Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #461 – Seeing Others Through Source’s Eyes


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I want to learn to see others as God sees them seeing others with love. Again, it’s holding again, you say, this isn’t a learned thing, this isn’t something that you’re going to do, this is something that you’re going to receive. So when you’re in the receiving mode, nothing other than that can happen. And if you’re not in the receiving mode, there’s not enough teaching that can make the difference.

No one can teach somebody who’s in a bad mood, how to see the world through the eyes of source. And when you are in alignment with source, you can’t do otherwise. Isn’t that interesting? So we just keep saying, meditate, meditate, and you’re talking about meditation. But how do you get to that state of receiving through meditation? How do you quiet your mind? Well, you asked to sort of different questions, how you get to the state of receiving is by quieting your mind. And by quieting your mind, it’s by finding something else to think about.

When we choose you to come forward. We get Esther really interested in the microphone. You may have noticed, she really looks it over on your way up. And there’s not one interesting thing about this microphone. But we like her to be fascinated by it. Because it keeps her mind in a quiet place. You see, because you’re all thinking things about it. Some of you are really irritated that we keep pointing over there and not over there.

There are lots of thoughts around so we just keep Esther focused on and it’s the same sort of thing. It’s like knowing what you’re not going to think about by knowing what you are going to think about. So you could meditate by looking at this microphone. Hard to think about other things isn’t that gonna be an interesting audio recording. Find something to focus on and the things that you have been focusing on because of lack of attention to them will stop being active.

And when the things you have been focusing upon, especially anything that is resistant in nature, when it’s no longer active, then your dominant vibration will become dominant within you. And then the ideas will begin to flow and the momentum will grow. This is a really good time for a segment of refreshment.

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