Speeding Up Manifestation #18

Infinite Intelligence Episode #18 – Speeding Up Manifestation (Part 1 of 2)


Here we are wanting to guide you through an example of a day where you may be intended, as you are recognizing that you are moving into new segments. Let us say that you are beginning on this day. At the end of the day before you are going to sleep, and you recognize that entering them to sleep state will be a new segment of life expire variants and you are lying there on the pillow, getting ready to go to sleep set forth the intent of restful sleep set forth the intention for refreshing, your physical apparatus and imagine yourself awaken in in the morning feeling refreshed as you open your eyes in the morning.

Recognize that you have now entered into a new segment of life experience and that that time that you remain in bed until the time that you remove yourself from the bed is a segment set forth your intent for that time. While I’m lying here, I am intending to have a clear picture of this day. I’m in tending to become exhilarated excited about this day and then, as you are lying there in the bed, you will feel that refreshment and that exuberance for the day coming upon you as you get out of bed, you have entered into a new segment of life experience.

This may be the segment that you are preparing yourself for the day, and so, as you are, brushing your teeth and taking your bath or doing whatever it is you doing this segment? Let your intent be as you enter into it to be efficient to enjoy yourself to have it be a time of uplift meant at the time of preparing yourself for that which is to come as you are preparing your breakfast, let your intent be to do it efficiently and to select that which is most nutritionally balanced for your physical apparatus.

At this point in time, let your intent be that you will be replenished or refreshed by it that you will enjoy it and, as you set forth this intention, you will notice that, as you are eighteen, you are feeling yourself more rejuvenated, more replenished, more refreshed and you will enjoy the food more than if you had not set forth. That didn’t attempt to do so as the telephone rings recognize it. You are now about to end her into a new segment and, as you pick up the telephone identify who it is and then set forth.

Clearly your intent before you begin speaking as you get into your automobile as you are traveling to your place of work or whatever it is you’re doing. Let your intent be to travel from one place to another in safety, to see invigorated and happy, as you are moving forth, to be aware of what the other drivers are intending or not intending that you may move through traffic in a sort of flow, safe and efficient.

When you get out of your automobile, you have now entered into a new segment and so pause for a moment, and imagine yourself walking from where you are to where you are intending to go, see in yourself feeling good as you walk intending that you will move efficiently and safely from point to point intending tending to feel the vitality of your apparatus, intending to feel the clarity of your thinking mechanism, setting forth your vision or your intention for the next segment in which you’re about to enter imagining you’re greeting of the secretary or of the employees or in lawyer, seeing yourself as one who uplifts the others, have enough smile ready recognizing that everyone you meet is not deliberate in there intending,

But knowing that by your deliberate intending, you will be in control of your life experience and you will not be swept up by their confusion or by their intent or influence. As you are moving through such a day, you will feel the power and the momentum of your intentions. Building you will find yourself feeling gloriously invincible. You will feel as if there is nothing that you cannot be or do or have, as you are seeing yourself again and again in creative control of your own life experience.

Of course you are segments will not be just as we have offered and they will not be the same from day to day. In the beginning, you will find that you are not so quick to identify your segments as you will be after you have done it for a while for some, you may find it more efficient and more effective to carry a small notebook and physically stop to identify the segment. While you write a list of your intentions in your notebook, as you are writing you will find yourself at your strongest point of clarity at your strongest point of focus, and so in the beginning of this deliberate segment intending you may find the notebook a very great and valuable asset.

You have gathered some questions for us upon this topic of segment attending. Have you not yes, a number that people have asked over a period of time? First, segmented. Turning appears to me to be a series of small gauge intended and and achieved, but is there a base gay for physical life there is, and just as segment intended is the intent that is closest to this moment in which you are now living. Your intent, as you emerged into physical expression, is, on the other end of that, so to speak. In other words, here you are now intending what you or most wanted from this moment, and yet this moment is affected by thoughts you have had about this moment even before your physical birth into this physical body.

As you emerged into this physical body from that inner broader perspective, you did have intentions it indeed, but your intentions from this physical conscious perspective are dominant. Now you are not a puppet acting out that which you intended before you have the choice in every moment to decide what is most appropriate from your ever evolving perspective. You see you have grown beyond that which you were actually merged into this body. For this life. Experience has added them to that perspective.

So so I don’t consciously know what that individual goal was. Would there be anything more important as a gay than a goat just to be happy, and you have hit upon the way that you know what it is you have intended, as you have come forth from inner perspective? In other words, you said, since I do not consciously know what those goals are. The reason you do not consciously know what the specific goals are is because there were no specific goals.

You had general intention, such as being happy such as being up lifter such as having continuing growth, but the specific processes or vehicles in which you will achieve any of those things is up to you to decide here and now in this time you are creator, you see, let’s take the one that you mentioned growth. How can we recognize when we’re having growth?

Since you are a girl seeking bean? You will have positive emotion when you are recognizing your growth. While you will have negative emotion when you are feeling that you have stagnation, you see you do not have necessarily conscious recognition of the thoughts or intentions from your inner or broader perspective, but you do have communication. All physical beings have communication from that intervene in the form of emotion, and so, as your emotion is positive, you are in harmony with those inner intentions.

What do you see from your non physical perspective as a valid measure of our being successful at what we’re doing here? You have many ways of measuring success in your society. Dollars are a measure of success and trophies are a measure of success, but, from our perspective, the existence within you of positive emotion is your greatest measure of success.

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