How to Stop Analysing the Past #21

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Infinite Intelligence Episode #21 – How to Stop Analysing the Past


Please tell asked her: I love her and if she ever needs help moving furniture to give me a call, I can help them. I was serious. A lot of things have been happening since my brother’s death past July, like my life, is in review, have been thinking things over and I’ve been running into a lot of people from my childhood on a lot. I’m not sure why, because thought of your childhood had been activated by the experience of your brother, making this transition.

It isn’t because here thinking about that and you’re picking up on him, it’s that around the time time and subject of making this transition, you became more contemplating of early days, and you just activated more of those vibrations, and you know, then what law of attraction does with that?

Okay? Well, that makes a lot of sense to anything. That’s active within you, you’re going to see more of it, because this getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. It goes across all subjects. Okay. Well, then, it also explains home. Growing up was unpleasant at home. It wasn’t good yeah, but I had a very vivid imagination, yes and if I would see romantic scenes on television, I thought well, that’s love!

So even in the first grade I would see pretty girls and, in my mind, said she’s my girlfriend, and so I had a list of girlfriends and sort, but I maintained that believing this as love and so one time not too far from her mind off and walk around by myself. I found this grass alley that I never knew was there and I walked down the alley in one spot or just warm as it was warm, and then there was another location.

Maybe a half mile away is just don’t a corner of a street same sensation, so moving forward a little bit get into that dating stage dating different girls, and all this is love. I thought that it really wasn’t then right. Well, maybe not, but it was getting ready to get ready to get ready. You can’t be other than whatever your point of attraction is, and that’s okay. So whatever your point of attraction is then gives you the experience that causes more launching rockets and desires and therefore more definition between what your inner being knows.

You really want, and where you are it’s all good. Well, I had no idea of the law of attraction or rockets of desire. I just want you don’t need to know about gravity not to follow up either. Experience gives you a lot of information. Doesn’t it I’m realizing that now noticed, I didn’t see how these things were falling into place until that a one time I’m walking down towards this corner I mentioned and walking around the corner, was the sweetest prettiest cutest little kitten girl, just as it was love at first sight.

I knew the girl she was walking with a phone call the next day this girl likes to you and I’m like wow, this really happy and all that, and so we started dating, and I remember the first time I kissed this girl is like wow, my knees, buckled and I’m in love and all that it was wonderful, but I couldn’t data for long because, again, problems at home.

I really couldn’t take her to like social events and there was like formal dances. I just couldn’t do it and I was trying to hide from everybody the circumstances I was living with. So I break up with this girl and I really broke my own heart and I thought it was all forgotten, but it’s sort of coming back but wait.

What I didn’t understand was, as time moved on. I would push love away if it was available. We want to interject something here very briefly. We want you to realize that every time you say I didn’t understand, you’re speaking from a place up now understand and get serves you to speak from you’re now understanding place as much as you can, because whenever from a place of understanding you say, then I didn’t understand.

If you introduce resistance into what you now understand, yeah, that’s why looking back is usually not very productive or satisfying continue. Actually, I happen to come across, but who would become my wife and still is and I’m very blessed. I’ve got a wonderful life with her. But again I can look back and see opportunities to correct mistakes that I missed out on. I didn’t realize that here’s that the universe was just constantly.

We really want you to feel the futility of that the futility of looking back the unproductive enough, the not benefit of looking back and pinpointing a missed opportunity, because there is no such thing because you’re offering a vibration and that’s what you’re ready for, and so your work constantly if to feel satisfaction in what you are receiving, because that’s what you’re ready for, at the same time, fending off rockets a desire for more. It goes exactly like this.

If so, here you stand life’s coming to you, you’re acknowledging life as it comes and from it you are discerning what you do want and what you don’t want, what you don’t want and what you do want and launching these rockets, even at less them, really aware consciousness. In other words, you aren’t often even saying the words but an experience of knowing what you don’t want.

There is a natural knowing of what you do want, and so you launch that rocket and it becomes a part of your vibrational reality where it is tend to, if not quite the right word, because we don’t want you to feel that you’re being protected, but your inner being is embracing and becoming am constantly aware of all of the components that you have been asking for now: you’re, never a vibration, no match to what you want when it is been born out of your awareness of what you don’t want, because what you don’t want is your dominant vibration, but in time those feelings of warm corners can call you toward more of what you want.

In other words, if you feel an impulse that feels good to you and you follow it, then you often become a vibrational match to what you do want without even consciously really being aware that you’ve accomplished that and in doing so you move to a different vibrational stance. Where now your point of attraction has shifted enough that you now let in more of what you do want, and so you have a manifestation, because you got ready to be ready to be ready to be ready and then now it manifests were with that.

Manifestation comes the satisfaction of the manifestation, of course, but also a new set of contrasting experiences that cause more launching more desire and on and on it goes so you’re not ready for it, and then you are and then you get it and then you ask for more, which you’re not ready for that. Then you get ready for it and then it manifests. This is just the eternal process, the never ending process of becoming it’s just the way you knew it would be well again, as I agree with you, yes, but I couldn’t help feeling this draws like I had to look backwards.

I just that again when I mentioned those two spots where I was chilling well that once other spot that grass alley was right behind this girl’s house. I didn’t even know that, and it never occurred to me till was in recent weeks. How again the law of attraction has been following? Can you hear us when we say so we’ll go back there with you and we will for a brief moment, feel the discord of your family life and from it we will recognize your often launching of a powerful desire for a life more like the ones used on television and not like the one you were living at home.

That was a steady stream of rocket firing that you’re putting into your vortex, and then there comes up person who, in her alignment and then her awareness of you and in her sensitivity to a pure heart and sweet mean she found appreciation for your genuine appreciation for you.

And can you feel that, at that stage of your life and at that experience off you’re asking that that’s what you were asking for you we’re not asking at that point in your life for the long term. Happily, ever after this is a person that I walk with forevermore, that’s not what you were asking for. That’s not what you were ready for and that’s not what, but what you were ready for someone to see you from a perspective of source.

What you were ready for is someone to flow some genuine appreciation towards you. What you were ready for was to recognize that you are lovable and that you are worthy and that you are valuable, that you are valued. That is what you were ready for, and that is what you’re received, and there was no missed opportunity. There was no loss blob. There was nothing that you missed out on.

It was perfect, as it was me some clarity on and felt the impulse that you were feeling, and we really are appreciated and enjoying your vivid memory of how those spots felt those spots where someone who was appreciating. You spent a good deal of time and when we’re talking about, we never cease to talk about it, these days of being in the receiving mode and feeling an impulse that impulse for you at those times was translated into that feeling of I just want to go there. It was a feeling of satisfaction.

You described it as warm. We want to be more general and call it. It was a satisfying feeling- and these are clues- isn’t quite the right word, but messages that your inner being sending you constantly. How are you going to know what path to follow your inner being as calling you and projecting to you continual messages and information about what would feel good to you and what would feel good to you and what would feel good to you and what would feel good to you?

What would feel good to you and the thing that is really interesting- is that even all these years later, those moments of being in the receiving mode and actually translating that message into an impulse ooh. This feels good here still feels to you like such a rare thing. That stands out vividly in your mind, and we want for all of you for those feelings to not be rare, but to just be common scares me, I gotta go follow my warm feeling.

They’ll talk to you later. I really like stan visit, but my warm feelings going this way later. Oh, this job looks like a really good job at all. We pay so much, but the warm feeling is over here we’re not kidding the whole message that we are offering is that you are an extension of source energy of an inner.

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