Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #103 – Your Power Is Now


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Hello. I just kind of wanted to come up here and see what happens. I don’t have a plan. But I wanted to have fun. And I didn’t have that now, how about now? Yeah. Now how about now? So I had a question. And it deals with the moment. And I wanted to know. So this moment right here, I’ve been up here before, what I remember from being up here, and what actually happens when I listen back to it is sometimes very different. I want to know, your energy, you can I can kind of see it.

One time I actually saw you go, like you like lit up when you became Abraham. And so I’m just trying to kind of understand a little bit more of what the moment is and how to your powers in the Now you keep saying that? And how do you access that more? Well, this question could not be better timed. Because we are just talking about the enthusiasm, that that broader part of you has for the co creation in this leading edge moment in time.

So when we say that, that your power is now that your power is in this moment, what we’re really talking about is your conscious connection to that broader part of you to what degree Am I open and flowing, the whole of who I am in this moment, and your emotions are your indicator, your first indicator.

So as you begin any moment in time, like anyone who would come to visit with us now is in that open place, because of the combinations of things that have just taken place, you are closer to understanding the wholeness of who you are, Jerry wanted to put on the spine of every book help from your total self.

Because he wanted to get across in every way that he could think of the understanding that you are more than you know, in this physical body, that there is another part of you, that is blending with you, whether you know it or not, but your realization, your conscious awareness of that blending, and your conscious, deliberate harmony with that energy makes for a more delicious experience for you.

We’d like to say it to you in this way. Just to get your attention a little bit, we have a good time, as we flow and blow through you all the time, whether you’re having a good time or not. Now you heard that, didn’t you, and we know you believed it. And now we’re going to tell you something that’s gonna make you know it even more.

That is the only reason that you could ever feel negative emotion, because you’re not flowing and blowing, like we’re flowing and blowing, you got resistance, you’ve got a different thing going on in your mind, and therefore a different thing going on in your vibration. So even though we have full access to you, because you’ve invited us because you cannot separate yourself from us, because we are aware of you because we are infinitely part of you.

Because everything that you are is leading that which we are into more and more and more and more and more. So we never let you out of our gaze, and we never cease to be interested in what you are doing now. Now, now. Now now. But as you’re distracted from the whole picture, as you are distracted from the whole of who you are, and you get yourself off in some unworthy, negative feeling thought or vibration, then the negative emotion that you feel is the indicator that we’re still there.

If we weren’t still there, you could be negative and you wouldn’t feel bad. If we weren’t still there, you could think awful thoughts about your own inferiority and you’d never even notice it. But you can’t because we never stop being aware of you and interested in you and loving you. So you don’t need to worry about the power of now because you can’t get away from it.

But it’s nice to understand it isn’t it don’t you like knowing what negative emotion means? I’ll Abraham’s flowing through me and I’m pinching them off because I’m mad at you and you and you and you and you all need to stop it because I’d like Abraham to flow through me better but you all have to clean up what you’re doing before I can allow that.

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