How to Remain Happy and Motivated in Life

How to Remain Happy and Motivated in Life

When does someone feel happy? When doing something or when doing nothing? You will get all sorts of answers when you ask people what make them happier. Some will tell you how more satisfied they are when doing nothing, and there are those who will tell you how more comfortable they are when fully involved in something. Well, people are different, and it is always good to respect what people feel about life.

But how can you be motivated to be happy while doing nothing? There must be something you are doing to get motivated. When you are actively doing something, you get the urge to keep doing what you are doing. You get this feeling to increase the momentum you have. But when doing nothing, your body is like at rest. You are just there. At that state of rest, and doing nothing, do you need to be motivated? In fact, if you find happiness when doing nothing, then there is no energy in you. You are just like a rock in the desert sitting and enjoying the sun.

The beautiful thing about been motivated is that you always want to try something. You have the desire to start and accomplish what you have begun irrespective of its magnitude. In other words, you are attracted by whatever you are doing at that particular moment. You are also lured by what you plan to achieve at the end.

What is happening at this time, is that you use the power in your mind to translate whatever is in your thoughts into reality. Those thoughts and ideas that make you happy now are driving you somewhere. And when you don’t contradict your current thoughts with other thoughts or new inputs, it becomes easier to gain the momentum you need to keep moving forward.

Once you have the momentum, it is possible to be where you wanted to be fast. The worst thing you can do when you have gained the energy is trying to corrupt your focus. This is where most people fail and this result to not finding that joy they wanted. You and you alone have the freedom to determine how you feel about everything happening around you. Nobody can take that position. Even when you accept inputs from others, you have the final answer.

Feeling motivate also means stopping thoughts that are likely to slow you down from getting into the system. It is common to have bugs popping up along the way. But how you address what comes your way, is very important. When you accept anything negative in, automatically you slow down your momentum. Other the other hand, the more you take positive things in your ways of doing things, the easier it becomes to accomplish that which is essential in your life.

A focused thought gives you the momentum you need to keep moving. Importantly, you get motivated and happy. So, to remain satisfied, motivated and feel the intensity of your desires, learn to protect your focused thoughts from contradicted thoughts.

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