What Happens When We Shift Expectations? #80


Infinite Intelligence Episode #80 – What Happens When We Shift Expectations?


Hello, Abraham. I’m so happy to be here. I was on the Caribbean cruise with you last spring. And I wanted to be up here then. But I knew that all my questions would be answered regardless of whether I was or not. Where are they? Yes. Good to know. And yesterday was so beautiful because all my questions that I had yesterday were answered yesterday. And I just really appreciated everyone that was up here that was doing the asking and being in the audience so that I could actually receive the answer more clearly than being nervous a bit like I am right now.

It’ll pass and you will hear us? Well, the conversation about sex really helped, you know, get me in the mood. So maybe this is a good time for a segment of refreshment? So well, that sounds good to me. I mean, if everybody wants that refreshment we can. So, as you’re concluding the last discussion, I felt the inspiration for the question. And it’s really the question of shifting my expectation. Because I’ve been listening to you for years and hearing you and every time I hear something that is spun a little bit differently, I gained some clarity. And I feel like I read least some resistance, and I feel better, and I feel movement in the right direction towards what I want.

And that is shifting expectation, okay. We want to hear you fully, but expectation is a wonderful blend between desire and belief. Because what you desire is sometimes not what you believe. But what you expect really does include what you believe. So expectation is stronger on the believing side than it is on the desiring side. But when desire and belief blend, what a magnificent expectation that is. And that’s when you are at your most powerful. So we just want to make one comment. And then we want to hear you fully.

We would not encourage anyone, to try to alter the belief part of expectation, if you desire something, and it doesn’t happen because you’re not lined up with it. Or because you don’t understand something. There are many people who try to hold their desires back. Because when they focus upon a desire, that they don’t believe it’s uncomfortable, and the tug of war just makes them weary. Well, we’re not wanting you to be weary, but we’re also not wanting you to try to let go of desires. So it’s much more beneficial to you, if you hold on to your desires. And think about them in the way that’s easiest for you to do. And in doing so your beliefs about them will morph into alignment. Your desire is a very strong energy, because your desire is accompanied with your vortex and with Source energy.

But your beliefs are strong, because of your habit of thought here in this physical experience. So the word expectation, we’re so happy that you bring it to this forum is really talking about the convergence or the marriage or the meeting of non physical and physical desire and belief. What I know from my broader perspective, and what I picked up along my physical trail, now what you’ve picked up along your physical trail, you’ve sifted and sorted and you have enhanced your desire. You’ve honed it, you’ve sharpened it, you’ve put pieces of your desire into this vortex, and it has matured and just stated into this magnificent potential for manifestation and reality for a vibrational existence right now. So you have to find a way to think about your desires and feel good while you’re thinking about them.

Stepping back and being more general sometimes not getting more specific than you’re able, we talked about yesterday, talking about why you want it not how or where or when or who. When you talk about a desire and you talk about how it’s going to come about you don’t know. You introduce contradictory energy. When you talk about your desire and you talk about when it’s going to come or where it’s going to come from or who’s going to bring it and you don’t know the answers to those questions.

You introduce resistance into the equation, and your expectation then is threatened. But when you talk about what you want and why you want it, you shore up your expectation, you cause yourself to believe more and more and more until finally someone might be challenging your desire and you’re not even bothered by their challenge because you know, they don’t know they haven’t been in the mix with you. They don’t know what’s in your vortex. They haven’t been walking with you. They haven’t felt you mold your energy step by step.

They haven’t been with you when the universe revealed to you and you allowed yourself to realize this proof of your alignment and disprove and this proof and this proof, they don’t know what you know that all things are possible for me. And so, after a while, you just get so good at this, that others opinions are irrelevant to you. You’re respectful of them, and considerate of them. Because you know that they’re living in a world where they’re wanting to create their own reality too. But after a little while, you realize, nobody has to step aside for you to create your reality. And you don’t have to step aside for anyone else to create your reality. This time, space reality is perfectly balanced, you see, so you don’t have to struggle or fight or squabble over crumbs about anything.

So I almost feel like on a couple subjects in my life right now that it’s like, I know cognitively how to ride a bike. And I’ve studied how to ride a bike for years. And when I get on a bike, I can make it a few feet, and then I fall, you know, I try to get on and ride further and I say end up studying more.

Just a little bit, did you really study how to ride it a long time before you got on it? No, I didn’t think so. But the reason you said that is because you all do study a lot of other things before you try them. Do you read a lot of books before you had sex? Yes. Some questions are better not asked. But what we’re getting at is we know what you’re talking about, you’re talking about getting too much in your head about it. And this is the reason that we want to continue to point out that life just causes you to ask you can’t stop it.

