Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #417 – Some Questions


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So, we have a few questions for you. Not because we don’t know the answers, because we have a very clear vibrational awareness of where each of you stands in relationship to what each of you desire. It’s just perfectly clear. But the reason that we’re going to ask these questions is because we would like to bring you to a more centered place. In your awareness, we would like to help you to find that some call it grounded, we call it essential, that beginning vibrational root of who you are.

Because if you can frequently return to your vibrational knowledge, then what happens is, you stop all the chatter, that doesn’t matter. That is preventing you from a clearer and more important, satisfying path to the unfolding of what you want. So just some fun questions. Call out if you want or just project with your thoughts, either is fine, because it’s all for you. Do understand that you are more than this physical body. Is it logical to you, that you have been before this physical personality, and that you will begin following this physical personality that you are eternal? Ongoing?

Can you feel some logic in that? Can you feel that there is not a veil, or a wall, or even really an important differentiation between the non physical part of you before you were born? And the physical part of you now that you are born? In other words, can you stretch your awareness of who you are to include? Who you really are the whole of who you really are? Can you acknowledge that you are sourced, that there is a source of you? Who is in real time aware of you? That’s really the question and non physical part of you, keenly aware of this physical part of you, can you find that knowledge?

So that means Can you accept that while you are here in this physical body, a part of you that another part of you remains non physical, and that you are all that we are all weaving in and out and in and out and in and out in the ongoing expansion, evolution and continual existence of that which we all are? In other words, for expansion, your part is so essential to the equation and for stability, our part is so essential to the equation. And vibrationally speaking, we are really all one. Can you sort of find that?

Can you accept that even though there’s so much to see so much to experience through your magnificent sensors and ability to translate vibration into meaningful life experience? That even though you have that ability to do that, can you sense that there is a whole vibrational world that is moving through you and around you and to you? That is really what is responsible for everything that you see? Can you accept that there is a vibrational world? And can you accept that this vibrational world matters? Can you accept that from that vibrational vantage point?

Your earth continues to spin in its orbit in perfect proximity to other planets? And can you accept that that really is not something that any of you no matter how wise you are, is really doing with your own physical mind? We’re asking you Do you accept that there’s more to this equation? And does it feel purposeful to you or was it just sort of a lucky thing that turned out I sort of random thing that just happened and bam perfection, we spent in our orbit, eon after eon after eon in perfect proximity, how odd that must seem, if you think it is random.

But when you think about the purposeful existence of that which you are, and the importance of the continuing of that which you are, then can you see that the continuance of that which you are and we are and that all that is is, is really about new ideas calling energy force into new time space reality. Do you think that as you’re here in this physical body, in this magnificent time and place?

Do you think that there’s another realm somewhere else that is really more complete, more perfect, more finished, that you are striving to join? Yeah, we thought you might think that but it’s not like that. It’s not like that. Instead, what’s happening is this expansion that we all are is forward looking with you. That’s why you matter so much to the equation.

You’re out here on this leading edge, having first time exposure to first time, surroundings and first time exposure to first time experiences. And you’re coming to personal conclusions about what you prefer within it. And as you do that, you’re launching these vibrational rockets of desire, which are the reason for the expansion of the universe.

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