Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #567 – Deactivating Contrary Beliefs



Good morning. We are extremely pleased that you are here. It is good to come together for the purpose of CO creating. Do you agree? Your knowing what you’re wanting? It changes, doesn’t it? Yeah. Desire feels good. Yes. Sometimes Have you figured out how to come more and more into vibrational harmony with your desire?

Are you beginning to realize that a desire is an evolving proposition, and that it has a vibrational basis, which is logical because everything in this vibrational universe does have a vibrational basis. So your desire is attractive in nature, your desire is attracting to itself and to you cooperative components. That’s how it evolves. That’s how it becomes more.

That’s how it becomes more and more and more satisfying. So while you are holding the desire, if it feels good to you, really, if it really does feel good to you, then that means you don’t have a habit of thought. That’s what a belief is, it’s just a thought you continue to think you don’t have a habit of thought that is right now contradicting your desire. And so if there’s no habit of thought, contradicting your desire, such as I can’t do it, or I haven’t done it, or it isn’t done yet, or others have done it.

And that’s not fair. If you don’t have a desire, contradicted by a belief, then the desire does feel good. So it’s a wonderful thing when you become aware that the way you feel is your indication of what you’re doing right now. vibrationally. And what you’re doing right now, vibrationally matters because you are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe and Law of Attraction is responding to your vibrational output. And if your output is about a desire, and then a doubt about the same thing, then you’ve got enough contradiction going on in your own thought process, that you’re slowing it down.

And even more important, not only are you not letting your desire evolve, or better said, You’re not letting yourself be in a place of awareness so that you can receive the evolving desire, but you don’t feel good in that process. So we want to talk a little bit before we open to things that you want to specifically talk about, about this mix of vibrations, because most people are so good at translating vibration through their physical senses, that they don’t even realize what good vibrational interpreters they are.

Your emotional center, your solar plexus, are really keen vibrational sensors. And that’s really how you best understand what your vibrational mix is. In other words, if you want something that you don’t believe it’s not coming anytime soon, and the fact that you want it is going to be uncomfortable to you. So as we talk about this mix of vibrations, do you remember at some point in your life, maybe a while ago, maybe recently, where there was something that you needed to do?

Maybe it was a job interview, maybe it was going to work? Maybe it was meeting with someone about something and as you proceeded, you felt trepidation as you went, you felt insecure, maybe you felt fear, you weren’t sure how it was going to unfold. You didn’t really want to go, maybe you went under duress or under resentment or under fear.

You’re doing something, you’re going somewhere, but you’re not wholly invested in it. In this way. You’re going because you said you would maybe even you’re going because you have a desire to go. But you’ve also got this other stuff going on. So under those conditions preceding doesn’t feel good. Or you can make yourself do it. And other humans will teach you that you need to just back up.

That life isn’t easy, and that it’s not supposed to feel good. And that you’re not the center of the universe. So just put on your big girl boy pants and go and we say Stay home. And then you say, can’t stay home, gotta go, gotta go when we say, Don’t do it. And you say, I have to go, I’m expected to be there, I must be there or bad things would happen.

If I don’t go, I’ll lose my job, my pay will be get docked, I will disappoint someone, you have a lot of reasons that you push yourself into action that you’re not vibrationally ready for. And the thing that we most want to say to you is, you do it so often, you have been doing it for so long, most of you that it feels sort of kind of normal to go without being wholly vibrationally invested. And so we want to talk about what it feels like when you are really in alignment with your desire, which means you’re eager to go, you’re inspired, you’re feeling an impulse that is so strong, that nothing’s going to keep you from it.

Remember, that time you were in love. And you were going to go and your sisters that your friends said bad idea. And you said move or I will run right over the top of you. Because you were wholly invested. In other words, your desire was vibrating at such a pace of momentum, that if you had any doubts, or disbeliefs, they weren’t a big player in this mix of vibration that you had going on.

Because your desire was so strong, and you went and you wanted to go and you felt passionate about going and you liked it? Well, that’s the way we want you to feel about everything, we want you to stop shooting yourself in your own foot about things that matter to you, we want you to find a way to line up with your desires, which means you have to find a way of deactivating those beliefs that are contradicting your desires. So just stop it.

Alright, we’ve enjoyed this interaction immensely. It’s not so easy, however, to stop offering a thought or belief that you’ve been offering for a while because law of attraction won’t let you let loose of it. Because Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration. So you can’t just stop thinking about that. You can’t just stop thinking about that thing you’re thinking about.

Because when you say, I’m not going to think about that anymore, you’re thinking about it. And the more you decide you’re not going to think about it and the more others say, Oh, you shouldn’t think about that, then the more you’re thinking about it, and usually the more defensive about thinking about it, you get and you begin to explain why it’s necessary that you think about that, and how it happened to you in the first place and how you’re not the only one who thinks about that. You’re the only one who thinks like that.

And so, as we are unfolding here today, you will get a very strong sense many of you are already well on the path of this of cleaning up your own vibration, which means focusing more deliberately, but it means focusing vibrationally which means you got to pay attention to the way you feel rather than focusing relative to subjects because really, every subject is two subjects, what you want an absence of it, and you can tell by the way you feel which end of that vibrational stick you are most often leaning toward.

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