Trust Your Inner Being #22

Infinite Intelligence Episode #22 – Trust Your Inner Being


So we want to just briefly say to you that the way the best way we been writing books for a long time and writing processes to help you to clean up your vibration, to help you to get more in the receiving motive. What you are wanting, but if you really want to get really good at being really consistently in a place of really receiving. What’s in your vibrational reality, then it will be so helpful for you.

If every day you would quiet your mind for fifteen or twenty minutes, because in that meditative process, where you actually shot down your thoughts and we’ll talk about how to do that. If you want, when you sh, shut down your thoughts, then, and only then you stop the momentum. That law of attraction has been responding to that’s how you really quiet yourself and put yourself into a place where you can, if you want to focus upon, wanted and allow that positive momentum to begin moving fast enough.

That now you are the receiver of the inspiration of the positive momentum rather than the receiver of the motivation of the negative moment. Does that sort of makes sense too? So this is how it works. So, as you meditate and quiet your mind, so you stopped thought. So you stop resistant thought so there’s no negative attraction going on.

Well, it’s quiet m, boring by your standards, you’re, not thinking about anything you’re, not remembering anything you’re, not anticipating anything. You have quieted your mind and the wonderful thing about that is. If you have quieted your mind, will talk about how then the dominant vibration within you is that non physical source, energy vibration is that pure positive energy vibration that you may not be ready to receive?

Quite yet so you’re just sitting there in a quiet moment. But it is our promise to you if you will sit there on Sunday for fifteen or twenty minutes and then on Monday for fifteen or twenty minutes and then on Tuesday for fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe on Sunday, maybe on Tuesday, maybe on Wednesday, maybe on Thursday, maybe our next Sunday, but sooner or later, and usually sooner I thought will occur to you that is coming from your vortex.

A thought will occur to you. That is resistance. Free and as it comes into your mind, find this resistant free thought you will feel the exhilaration of it now don’t get too heavy about it, don’t get to think about it, don’t go right to it and think hard about it, because you’ll lose your momentum of this positive emotion. So the other day now has just been meditating for years. You see her.

She can stand there and quiet her mind right away. Her vibration rises to the frequency that we are and there we are together in perfect sync, so that Esther can be at the receiving mode to receive these streams of thought that we are flowing to her with no resistance whatsoever. That’s what’s going on here yesterday in the receiving most she’s receiving the knowledge of Abraham and expressing it to you.

So as you day after day after day after day after day after day after day, sit in this receiving mode, your ability, your proclivity to receive, will become keener, but even more important, your understanding of where you’re getting what from will be important. So we want to say to you that if you’ve managed to quiet your mind and if you’ve managed to stop all resistance and if there is no resistance, meaning knowing what I don’t want worried about, what I don’t want in your vibration, then, as you begin to receive thoughts and those thoughts feel exhilarating to you.

Those thoughts if you allow it we’ll begin to gain some momentum, so that you won’t have to be making that choice of a negative thought. That’s got lots of action in momentum going on or a positive thought that slower and more boring, because there’s not much momentum. So the other day esther sat to meditate again and she managed to quiet her mind easily and she likes to find something to focus upon.

The jet going over, isn’t a good idea, because it’s temporary, but sometimes you can isolate something in the air conditioners. It’s good to focus upon Esther downloaded an app. She looked for her search was ticking clock and she found a digital ticking clock, and so she can control the volume of it. And so she just puts that ticking clock.

Something good to focus on easy to focus on causes are not to focus on anything else and when she doesn’t focus on anything when there’s nothing with any resistance that she’s focused upon then she’s right in that receptive mode. So she went right to that receptive mode feeling really good sort of swimming with the energy to forget that place where you’re, detached and you’re body is moving, because your inner being is enjoying the movement of your body, and so you are feeling this off easy movement, mostly in your shoulders, mostly in your head and neck.

But it’s just moving around just finding the most satisfying position for you to flow energy right now. It’s really a nice thing that happens with you and then all of a sudden, estrus thinking about a place that she has been that has really beautiful furniture.

That’s a thought! That’s in her mind and the feeling of enthusiasm was supreme freely up high and happy thought, and so she got up she put on her shoes. She got in her car and she went there. It seemed like just the thing to do and as she was driving, she was laughing and saying to yourself.

Maybe I should be focusing on world peace corps, something that’s really beneficial to humanity, but she found the best piece of furniture just found the best piece of furniture, and this is the thing that we want you to hear from us that it does not matter what the thought is about.

What matters is that the thought is resistance, free and in time you are going to be able to discern whether you receive having this thought from your mind state, which is the reason that we want to give it the label of inspired thought or whether it’s coming from your action oriented world which makes us want to give it the label motivated thought, because in both cases, when you get an idea, you can’t really tell where the ideas coming from, because it’s a vibration.

That is in the process of becoming a thing. But if you will allow yourself the benefit of quieting your mind so that you get in the practiced habit of being receptive, that’s where the call it the receiving more receptive. To that broader point of view. Now, here’s why that’s so valuable to you, your inner being knows you knows everything about you and adores. You and your inner being knows everything that you’ve been living in everything that you’ve asked for, and everything that.

