Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #568 – Your Non-Physical Perspective



So, since you are an extension of source energy, you have a very powerful part of you, that is calling you toward who you really are and what you really want. As you came into this physical body, that non physical part of you remains non physically focused, which means that non physical part of you remains non resistant in nature.

It’s that part of you, who is love, who is confidence, who knows your worthiness, and who understands the purpose with which you have come into this physical body, that non physical part of you understands that you came you genius, brilliant, deliberate creator, came into this body at this time and in this place, because you wanted to explore the variety, the contrast, in order to come to your own personal conclusions about what you prefer, and gender that is you sifted and sorted, that you would know what you don’t want, your new life would keep coming to you.

And that when it came, you would continue to have personal opinions about how that as it came felt to you and whether you wanted more of the same. You knew from your non physical perspective that you would sift and sort and you would know what you don’t want.

And you would know what you do want. And that when you knew what you did want, that you would emanate a vibrational rocket that would join the vibration of your inner beam as an evolution of who you are as an amendment to who you are as an addition to who you are. And that then that evolved, you would stand in that vibrational realm with law of attraction responding to the new and improved by your sifting and sorting, you make sense to you.

We want it to because that’s how it is. So that point of attraction is very strong. When you live something that causes you to ask for something. When you don’t have enough money and you ask for more. You emanate a rocket of desire and you vibrationally become more prosperous. If we could get you to be able to see into this vibrational reality that you are continually creating, you would see all of the pieces that you’ve been putting there for a very long time since you came into this physical experience.

But since it’s a vibrational reality, that you cannot yet translate with your eyes and your ears and your nose and your tongue and your fingertips, because it has not evolved enough, it has not matured enough, it does not have enough momentum, and therefore you cannot receive it yet. It’s too early. It’s like the seed of corn that you put in the ground for a while you don’t see it. You know what’s in there, because you remember putting it there. And you’ve tended to it.

And in most cases, you believe it will come up. But you don’t need to see it to know it, you understand the process of it. And your vibrational reality, this reality that is so real to us because we see it so fully with the each and every contribution that you’ve made to it and further we see the hole that it has become. Because you can’t see it. You have to sense it.

You have to know it by the way it feels to you. So since law of attraction is responding to this vibrational reality, and because we wanted so much for you to understand that we wrote a whole book about it. In fact, a couple of books about it. We call it the vortex we want you to accept the existence of this vibrational reality. And there are many people who say.

That’s just crazy because we can’t see it. People think we’re nuts when we talk about what’s in our vortex you make us feel crazy Abraham, you said get in the vortex get in the vortex get in the vortex. Believe me, I would like to. I just can’t see the door. And then after a while you began saying to us I want my money to come out of the vortex and into the bank. I’ll go along with your silly game. I’ll accept that it exists. But I want it out here where I can see it. And we say of course you do.

That’s why you’re here in this physical body. You came for manifestations. You came for vibrations to mature to the point that they can be witnessed not only by you, but by others around you. You came to turn these thoughts to things you did. But if you are contradicting these thoughts at early stages, I want it but I want it but I don’t believe it. I want it but I don’t believe it. I want it but I don’t believe it.

I want it but I don’t have it. If you are looking so hard at the manifestation of what is you can’t be a pure vibrational match to what’s in your vortex if what is isn’t enough money if what is is a body that doesn’t feel good, if what is is loneliness, if what is is different than what you want, and what is has most of your attention.

Then even though what you really want, what you keep asking for a little more every day, is maturing and is ready for your reception of it. If you are vibrationally focused on how it has manifested, then you don’t allow yourself to be in the receiving mode. And you don’t get to witness your thoughts turning to things that’s as clear as we’ve ever said that.

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