideas become familiar to you and the more your vibration increases. Keeping a meditation habit helps you to continue receiving new ideas that have the potential to change your life. And soon those ideas lead you to a new experience that modifies the old beliefs confining you.

Everyone is always looking for a rewarding experience. A little moment of meditation when in the receptive mode helps you get that experience. An experience that results in new desires that now pushes you to move a step further. This is also the time you get to leave your old beliefs after experiencing a new thing in your life.

The beautiful thing about being part of an experience is that you become a creator and not an observer. Everything taking place you have an opportunity to experience it. For example, if you have an idea of building an app, from the start to the end, you play a crucial role. It is that beautiful to be in a receptive mode.

Getting into the receptive mode is fast and more straightforward if you follow a path with least or no resistance. The moment you allow any form of resistant to stand between you and your destination, that is when everything in your life seems far-fetched and impossible. 

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  1. Manuela
    October 30, 2019

    Dear friend 🙂
    I have a question: Sometimes I have really bad days.. Still much better than all the years before I started my spiritual journey (this was three years ago). And then, when I have such a bad day, feeling hopeless and struggle with life, and then when I start to meditate, after the meditation I even feel worse then before, more sad and so on.
    Now my question: Would it maybe be better to do something else in these bad feeling moments (like a walk outside, etc.) instead of meditating, or do I propably make something wrong in the meditation? Or are there maybe special meditation methods or practices for times like this?
    I thank you with all my heart for everything! 💞

    Love, Light and Lightness 💫

    1. K
      October 30, 2019

      Hi Manuela,

      Thanks for reaching out.
      When you meditate, you are starting with feelings from your bad day. Do you remember what goes through your mind when you start to meditate? Is it the same negative thoughts that just keep replaying in your head? This might be why you feel worse afterwards.

      You seem to already know the solution – do something else in those bad feeling moments. Something that is an easier step towards you feeling good. Is a walk outside easier to clear your mind? Do you breathe in the fresh air and realise how lucky you are for every breath that you can take? Do you look up at the sky and see how vast it is, and start thinking about the meaning behind the phrase “the sky’s the limit”? Do you look out at the land and how expansive it is, with an abundance of grass, of trees, of flowers, of birds in the air, chirping along? Do you already feel slightly better after reading this and imagining those things?

      Hope that helps.
      – K


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