Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #548 – A Gift Of Prophecy



Hello. I’m just so happy. You’re real. We are as real as you perceive us to be. Last year, I was actually dreaming about this. This is my first cruise my first seminar. And I’m with you now. And above all, I’m with my husband. So hello to my husband. I’m very happy because he had no idea at all. So during the boarding, I just told him, Honey, we’re going to attend a seminar that’s not exactly giving him an opportunity to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

And then he asked me like, What kind of seminar and I really don’t know what to say, because I don’t want him to be scared or whatever. Because I am kind of weird in different ways. So I just told him, it’s a motivational talk. Because the speaker, his name is Abraham, but her real persona is es ether. And he was like, All right, so I was really praying that I hope he would like it, but he’s really enjoying his life there. Clearly, the weirdness of you has prepared him for the weirdness of it.

Thank you so much. My question is this. I don’t know if it’s a question. But 20 years ago, I met a pastor who told me that I have a gift of prophecy. And for me, it’s so big, and there is a part of me that I don’t want it because I could really feel something about a person. And sometimes I would just say, to a stranger, that you have a mother that that is sick.

And there’s this feeling that I have to give that person money, where in fact, I only have for example, like $300, like, and I have to give that money to that person. And for me, it’s very scary, you know, it’s a come up often. So, but I’m blocking it. I’m just blocking it. But one thing is for sure I can prophesy my future. Everyone can in the sense that we want to talk specifically about you. But we want to talk more generally first, if you are understanding what we are saying all this time about creating this vibrational reality that if you allow it, it will become your what you want to call actual reality.

And if you understand that law of attraction does give you back what you’ve been thinking about, then it is logical that someone who is particularly tuned to vibration could anticipate what’s coming. Sometimes you can, you can just sort of feel it. But there is a question. And we don’t want to put the word responsibility in we’re waiting for Esther to find another word other than responsibility, because it’s not quite that if you can accept your ability to translate vibration, and at the same time, utilize your guidance system, then you can tell whether you are being inspired from non physical to this behavior, every thought that has ever been thought still exists.

And law of attraction has managed these thoughts. So they run like rivers and streams. And when you are in the vibrational vicinity of one of those thoughts, you can pick up on it and it feels to you like it is a sort of prophecy it feels to you like it’s strong and should be listened to because you know, you didn’t think it you know you received it now here we go. So that means that it’s possible for you. In fact, you’re receiving more thoughts than you’re thinking.

You think thoughts you offer vibrations, you respond to thoughts you develop habits of vibration, and then Law of Attraction causes you to receive the thoughts that match the vibration that you’ve got going on. So if you have at the same time believed that you must be of service or that it is good to be of service. Can you see how some of those things could all blend together?

Now there’s another piece to this that we really want you to hear because this is emphatically and especially about you. So just relax and enjoy this understanding. When you are in the receiving mode as we’ve been talking about. You are not only able to receive on your behalf, but often you receive on behalf of others. If when We say step one is when you ask and step two is when source answers.

And step three is you getting into the receiving mode, what we’re saying is, if you are consistently in step three, as the person who saw you and knew you and found you to be and pronounced you then as someone who had the gift of prophecy, the way we would speak that today to you is that because of your ability to be in the receiving mode, Source Energy can often utilize your assistance in the answering of things that others are asking for, see how that works. And isn’t the most delicious state of being to be in the state of receiving and giving and receiving and giving.

This came to Esther after a long telephone conversation with a friend who was talking about giving perfect gifts. And then they were talking about givers and takers and giving and receiving. And after that Esther’s questions were so active within her about that, that she came out of meditation with that breakthrough understanding that when you are in step three, you are often utilized by source to be a step to part for someone else.

And when you think about it, isn’t it logical that it would be that way you accept it, when you are missing, someone who has made their transition to the non physical, and you’re sitting out at the lake, and you’ve got your feet dangling over in the dock. And for a moment, you’ve forgotten that you’re sad, and for a moment, you’re not grieving. And then a bird comes and sits right by you on the dock.

And when you see that bird, you know for sure that that bird is bringing you a message, because it’s a bird familiar to your message. And the timing of it was so perfect, you know? And so isn’t it logical that someone other than birds might be delivering messages. Now the bird may not bring you $300. And that may not really be the message that you’re being offered either. Usually, when you feel like you need to give someone some money, it’s a receiving of a thought from them.

I need money, give me some money, I could use some money, you’ve got some money, you look like you have some money, could I have some money. And if you are wide open, you’re just digging in your purse and just handing over money. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re just saying that there is a differentiation between being in the receiving mode from your physical format and being in the receiving mode because you’re tuned in tapped in turned on. And we know for sure that you know the difference. One day, Esther she got on this sort of trend. It was years ago.

And they were living in Arizona and Esther had a hanger because they just picked up their dry cleaning in the car and someone that they were parked next to at the grocery store had locked her keys in the car. And Esther said, I bet I can get them out for you. So Esther twisted her wire and stuck it through the molding and pulled up the lock. And the person was delighted. And Esther was delighted that she was delighted. And so Esther put her hanger in the trunk.

She thought of it as a lovely tool that might be necessary again, like the very next day. The very next day, someone else locked their keys in. And Esther is thinking there’s an epidemic. So she got her hang around. And Joe stood back grinning, while Esther more expert than she was even the day before. popped the button in the car. And everyone was so happy. And then another and another and another and another. And one day, Jerry went to the trunk and remove the hanger.

He said, can you see what’s going on? We’re not going to ever get anywhere we need to go. We’re just going to be rescuing people who have locked their keys in the car. And it was a law of attraction thing when you have a solution to someone else’s problem. And that solution is active because you’re so proud of yourself. Then someone with a problem. Law of Attraction puts you together. Well, then it didn’t stop there. Then they were sitting at the airport.

And a man came to them and said, my wife and children and I are stranded. And we were wondering if you had some money so that we could leave this Los Angeles area. And Esther said, where are they? And he said they’re over at another terminal. And Esther thought how very odd that you are over here. And they are over there. And then she looked at Jerry and he said to her because he could feel that something was up with that. Then a few days later, they’re in Albuquerque.

They’re walking down a sidewalk, a beautiful, beautiful day. And Esther looks down and it was in the days before the tickets were ticketless and there was a ticket line on the sidewalk. And Esther scooped it up and looked at it and it was a flight that was going to leave right now. It was boarding already. It was an obscure airline that she had never heard of. And she said to Jerry, let’s go there.

Let’s go there and see if we can find this person, they went there, and he was having a very active conversation, they were not going to let him on the plane without his ticket. He had no way of helping them know that he had a ticket. And when Esther walked up, he literally picked her up and twirled her around and said, You are my guardian angel.

And Esther said, that could be true. That could be true. But what we are getting at is that in the happiness of being someone’s guardian angel, sometimes there is an introduction into your experience of things that maybe you don’t want so much as you think you want them. In other words, because everyone has access to this information, everyone has it. And certainly it is lovely.

When you get an impulse, and you follow that impulse. Esther likes to think of it as the way she likes to tithe. Often she gets an impulse or something and she offers and it feels so good. We’re just asking you to do it from the other side of creativity.

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