It Takes Living Life to Decide

It Takes Living Life to Decide

Rather than call negative experience badness let’s call them less than wanted because there are degrees of it and unless you let the momentum really get carried away it won’t be bad it’s just preferred and less preferred.

When you think about creation and you think about the power of your own mind or the ability of your own mind to focus, and you understand about the laws of the universe and you witness the evidence of the law of attraction and then you make the personal association between a thought and a feeling and an eventual manifestation.

Don’t you have everything you want?

We can’t actually avoid that, whatever you’ve got going on and whatever you believe is integrated into the way you interpret everything that then comes. A belief is an active thought so the law of attraction cannot make a workaround of any active thought that you’ve got going on. But what you can do is let that disabling thought become less and less active.

Something we really want to emphasize, because we think this is really the most important part of this article, is that there are negative things that happen. So consider this, what if you came into this physical experience intending to live big dreams to have big impact to enjoy life in a big way? And so that’s the vibration that you came in on and that’s what’s in your vortex right away.

Then you are born as a human you get indoctrinated as a human you get used to the way humans think you get used to their rules and the way they have learned to cohabitate and be together.

You pick up drag without even knowing you did you pick up resistance that’s in your way and so through life you begin feeling a little less free and a little less free, a little less eagerness. Like you came in with it but with each one of those experiences you reinforce your central message to yourself.

I want to feel good, I want to be alive I want to be free. I want to have passion and I want to make a difference.

I want to feel good, I want to have clarity so everything that is seeming to be bad is actually adding clarity.

So what if you had managed because you like to go fishing or because you like to surf or because you like to swim or because you like to walk because you like to run or because you like to meditate or because you like to appreciate what if you had a habit of often being in the receiving mode.

You didn’t make a big deal about it, you just got there because it’s where you naturally are your core will float unless you hold it under, so let’s say that you’re tuned into that more often than you know and you receive the inspiration to walk right into trouble.

Do you think it’s possible that your inner being would lead you into contrast? Your inner being will lead you into contrast because contrast isn’t bad, contrast is good. Your inner beam would lead you into the basis of your evolution and your inner being would.

Are things working out for us?

That’s why we say things are always working out for you even when you don’t think things are working out for you, because sometimes that situation that you don’t think is a good one lead you to a launching of a rocket that wouldn’t have been launched if you haven’t had that experience.

Which will lead you to a joyful later motion through creation and manifestation that you couldn’t have had otherwise.

Did you follow your inner being will inspire you to do things you think you do not want in order to help you to give birth to what you do want?

Because it takes life to decide, there are so many parents who want to say to their children I’ll help you with your desires – you want a college education and you want it to be in these fields because they pay off and you want to say go away from me because you want your own life.

To be the birther of these new desires and so your inner being has your back and your front and your middle and your top and your bottom, your inner being has you coming and going and your inner beam knows you. Your inner being knows who you are and what you came in for.

Your inner being knows what’s in your vortex and your inner being knows everything along your physical trail that will enhance what you are looking for and all that we’re ever talking about is how to get out of your own way so that you can live what you intend to live.

We made it sound a little bit like all of that was predetermined and that you need to get happy and follow your bliss what you were predestined to live.

That’s not what we meant at all, we meant that you have this strong intention to give and receive value and to feel really really good to be an uplifter and to uplift so you get into your physical body and you’re inspired into situations that produce the life-giving properties that keep you living happily in this physical body.

The majority of people  aren’t listening from within, they’re trying to take their clues from other humans around who don’t know who you are, don’t know anything about you who just really want to contain you so you don’t bother them.

So when you begin to get a whiff of who you really are and when you quiet your mind enough to begin to feel some of the consciousness that is really you, focus through your body, you can return.

It’s like a rebirthing, you can return to the intentions that you held and we want you to hear this powerful important statement.

What’s in your vortex the day you are born matters a lot, you’re adding to it every day after and that matters more because it is from this time-space reality that you are finding the pieces that are the basis of your point of attraction.

It really is quite simple, life causes you to create a vibrational reality that keeps calling you and you feel good if you go and you don’t feel good if you don’t go.

That’s basically it, so somebody asks what is happiness?

Happiness is fulfilling your own intentions. How do I know when I’m fulfilling my own intentions?  You feel good every step along the way. How do I know when I’m not? You don’t feel good.

That’s why taking other people’s advice and doing what other people think you should do hasn’t felt good to you because not one of you said I’ll go forth and I will find the leader and I will follow that leader and I will do what that leader thinks is best for me.

None of you said that, what all of you said is I’ll go forth with all that I have evolved to be into a new environment which will attract more from me and new ideas will be born because of me. I will give birth to these new rockets of desire and I will pay attention to my guidance system and I will follow my bliss into joyous creative experience.

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