And source continues to line up things that you’re asking for. So the answer is right there for you. And as you just relax a little and chill a little and try not to please so many others who have already sort of lost their connection to their alignment. And so follow your impulses more, what you begin to understand is that you don’t have to study anything that life will deliver to you all the information that you need. Esther has been noticing, because she’s spread out amongst three properties now. And she wants to be at every one of them all the time, because they’re lovely in their own remarkable way. But of course, that’s not logical.

And so she’s moving about from place to place, sort of letting it depend upon her proximity to the seminars that she’s doing, so that the flight time is less and so forth. But in the process, she’s got a lot of moving parts, and a lot of people that are tending to a lot of moving parts. And for a while she felt like in fact, recently even that she needed someone out ahead of her to check out the moving parts, so that the moving parts were moving correctly before she showed up. Because it’s not fun to get there and have to tend to moving parts that need to be brought into balance. I’m only here six days Do I really have to do that.

Now, wouldn’t it have been nice if that had been figured out before I got here. But then she began to notice that everything is sort of taking care of itself. And anything that she needs to know just shows itself to her. In other words, feel the difference between needing to go and look at every single thing with dozens and dozens and dozens of checklists, and dozens and dozens and dozens of people checking the dozens and dozens and dozens of checklists. Think how lovely it is to have an inner being who knows all of your intentions about anything, who will give you a very clear indicator if there’s something that you might want to give your attention to.

So that you don’t have to overwork yourself. You don’t have to read all the books, you just have to be tuned in tapped in turned on. And whatever is important to you will be realized by you under those conditions. So you we love you so much humans have made your life so much more complicated than they need to be. Because you have guidance, you have infinite intelligence aware of you and where you’re going and where you’re wanting to go and where you stand in relationship to everything you want. And what is the path of least resistance? path of least resistance?

Meaning what way what easiest way for you, given the resistant beliefs that you hold? How good is that? How much more do you need a navigational system from divine intelligence that understands you and loves you and once more you all the things that you want? Don’t you think it’s time to just chill out? Be easier. Effort laughs trust more. Imagine anything that feels good to you, and then realize and witness the beneficial life that you’ve carved out for yourself what you intended when you decided to come and it’s what our agreement was that we would remind you about

So I’ve got some really strong desires. And there’s one in particular that actually feels like I’m moving away from what I want. Well, that’s what we’re talking about. It’s because you’re efforting too much, it’s because you’re aware of where you stand in relationship to it too much. Imagine if you were in your vehicle. Jerry used to say this about Esther. So it really is a true thing. And he got so he stopped doing this. He’d say, look at that, and suddenly the car would begin to veer over in that direction. It’s like she couldn’t look at anything that she didn’t start to drive right toward it. Is our right now, we’re going to keep moving straight down this road.

Yes. Can you do that? And can you look over there at nine o’clock without driving over there at nine o’clock. Just keep driving at 12 o’clock and look over at nine o’clock. Instead look over. There is a vibrational reason for that. In other words, everything begins moving in the direction of what has your attention, you say. And so and so there are just a couple of things going on in my I want to say now reality, but I realized it’s not right now wanted things wanted things, or absence of wanted the absence of wanted, then I’ll talk about it ever again.

Because it just causes you to activate the vibration and throw more resistance on the trail, which hinders your path to where you want to go. You see, here’s the thing. So it must feel a little strange for us to say to you, you’re born into an environment of diversity and contrast, you get that. And we say you sit in sorted, know what you don’t want to know what you do want. And you decide what you do want. And there is a lot of decisiveness happening within you. You’re deciding at all levels of your being more than you realize, and you are creating your version of your perfect world, you’ve created it vibrationally.

And it will manifest fully in your experience, unless you continue to do the tugging against In other words, feel what it feels like when you have made a decision about something. Think for a minute about what the word determination means. feel what it feels like when you use the word focus or clarity. And feel how uncomfortable it is when you feel undecided about something. That’s the greatest discomfort in the world. I think I should do this. But maybe I’ll do this. But I want to do this. But maybe I’ll do this. Choose one, just choose one, choose one and stop the self inflicted torture. Just choose something and line up with it, you say. So we want to tell you something that you don’t know.

Yet. Most of you don’t realize this. We’ve said it a few times, but we haven’t set it in an emphatic enough way, or with enough examples that you really understand it in the way we want you now to understand it. Your desires are so much more powerful than your obstinate beliefs. Your desires are so much more powerful. And that is the singular reason that negative emotion even exists. Your desires are so much more powerful than your beliefs. Because your desires are intertwined with Source energy. Your desires are backed up by the energy that creates worlds. So what so we’re really saying two things to you. If your desire is strong enough, it must come to be and it will.