Therefore, you have subsequently become vibrational, your inner being knows the full state of evolution that issue, and it is magnificent and your inner being- is offering you constant feedback about how you can turn that into things constant feedback to help. You turn this vibrational reality, which is full of the prosperity that your life has caused to ask for, and full of more harmony that your life is caused.

You to ask for full of all of the benefits that your life is cause you to ask for that: you’re, inner standing and living in fullness of your inner being constantly knowing right, where you stand in your physical human reality in relationship to what your vortex is. Your inner being is on a console, steady stream, feeding to you the path of least resistance for you to turn those thoughts into things, the path of least resistance, meaning the path of your least resistance, because you’re, the one who has resistance.

It’s all right, your inner being, doesn’t even mind that you have resistance. You’re going to be knows how to lead you to lead you to allegedly digital digital digital, digital, digital, digital, digital age, lead. The other day I was sitting in the airport in San Diego.

She was there about an hour early and she sat down. She was happy. She was sort of noticing what was going on around beautiful day. Looking at the big windows, feeling such satisfaction satisfaction about how she felt satisfaction about the day, satisfaction that was the only way to describe it, just satisfaction and then she’s off. I think over there, so she went over and said in another chair.

This went bought a bottle of water and then she said in another chair. They just added another chair and then she went over to check on the flight because it was nearly boarding time in the plane. Wasn’t there and just wondering if she had time to go, do something else, and so then she sat down just sitting there, just sort of staring off into space.

Appreciating the smallness and the efficiency of the airport, the man sitting next to her had his phone to his ear, no ear plugs that he was listening out of the end of this phone to something, and Esther heard the word vibration that she listened a little closer and she realized it was Abraham.

So she said to him. He said: you’re kidding me. He said my daughter has been wanting me to listen to this and I have to say I’m a believer now now. Is it she’s not going to believe this she’s? Just not gonna, believe this and I said, then we better take a picture and then he said after caller after caller. So I called she didn’t answer.

He left a message and interested. Let’s call her back and I’ll leave a message so now what was that all about her inner being knew where he was new, that that would be exhilarating to him knew it would be pleasing to his daughter, knew it would be fun for Esther knew it would be a fun moment in time, but Esther couldn’t hear us say and would not have even wanted to hear us say.

There’s a man over there listening to you on the recorder, see if you can find him and sit next to him, afterward

not have allowed herself to receive that she’s too modest. She doesn’t want to make a big thing about things. She would not have been able to go directly there, so we suggested go for their go over there go over there go over there how about over there? What do you think about over there?

So since she was moving from place to place to place to place to place to place to place, she did manage to plunk yourself down in the perfect place to have a delightful manifestation. So your inner being knows where all kinds of delightful manifestations are, and they don’t have to be more than that moment in time. In other words, you see what we’re getting just the light here and delight here and delight here and delight here and delight here and the light here and delight here.

Esther came out of meditation one day and went with the impulse to figure out her music system in her California house spin their lotta years. Esther never really understood it. So she sat down started, pushing some buttons and it started doing something she didn’t know. It would do and she push a button.

Then she’d go listen and there are speakers outside in the gardens in the courtyard, in this room in this room upstairs downstairs their speakers all over who knew her inner be new. So now she finds this menu of music, so she’s listening to this and listening to this and listening to this and listening to this and turning it up and listening to this and listening to this and she them rap.

She liked it she’s practicing her rap moves and then the men came who we’re going to move some furniture around in her house. That’s another story from the day before that morning, out of meditation, when esther came out, she thought that should be over there and that should be over there.

That should be over there in that should be down there. That should be down, and that should be up and that should be over. There should be over there and that would look better and then she got the inspiration to call someone to come and move it all around. For so now the men are here and they’re moving things around and they’re, enjoying her beautiful space, and then they said it’s a beautiful day.

Hey Esther said prettiest place on earth, and then one of them said that I’m moving back to Alabama and Esther said. Have you lost your mind and he said I’m a rapper, and I have some things going on there and esther said I’ll, be right. Back then pushed her buttons pushed the buttons and all the gardens all around everywhere, and this rap music comes on and she goes out and the boys are amazed at this famous rapper in this beautiful garden, and he said what do you do?

It cannot figure this lady out and esters that I’m a teacher, and what do you teach and ester said rap? Well, it sort of is it’s streaming and it could be. I mean if it matter and then they got talking and he ended up, leaving with some books and things, and so what we’re getting at is his inner being knew. What he’s looking for his inner being knew right, where it was his inner being knew what his path of least resistance was his intervene.

New actors in be knew how she could be part of it too. So in estrus meditation she gets the impulse to discover wrapping in her sound system. Don’t you think? That’s a wonderful thing: don’t you think that it is a wonderful thing that your inner being knows where you are in relationship to everything that you want and those where everyone else is in relationship to what they want at those how you can be paired together or clustered together in order to fulfill e each other?

And can’t you imagine, a wonderful world where more and more our you are in the receptive mode so that your inner beings are guiding you to the thoughts and the actions that bring the uplift meant that you are born to, because you are meant to be satisfied, but we want you to understand.

