Keep or Let Go of the Gold Treasure

Keep or Let Go of the Gold Treasure

Do you always find yourself rich in ideas but find it challenging to convert them into a reality? There is a considerable percentage of people who find it challenging to convert the ideas in them into a reality. A few people can do this quickly. Generally, at some point in life you will find yourself with some rich ideas which possibly could change your life, but are you able to convert them into a reality?

An idea is worthy if you can reap its benefit. Having an idea and not able to convert it to something more beneficial is burdening your mind. Can you imagine having the same idea ring in your mind for months and there is nothing you can do besides think about it? It is not only tiring to be in such a situation but also frustrating that you may find letting your treasure go.
But is it worth it to let go of your treasure? Sometimes people may argue it is worth it to let go, but this not the case if you are focused. There is a big difference when you are focused and when you are just there thinking and thinking without taking any affirmative action.

Getting focused simply means putting your energy on what is valuable and believing you can do it. The first and most important step in life is believing you can do it. When you start believing in yourself, getting the right momentum is as simple as 123. But the moment you doubt yourself, getting to where you want to be starts to become a thing of the past.

A contradicting thought can hold you still in one place for long. A contradicting thought often tends to show you the negative side of what you plan to achieve. And in most case, this blurs you from seeing the reality. This is also that time when dead ends tend to manifest in you every dawn. For example, consider when you look at every idea you have as bigger than you. Or when you see others having the potential to do it and not you. When such thoughts find a place in your, ideas of how to let your treasure vanish start to occupy your central part.

Sometimes it is common to feel you are not the right person to convert the ideas in you into a reality. That is common, and most people have been to such a scenario before. But have you ever asked yourself why the idea first manifested in you? Why are you the one having the idea? If you can bake such an idea, then you have the potential to see it convert into a reality. It all depends on where you focus is when planning to execute the idea in you.

When you let others take the lead, you start to develop a feeling you are not the best; you don’t have the potential and all kind of negative things. But if you take the lead, irrespective on how you start, slowly you gain the right momentum.

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