But you can torturously hold yourself apart from it by your negative attention to the opposite of what you want. You heard us yesterday saying that’s why Why isn’t something happening. That’s why is because your attention is on it not happening. Every subject is two subjects wanted an absence of it. So when you give your attention to the opposite of what you want, you practice the vibration. And that’s where beliefs come from. You give your attention to something for as little as 17 seconds, really more like 16 seconds, really more like 14.5 seconds these days, you give your attention to something for as little as about 14.5 seconds.

Seriously. And what happens is another thought joins it that is like that. And as you continue to give your attention to it, that thought continues to gather momentum. And that thought gathers momentum. It has more pulling power or more ability to resist, it’s like sticking the stick in the spokes of your bicycle wheel. That wasn’t in the manual wasn’t get going as fast as you can go and then ask someone to stick a stick in the wheel. And yet you do that all the time. You get moving along with your desires. And then you introduce something happens you smell something or you hear something or you’re reminded of something and then you get off on some tangent which activates within you something that contradicts your desire.

So let’s go back to what we were saying that we really want you to hear your desire is infinitely more powerful because it is the longevity of who you really are tied into it. And because source energy is involved. So the two things that we’re saying to you the important things that we want you to ask Always remember, or remember for a minute, and we’ll tell you again, is that that desire is very, very powerful. That’s first, and that you must have practiced quite a few contradictory beliefs to even slow yourself down a little bit.

And that’s something that you are usually complaining about quite a bit. Why did my parents not know what you know, before I got here, so that I didn’t have to go through all of the ingesting of their worry and the learning of their beliefs that would later hinder me. And we say, because that’s part of the contrast. In other words, feeling negative emotion here, this feeling negative emotion, ah, feeling negative emotion is the most wonderful way for you to figure out that you don’t want to feel negative emotion.

And how you have ever come to a group of people who are willing to endure negative emotion is really, it’s not a mystery to us, because we understand everything. And we’re not laughing at you. We’re not sitting in the corners. But you gotta wonder why you would put up with negative motion in the subtle stages, when you now know. And you do now know, and we know that you know, and you know that we know that, you know, you do know that there is momentum and the Law of Attraction causes momentum, you do know that, don’t you know that?

You know that. So when you tiptoe into some subject that doesn’t feel good when you talk about it, and you keep going, it’s gonna get worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. Now, we will acknowledge that sometimes you don’t know right away, you just sort of blundered into it. But after a while, you figured it out. Esther’s older sister Jeannie is to look at Esther because Esther just blundered into everything. She didn’t seem to have any sense that Daddy was in a bad mood. And so she would just come in. And she would just say things that would just cause so much trouble. And Jenny would stand in the background and say, Oh, go there.

Genie had a few years on Esther, she knew she had learned from exposure life experience, the things you talk about under these conditions, and the things you don’t talk about under these conditions. And that’s all we’re asking if you don’t go there. When you feel negative emotion, don’t go there. And as soon as you are aware of the fact that it doesn’t feel good. Don’t try to get all philosophical about why it doesn’t feel good. And don’t try to justify why you believe it just acknowledge it doesn’t feel good. Therefore it is in some way.

Somehow I don’t even need to know how hindering my desire, I’m not going to talk about it anymore. Get up and walk away from tables when conversations turn where you don’t want them to be. Do not endure things that caused you to practice resistance against your own desires. Don’t practice resistance against your own desires. Don’t do it. And if you do, do it, at least understand that negative emotion is saying you’re doing it now you’re doing it now. Hey, you’re doing it now you’re doing it now. You’re doing it now. And it’s not like your inner been mocking you.

Esther mocks you but your inner beam doesn’t. It’s not like your inner beam is saying, Hey, you’re doing it now you’re doing it now. It’s just the way that your emotional guidance system shows you when you’re doing something that is detrimental to your own point of attraction. That’s all that’s all. Kate when she was little, wanted to hide things, and Jerry and Esther would go find them and she’d say, you’re getting warmer. You’re getting warmer. You’re getting warmer, you’re hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, and there was Kate hidden.

She knew where it was. And she could guide them through the hot and cold game to it. Sometimes she played games with them, you’re getting warmer, you’re getting warmer, and then she’d laugh and she’d say not really not really. Cuz you can’t really trust anybody outside of yourself you see even if she’s four but you can always trust your own guidance system. So now you don’t want even talk about that. Do you? Do you enough.

One more thing. Earlier in our conversation you said just pick something in line up with it, which is something that I hear you say often. What we meant by that is if you are trying to decide this or this and you can’t decide that means that there’s not enough momentum on either. So just pick one and give that your undivided attention and let it evolve and you will enjoy it. Okay really thank you.

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