The satisfaction comes from one place and one place only when life causes you to expand, and so you’ve got this vibrational. Calling where think about it, this vibrational reality law of attraction is responding to it. To law of attraction is responding to the larger part of you and to everything that you’ve been asking for.

Law of attraction is causing all of these cooperative components to culminate to gestate and they become ready for you to receive. But the question is: are you ready? Are you ready to receive, and the answer is not unless you’re feeling some satisfaction about something?

So if you’re walking around dissatisfied about how much money you don’t have or how your lover hasn’t come yet or how this is wrong, and this is wrong- and this is wrong in your dissatisfaction, even though your inner being is offering a constant stream to help. You find your satisfaction you’re on the wrong channel.

You cannot hear it you’re, not ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to say it’s such a good life when you managed to quiet your mind and stop any momentum, and then you allow your momentum to come from the knowledge base of your inner, be when you allow yourself to be primarily a vibrational match to who you will.

They are then, there’s just this constant stream of what others want to call coincidences that you will come to know as the reality that your inner being as assisting you in the creation of because we are all in this together so step. One is like causes you to ask and step two is: it is being gathered together in this vortex of creation and their inner being, as they are answering everything that you want and step.

Three is you’ve gotta get into the receiving mode, and, as you hang around more and more and more and more and more in the receiving mode, we call that step for that. Mastering it as you hang around in that receiving mode, then what happens is often you’ll be inspired by your inner being and if you been practicing, what the feeling of inspiration is- and you been following through with the action that you were inspired to then you’ve been experiencing the benefit of getting to actually live the manifestation, because you followed that inspiration so that you’re really good at feeling that and following through with it, then you get to be really really often the step two with inner being part of the equation.

You get to be standing at the right time in the right place in front of someone who is young or old and wanting to understand how this all fits together. Who has a career ahead of him that he’s excited about, but he does not know what he’s doing and he’s running away from California, because he thought it would work there and he’s going back to where it came from before, because it seemed to be working a little bit better there and it’s asking with every fiber of his being. How does this work?

How is it that I find what I’m looking for and he managed to dance his way right into the experience of someone who really knows and how did that come about?

How did that come about after got an idea to move furniture around to you know, furniture looks pretty good wherever it is, it didn’t need to be moved all around. It’s been moved twice since then. It didn’t need to be moved over there and over there and over there and over there. She didn’t need somebody to move her furniture.

The person who moves furniture wanted to know what aster nose and source energy knows where the question is where the answer is, where the likelihood of the answer will be and knows what your path of least resistance is source energy knows all of that knows all of those components. How interesting it was that Esther was even inspired to find rap really and listen to it long enough that she developed some sense about what it was and knew exactly how to find it fast. If ever a rapper should be armed.

She didn’t say you know. The funniest thing happened yesterday for the first time I listened to rap. She didn’t say that to him, because she understood what a magnificent plan was coming together in order to allow them to come into each other’s experience for our mutual benefit.

Esther will never quite be the same after meeting this kid. He infused her with a feeling of passion and enthusiasm and newness about life. The freshness of his desire was so intoxicating for Esther to get to witness and what Esther knew was so intoxicating for him to get to witness and as he got it experience or in her spaces, in inner happiness and indoor gardens and inner music, he got to feel the fullness of who she really is because we were all right there wrap and together, USA, and so this is what we wish for you.

We want you to find some way of quieting, that chatter of quieting that chaos of quieting that stuff. That will only take you so far to allow yourself in that quiet space, the momentum, building, positive emotion and positive momentum. That is who you really are, so that you can go from peak to peak to peak to peak pete, because that’s the way your life is supposed to be here supposed to get to move from here to there, and here they are here to there and there will be moments in time when there will be such convergence of so many things that are in your vortex that you will feel like.

You are the most blessed human on earth and we want you to know that you are, if you had any idea the ad because see that, as pointed toward you, the knowledge and understanding and appreciation and love. This focused upon you specifically upon you individually, if you had any idea of the vortex that you have built, and you knew how much your inner being knows about that and how powerfully law of attraction has been gathering the quality components for you being delivered to you too, you too, you too you now now now now now, but where are you?

Are you ready to be ready? Did you meditate? Is your mind had been quieted? Are you in a high enough vibration that you can receive that impulse and are you willing to do the selfish thing? Are you willing to just listen to music because it feels like what you wanna do or to go to the furniture store?

Are you willing to do that, or are you still fulfilling the expectations of others and doing the responsible thing, and if you got your nose to the grindstone and are you doing what you should do, not what you wanna do and what you think other people want you to do? Who are you serving? Are you serving yourself into your alignment, or are you letting the needs of others dictate to you?

Is your movement from thought thing coming from motivation, where’s it coming from inspiration?

Now you really know you really do know now you really do know so now, let’s get to some conversations about some things that matter to you and let’s help you find your inspirational track. Let’s talk until dissatisfaction, softens and satisfaction comes about, let’s practice getting into the receptive mode, which means, let’s practice getting into the satisfied space. Let’s figure out how to be satisfied, even though it hasn’t manifested gotta figure out how to do that start right here. Stand. If you think it’s you, it is you.

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