Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #365 – Join Your Inner Being


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There’s an important thing that we want to say. And then we’ll open it to you and whatever you want to talk about. Unless you are aware of the potential gap between your thoughts, and the thoughts of your inner being about the same thing, to hear that your inner being is having thoughts in the moment that you’re having thoughts about any subject. And the way you feel is your indication of how in harmony, your thoughts are with the thoughts of your inner being, when you see someone, and their positive aspects are just so apparent to you.

And you’re just appreciating their clarity, or their cleverness or their whatever. So you are tuned in to this love frequency, that is really who you are. And you are feeling such appreciation for them. There is no gap between you and your inner being you’re exactly on the same vibrational wavelength, because that’s how your inner being is feeling about them. Every now and again, Esther would say to us, because she could feel that she was on a different wavelength than her inner being about some subject or some person. As she said to us, Abraham, I think you need more information about them.

You couldn’t possibly feel the way you seem to feel about them. If you knew what I know. In fact, I think I’d like to tell you what I know. And I think you should join me. Because clearly, it’s a separation between us that is making me feel bad. So get real and come over here and face reality with me. And we say we don’t want you to face reality, we want you to create reality. And we’re not ever coming over there with you not ever get used to it. We’re not ever coming over there, there’s been too much evolution into the pure positive energy that we are, we’re not going to join you in you’re pushing against.

And that’s such a good advantage to you. Because since your inner being will never join you, in your pushing against, you can always know where your inner being stands. And you always know if you care about how you feel, how to close that gap, how to come into your power, how to come into the leverage of the energy that creates worlds how to hook up with that energy that does create worlds how to be the creator of your own environment.

So stone now, you know everything we know. We’re eager to talk with you about whatever you want to talk about. There is nothing off limits. You will notice a nice unfolding because it’s clear in your vibrational beingness who you are and what you’re about and what it is you’re reaching for.

And so it is our promise our absolute knowing that you’re going to get what you came for. Don’t panic if we don’t call on you right away or ever. Because we will talk about what’s on your mind. So what do you want? What now? We’re gonna have a really good day.

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