A Lesson On Allowing More Energy to Flow #81


Infinite Intelligence Episode #81 – A Lesson On Allowing More Energy to Flow


I would love you to have me allow more the energy to flow. Do you have an message for me?

Your question is your answer. The message that we have for you is contained within the question that you asked about allowing the energy to flow. That’s all that it is. Get into alignment, follow your impulse. And trust yourself, because sometimes you do. But sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you do. Sometimes you don’t.

And my desire is to connect to my mind often, often you are, and yes, and this is what I discovered that I have been all along. Yes, sporadically. Alignment is not like a college degree where once you accomplish it, you get the certificate, and it’s yours forevermore. It either is or it isn’t in the moment and your emotions that you know, how connected you are, or how much you’ve pinched off. And so your emotions are the key to that, aren’t they? Yes.

My desire was to do this, what Esther is doing. And my big part was? Why would anybody come to me if there’s Esther? So there was my long time. But well, we want you all to understand that why would anyone come here when you all have access to the same thing. And that is the singular desire of Abraham and Esther and Jerry, to demonstrate what alignment is and what streaming of consciousness is, because everyone can do it. No exceptions. You are all extensions of source energy. And so there’s nothing happening here that is unique or special. It is for every one of you. Nice to know, nice to know.

So what we talked about is about being aware. There are only a few things to know and you know them, don’t you Law of Attraction a bounce that all you need to know. And your emotions let you know what you’re doing with your thought. And then life shows you what you’re doing with your thought. We have a question for you. Do you feel happy sometimes?

Yes. Do you feel happy often? Yes. You feel happy? Mostly? Yes. Is your happiness demonstrated through? Laughter? Yes. Sometimes. Is it demonstrated through powerful enthusiasm?

Yes. Is it demonstrated through rambunctious action? No, not so much. Not so much. Is it demonstrated through clarity? Absolutely, yes. And the reason that we offered those words is because did you feel and so that feeling of clarity is alignment, too. So don’t misunderstand. Everyone demonstrates their alignment in different ways. You don’t have to mimic each other. Esther is enjoying so much the diversity of all of you beautiful beings who have gathered here because there are things that some of you want to do.

And there are things that some of you want to do. And there are things that some of you want to do. And all of you don’t want to do the same things. And it’s an environment where you can pick and choose and the resort is large enough and the numbers are perfectly balanced enough that everyone if you’re wanting can find your perfect environment, for you to please yourself through connection in whatever way is most natural or wanted by you. This gathering represents the universe at large. There’s enough diversity while you’re similar in your desire to know who you are for you to understand that life is supposed to be fun, and you get to choose the way in which it be fun to you right now, or be pleasing to you right now.

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