Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #151 – What About Soulmates And Twin Flames



Thank you for having me. We can hug from the inside out. Okay. Yeah. Okay, vibrational. My question is soulmate versus twin flame and how the differences between that, like when you have synchronicities with someone intensely, what does that mean? Well, people want to romanticize alignment. And that really is what it is. In other words, you all come in clusters, your relationship to your own family is a very strong vibrational connection. And so what you’re really describing is when you feel a connection to someone, what’s happened is you’ve just met them on a vibrational wavelength.

And you can meet on any vibrational wavelength, and it can feel like a strong connection. Sometimes you can meet somebody who’s just willing to complain with you about the same things you’re complaining about. And they feel like you’re long, low soulmate, because they’ll stand by you, they’ll be with you, they’ll support you and defend you is a and so the best way to know that you’ve connected with someone who is really your non physical counterpart is for you to hang around in that high good feeling vibration for plenty of time so that you can tell when you’ve taken a dip.

Because until you know whether or not you’ve taken a dip, you won’t know how to recognize someone else. Because as we were saying earlier, when you connect with something, there is momentum, even in the connection, when you’re offering a vibration and someone else is offering the same vibration is brought together by law of attraction, there is always a spark that feels like interest, you see. And so that’s why you’re wanting to differentiate between twin flame and soulmate.

And to all of those things we want to say all of you are soulmates to every one of you. In other words, that’s the way you feel from your non physical energy. vantage point, every single one of you has the potential of enormous harmony with every other being who is present in this time, space reality. But of course, as you’ve lived life, you’ve put into your vortex other preferences besides just being energetically aligned, you want some of your physical awarenesses to be the same. There are many things that life has caused you to want. And you have the potential of satisfying every one of them, you see.

And so we would spend no time looking around a crowd and trying to knowledge which ones are soulmates and which ones aren’t because the only thing that matters is are you a mate to your own soul in this moment, are you a vibrational mate? Are you vibrationally in alignment with your own soul? And if the answer to that is yes, then you’ll be able to find those who are a vibrational match to theirs.

And to who come together who are each individually in vibrational alignment with who they are is what we consider to be the greatest harmony not sameness. Not same attitude about all same things, but same vibrational harmonics, which makes for the best kind of relationship and that difference in interest but the ability to be in alignment so that you can extract the best from each other at all times. Yes.

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