If the Why is Big Enough, the How is Not Important

If the Why is Big Enough the How is Not Important

A man once said he had a great idea that’ll help you make a hundred million dollars. Is that inspired or is that just selfishness speaking and wanting to make one hundred million dollars? Your inner being is guiding you to a situation that’s going to help you uncover anything that might prevent you from making a hundred million dollars.

The thing is you can’t freak out every time you think ‘I might not be’ in other words you’ve got to let the process help you to evolve into the knowing that you can do that, and you have to not need it to happen this red-hot minute.

You have to be willing to let that goal be the reason for your life. These things that you want are the reason that you flow, and the flowing is the life that feels so good to you. You don’t create things because another thing needs to be created, you create things because it feels so good to be in the creative mode.

But what action are you taking after the initial action? Are you taking the inspiration that comes from within or what another person is telling you to do?

What you do next is what matters, that’s the point. Find your balance because if life has given you a desire and feeling good is dependent upon you moving toward your desire, then you don’t listen to things that move you away from your desire and listen to things that move towards your desire.

The why and the how

This is the most important thing, in the same way that you can say ‘I’m going to do this’ and someone else can say ‘no you’re not’ you can just withdraw from that tug of war that happens within you.

You don’t need another person pulling on the other end of the rope because you’ve got both ends of those ropes going on within yourself most of the time. Deliberate creation is about letting go of that. There are beliefs that you picked up along your physical life with reason and life you’ve spent blood, sweat and tears on coming to know.

You didn’t just make this up but proved it by the life you’ve spent watching.  It takes a little bit of time, you can’t just all of a sudden stop believing something that you believe but you can believe something else and give it more airtime. The more you’re thinking about what you do want to do the list you’re thinking about what you don’t want to do grows.

If you’re consistent about it, you can get enough momentum going that then life experience will show you something new and your belief will shift. There are those who want to say change your belief and then the manifestation will change, and we are among them.

Because changing the belief and the outcome will change the belief and the outcome, but you’ve got to find some way of detaching yourself from the evidence that won’t let you change. You’ve got to accept that it doesn’t matter, it is old news. It’s the result of past energy that has flown and today you’re flowing in different energy. That was then, this is now.

I used to believe that that used to make sense, that used to be what I think and that’s the result that I got. But I don’t want those results anymore, I want these results so I’m thinking different thoughts now and feeling different about the thoughts that I’m thinking. The universe is responding to my new thoughts because they’re life.

Clarity in life

I’ve put all of this into my vortex and now I’m moving right over here and I’m cosying up as often as I can with my inner being. We have one point of attraction – there’s no longer tug-of-war going on with me because I meditate, and I quiet my mind and I let my vibration rise and I know Who I am.

I have clarity, clarity is knowing and looking through the eyes of the source. Clarity is being in your life and knowing about your life. What your inner self knows about your life – that’s clarity.

Every time you become angry you activate and bring that anger back into the foreground and so what you want to say with those beliefs that aren’t serving you is that you will evaporate because of the lack of my attention to you.

You will cease to be because you only are because I believed you to life.

You were born with the why because you want to feel good, and because you want to demonstrate your value to others. You want to help others find their value in others. That is what you were born with but how the wind blows is to be discovered. If you ask those questions before you’re down the pipeline far enough to receive it then you get frustrated and you get stalled in the pipeline.

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