How to Have Better Conversations with Your Partner

How to Have Better Conversations with Your Partner

Not wanting to look bad in the eyes of the person you admire may keep you from sharing what is on your mind. Again, trying to look perfect all the time can also force you to keep your issues to a point where they start to hurt. But in either way, if you don’t give your concerns a voice and let your partner listen, you will be the one to carry the huge burden. You will continue to suffer yet your partner can help lessen your worries and maybe help destroy what is bothering you despite how you present them.

There is no limit to what you can talk about with your partner. Coming together is a sign you are ready to share what is revolving around your life. That is, what is pleasing and what is irritating. But why then develop that kind of fear that is stopping you from airing out what is in you? Why shoulder problems alone while there is someone who can listen and give an honest view?

Even when you feel there is something you don’t know about your partner, this should not stop you from starting a conversation. You can also start with the normal chats you have daily, and then slowly advance to that big point you want to put across. By doing this, you get full control and attention of your partner, and it becomes easy to know when the right time is to give a voice that which is in you.

The best thing about doing this is that you learn what your partner like to hear and how he or she responds to different things. You can even try to play with different words as you talk. Use those words you think will drive the conversation and see if things work for you. You may be surprised your choice of words has been your primary communication barrier. And try not to be offensive as you inject new words in the process. Just pick a set of comfortable words.

The most challenging part of any conversation is seeing what the inner being of your partner is like. Often, you get to see how the outer being respond. Rarely will you be able to tell how the inner being which controls the entire body is responding. Like, is your partner happy, interested to hear you out, ready for the conversation or just pretending to be there. Remember there is no such thing like a vision board that displays what your partner feels. But you have to make things work.

Learning how to win the attention of your partner is very important and something you need to consider very seriously. When you do this, choosing what to talk about becomes a thing of the past and importantly get the courage to start any conversation. You get the freedom to give anything you want to talk about a voice. And eventually, you forget the trouble of picking what to talk about with your partner.

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