Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #398 – A Stable Foundation


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So, just to recap quickly, and then we want to talk to you about whatever it is you want to talk about, when you jump in over here at a place that you’re not ready, and you try to use your affirmations and your mantras and your exercises and your goal setting to make things happen. You’re not going to make anything happen because you’re not ready for it. Your guidance system isn’t there, you can’t even tell what you’re satisfied with. Tried that that didn’t work tried that that didn’t work.

So now how do I guide myself by no longer doing any of the things that didn’t work, except I can’t stop myself from doing the things that didn’t work, because I’ve got so much momentum and right while I’m doing this things that I know don’t work, I’m still doing the things that I know don’t work.

Somebody said to Esther one day, you know, mad person is someone who just does the same thing over and over again, thinking that they’re gonna get different results, this time, you just don’t get different results from what the vibration is that you’re offering, you got to get into that place of alignment, and then let the momentum grow from there. In the same way that you understand. If you’re building a high rise building, you want that foundation to be solid.

And if it isn’t, you can retrofit the thing all you want, you can put more wire and stuff up there in the sky, you can do everything that you can to make it look better, you can paint it, you can tell lies about it. But if it doesn’t have a stable foundation, it is not going to stand. And the same thing is true of your desires. Now, your desires have the most stable of foundation.

We’re so happy to say that to you. Because you were born into this physical experience with Source energy flowing with you. And when you sifted and sorted and launched those vibrational rockets mostly not even know it when someone was rude. You wanted them to be nicer. When you were rude, you wanted to be nicer when you didn’t have enough of something that you wanted you wanted. In other words, you’ve been carving through this contrast and you have been creating this magnificent vibrational reality.

And we just want a shout so that you will hear it all the volume has never helped you that this vibrational reality that we want it so much for you to understand the reality of it was that we gave it the name, the vortex wrote a whole book about it, a couple of books about it. In other words, this vibrational reality, this vortex of creation, it is so stable. And it holds within it not just the beginning seeds, it holds within it, the full manifestation of everything that you want, just like the kernel of corn holds everything within it to have the full stock of corn and all of the corn that you want to eat that will come forth from it. It’s all right there. You’ve just got to take care of it.

You’ve just got to get your foundation, right. So let’s say that you’ve been looking for more money for about 10 years, we’re asking you to give this about two weeks, we’re asking you to use the power of the universe to get yourself into a place where a good idea can come to you and more important, well, you will recognize it as a good idea. You can’t rendezvous with the things that you want, if you are vibrationally, out of whack of your own desire. Esther said to someone the other day about something, you know, I know this has nothing to do with anyone else in my life.

This is all me, all me. This was all about the mix of vibrations within me. Oh, that’s such a wonderful and horrible thing to recognize. It’s all me, it’s all me, it’s completely meditational doable. I just got to start at the beginning, just for a minute. I just got to start at the beginning. Just for a minute, I just got to chill out. I just gotta let my mind Be quiet. I just got to stop shooting my desires in the foot. I just got to stop contradicting my own desire. And I have to admit, the only way I can stop contradicting my own desire is to stop thinking about it.

Because every time I do think about it, I pick up the momentum right where I am. Gotta start in a new place. You never need to know anything else. Meditate, reach for happy thoughts, follow the thoughts and live happily ever after. We’re not kidding Esther reached the point where every time she meditated and we wrote something through her in other words, she quiet her mind and off we’d go because it’s easy for her now to click into that energy and you may be already there too.

We just want you to understand the process. You got to start in a good feeling place and when you start in a good feeling place wherever that is some of you have been listening to us for a while and you can get to that good feeling place in a very short period of time. Just get to the good feeling place and then get to that good feeling place and then so we know we took longer in this opening than you might have liked for us to but there is never anything more important that you’ve ever heard anytime, anywhere. So there what do you want to talk about? We like it We like it a lot.

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