Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #547 – The Other Side Of Imagination



have one less in terms of painting. Sometimes I feel like I’m, this is the other side of imagination for me. So I’ve always had quite a very creative imagination. So stop for a moment because we really want to hear what you mean. Because it may be the most profound thing that happened here this week. The other side of imagination, do you know what you mean? You want me to explain what they meant?

Yeah, I meant, like, when I’m painting, and I’m imagining, I’m imagining what they want to create. It’s just so beautiful. It’s just a high frequency, I’m enjoy. I’m so excited. And I just feel so content satisfied and elated, but in the other side of the world, so there’s a time when I have to start talking to people or I get what you’re talking about. But this is what we wanted you to mean. Because those words are the perfect words for this. The other side of imagination.

So often, when you are doing what you think is using your imagination, you’re conjuring from your physical senses. And there could be vibrational clutter in that. But if you are, on the other side, meaning tapped in to the vibration of your inner being, and you’re allowing your inner beings imagination to be received by you piece by piece by piece by piece, that’s where that true satisfaction comes.

That’s the distinction that we’re offering. Rather than having an image in your mind that now you’re trying to replicate on the canvas, letting the image that is in your vortex be received by you. And so it’s an ongoing thing. It’s not already decided, it becomes even once you come to the canvas, haven’t you had that experience where it started out? And you thought it was gonna go that way? And then it went that way. And then it went that way, and that it got richer and deeper and more and more and more?

Haven’t some of the greatest departures from what you started to paint been your most satisfying experiences? Yes. Yes. And so how does this fit in with deliberate creation? Because it almost sounds like we’re asking you to think in opposition to what deliberate creation is. This is what we’re asking you to understand. You deliberately created in step one life caused you to know what you were asking for. And then you were answered immediately, which means source blended together all that you are asking for, and has the ability to give you what you’re asking for, and the best of blending in the fullest of offerings in the most satisfying way.

So that nothing that you ever asked for is ever left out. And then his friend before was just asking, Is it possible that many of those things could be satisfied in the same moment? And how wonderful how orgasmic would that feel? If so much of what I’ve been asking for, I wouldn’t be able to allow myself to receive. We started early on in this gathering, saying something to you, like we’ve never met a human who could with any accuracy at all, define what’s in their vortex?

Because you’ve been putting it there incrementally and it has been blended with all that you are in all that you want in such a way that the satisfaction factor is more than your ability to humanly imagine but should you be able to get on the other side of your imagination where the blending has already taken place?

And should you be trusting enough to allow this much satisfaction to be enough and then this and then this then you will be able to display on your painting and you often do what’s really in your vortex really good. How are you.

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