Everything is Always Working Out For You

Everything is Always Working Out For You

We’ve all been in this pipeline together and we know this and we know that and now we’re ready for this and you might think that this is funner than this but it isn’t. Because it’s all relational isn’t it? It’s all relative because when you didn’t know something, it was exciting to come from this to that and now that you’re over here it’s exciting to come to this.

So when it manifests it’s just a little past this, you see what we’re getting at, the manifestations aren’t the big deal that you make them out to be.

They’re just the next logical step where you have been and so if you start really enjoying the journey and really enjoying the evolution of this idea and this then you are ‘happily ever after’.

So all the conversation can help people get more clear on the feelings they have, and so they sometimes can know they had questions they wanted answered. For example, a client had a dream or a vision that Esther was for some reason packing up the garbage in the room at the end of the session.

According to the person that lived through the dream they had a little interaction. She gave him those little words of wisdom that it’s all gonna be all right, and the feeling  was a local feeling that spoke to the person deaming that it’s all gonna be okay.

What Esther said to the peron that was dreaming that they interpreted all is going to be alright is that everything is always working out for you, but from your place of not being sure of that your interpretation of what she said was it’s all gonna be alright which sounds like it’s almost the same thing, but it’s not quite the same thing.

It’s all going to be alright puts the emphasis on what’s not alright, and everything’s always working out for you and it’s slightly different.

The story of the broken van

For example, Esther is on her way here and she gets a text that lets her know the wonderful guy who drives the truck from venue to venue is going to the airport and parks it and then he goes back and lives his life until it’s time and then he flies in and brings it to the hotel.

And when he went to get the truck, the truck wouldn’t start. Now it’s a lovely truck it’s been really dependable, but it won’t start and it’s got all the equipment in it but everything is always working out for me.

The truck didn’t start. Solution is to detach yourself just a little bit, there’s this very capable person with the truck and so there are situations that are at your fingertips. First of all, there is a place to rent a moving truck really close to there and some of the others were still flying in and we’re at the airport so it was not terribly uncomfortable to go to the truck that wouldn’t start. Also, move the contents from it into a truck that would start and bring them to the hotel because everything’s always working out for you. Can you understand what we’re getting at?

Now there is a Mercedes dealer not far away who they will tow the van to and they will fix the van because everything’s always working out, and everything’s always working out but isn’t it fun how things are always working out.

Do you really want everything to already be worked out. Esther felt something new to think about should we tow the van? No, don’t hold it in there. The stuff in the van leave the van right where it is, take the stuff and come to the hotel we’ll deal with the van later.

It’s fun to have these thoughts hatch what’s the best idea because everything’s always working out for you so the question is do you want everything to be worked out for you or do you want to be in the process of being part of what works things out. Are you a creator or are you an observer of creation?

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