Speeding Up Manifestation #19


Infinite Intelligence Episode #19 – Speeding Up Manifestation-San Antonio Workshop (Part 2 of 2)


So this process of segment intending not only speeds up, are getting whatever we want, but then it’s also a process of making this experience it were having more pleasurable and more within our conscious control. Is that what it is? It is absolutely more within your conscious control.

As you are consciously setting forth your intentions, the alternative is not making a decision about what you want. Therefore, in your confusion, attracting a little bit of everything and in attracting a little bit of everything, there are some that you like, and some that you do not like the point of segmented intending is that you will always be attracting that you are deliberately wanting no more creating by default, no more attracting what you do not want.

You are right when you say it will speed the process, for it is clarity that speeds you are physically, creating as you move piles of dirt from one place to another or whatever it is you are doing, but you have not accessed the power of the universe. Unless you have brought forth motion when emotion is present, whether it is positive or negative, you have access to the power of the universe.

When you really really want something, it comes to very fast when you really really don’t want something, it comes jew very fast. The idea of segment intending is to set forth your thoughts of what you want, focusing upon it clearly enough in this moment that you bring forth emotion about it. The clarity brings the speed.

Let me clarify some terminology: do with your played three different I’ll call them processors, one buccal segment intending one. You call having a workshop and one you speak up, sometimes in the terms of other people’s words, they call it meditation. Would you clarify what the difference, as are the purposes of those three experiences, each of the three that you have offered have different intentions, and so your question fits in perfectly with our subject of segment intending for, as you are about to enter into either of these three processes.

It is a good idea to Norway. Ah, you are entering am and what you are expecting from a time of meditation by your terms is a segment in which you are intending to quiet your conscious thinking mechanism, in order to since the inner world. It is a time of physical distraction or detachment from physical that you may sense that which guy goes beyond the physical.

There are different reasons for this detachment, and it is important that, as you are in this segment, that you identify what your reason is your reason in this segment of meditation, maybe that you are simply wanting a detachment from the world that is confusing or troubling you. You are wanting some time of refreshment when we encourage meditation. It is with the intent of allowing the opening of your passage way that you may blend the inner you that exists in the inner dimension with the conscious physical do that is here in this physical body.

In short, it is withdrawing your focus from the physical conscious world and allow in your focus to drift into the inner world. A workshop is a segment where you are intending to give specific and precise thought to the details of what you are wanting to bring forth by law of attraction. Clarity, in other words, you are wanting to ponder with such specific nest that you bring forth the power of the universe to speed your creation. The workshop is the time in which you give such clear thought that you literally lunch your creation in this physical world in which you live.

You can not have the physical experience until you have created it first in thought and saw the workshop. Is that place where you give deliberate thought that you begin the deliberate attraction of the thing or things that you want segment intended?

It is simply recognizing that you are moving into a segment where what you are intending is different from the last and stopping to identify what you are wanting through all of this. What we are wanting you to understand is how it is, you may be the deliberate creator or the deliberate attract or or the delivery written writer of that which comes into your experience. There are two major hindrances to that.

One is influence of others who may have different intentions than you do, and the other is the influence of your own old habits, even the influence of the momentum of the segment that is just before this segment, fc and so segment intending is the recognizing that this is a different segment so that you may set forth now your intent of what you are wanting, I’ve heard you say or suggest that we get happy before we begin intending. Could you give us some different ways of consciously generate?

Enjoy your bringing forth positive emotion before we do we’re wanting to point out the great value in being happy before you are setting forth your intent, you our understanding, the law of attraction, for we have mentioned it here.

You are magnets and the way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, if you are feeling unhappy, if you are giving thought to that which you are not wanting, which is what is bringing forth the unhappiness, then you are a magnet attracting more of that, and so there is great value in being happy for only from the point of being happy. Can you address that?

What you are wanting each of you will find a different way of going about it in each of you know what brings you that feeling of accomplishment or happiness for many of you? It is music that is in harmony with you, and you may have noticed that that music makes you happy in the beginning, but in time it does not make you so happy, and so it is a value to look for many ways so that you may try that fresh new approach to bringing forth that feeling of happiness. For some it is reading a passage in a book for some it is calling a friend who was uplifting.

There are many ways of doing it, take notice of that which uplift you and remember it, and then, when you are specifically wanting to be uplifted, do that good. You’ve also said that we can be happy under most conditions, but how is that accomplished under extremely negative conditions? You can be happy only under the condition of giving thought to what you are wanting.

You can be happy under all conditions, once you are clear enough and strong enough in your wanting to give your attention only to what you are wanting. So what, if there’s somebody that’s very close to you they’re, giving you might say a hard time about something you’re wanting to please them. So, in other words, it gives you a feeling of guilt to not do what they’re warning. It is true.

It is more difficult to remain happy or positive when you are surrounded by others who are not or when you are surrounded, are involved with those who are wanting something different from you than you are wanting to give to them.

But what we have noticed, as we have been interacting with physical man, is that while he may have an experience that lasts five or ten minutes and while that experience may be unpleasant and uncomfortable, the majority of his negative emotion comes forth, not during the time of that negative experience, but in all the hours that he ponders and choose applauded after the experience.

There is much more of your time spent in thought of what happened than in the actuality of what is happening, and so it is our belief that the majority of your negative emotion could be eliminated if you would focus upon what you are wanting to think about when you are alone and in those briefer encounters in that smaller part of your life experience where you are actually being harassed by another, your will grow stronger in your ability to not notice the harassment so much.

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