Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #416 – You Came As A Creator


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So, we’ve spent a few years visiting with you about how you live in a vibrational universe. And it’s hard for you to get that because it seems to be very tangible to you. There’s no point really in talking to you about the vibrational makeup of any of these things that are so obviously physical. You can tell me its vibration, all you want Abraham, but I see a chair and I really liked this fabric.

And so talk about the vibration of it, if you must. But I’m a physical human here in a physical body. And I’m used to looking at chandeliers and lights and room dimensions and measurements and what everybody’s wearing or not wearing and so forth. I like to see and hear and smell and taste and touch my vibrational reality. And we say, Yes, you do. And we want you to because this is the leading edge of thought. And that is where the greatest satisfaction is ever experienced in all of the creative universe, of which we are all apart.

And you said, I’ll go forth into this tangible, tangible environment. And from my awareness of what’s going on there, I will come to New and Improved conclusions and decisions and preferences and desires. Knowing that source energy, then we’ll follow the path of my new desire and that then I will be the recipient, the liver off, I will get to drive the new car, I will get to experience the new technology, I will get to eat the new food and live in the new environments and dwell in the new dwellings, I get to live in this leading edge environment. But you didn’t come to just live in this leading edge environment, you came as a creator of this leading edge environment and you will never be happy.

If you are only in an observational state, you will never be happy. If you remain only in a reactionary state. You can’t just observe and react and get to the improvement. It does not work that way. At some point early on in your understanding of this three steps, or four steps or five steps, we can put 100 steps on it. The first three are the ones that we really want you to focus on. Step one is you ask step two is source answers.

And step three is you got to let the answer in, you’ve got to tune in to the vibrational frequency of the vibrational request that you have made of the vibrational now reality that now exists before you can allow yourself to see it and hear it and smell it and tasted. And so what we’re really asking of you is something that is the most natural thing in the world to you, but you have practiced otherwise. So it doesn’t feel natural. What we’re asking you to do is to think less specifically about the things that aren’t working out the way you want them to.

And think more specifically about the things that are working out the way you want them to, rather than look at the problem and define it, and then attempt to solve it from your awareness of the problem, which is never something that will work out for you. Because when you’re looking at the problem, you’re a vibrational match to the problem, you’re perpetuating the problem, you are in the receiving mode of more of the problem.

You have to find a way to identify the problem and then back off from your awareness of the problem and see it as a request for something different and then find a way to be a match a vibrational match an emotional match to the new and improved that you’re asking for. And that’s really why you came not because things need to get done. And not because things are broken, that needs to be fixed. But because it’s also fun, to get to bring your awareness into an environment where you specifically and importantly, choose what matters to you.

And then you find the vibrational stance that lets the universe deliver it to you. When you get to witness that what you’re really witnessing is your personal attunement to your personal desires. And what most people are mostly witnessing is their personal attunement to a reality that already exists to which they are having a knee jerk response. So you kind of have to decide, am I a creator or a Regurgitator?

Do I create my own reality? Or do I just keep observing what is and keep being a part of regurgitating more of that there’s a war against this and that and the other there’s a war against so many things and everything that there’s a war against. Things are getting bigger because when you look at something wanted or unwanted, you become a vibrational match to it and Law of Attraction makes you part of the swelling of it, of the growing of it of the evolution of it is a.

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