Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #394 – When To Act On Inspiration


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Speak to me on this. So example that I pardon more you finished. Yeah. Okay that an example, say I have full blown inspiration to say write something. And then the act of getting up to impart this action suddenly is like stressful, and it feels much better to just lie there and just receive it because you’re trying to jump too soon into action. You’re trying to jump too soon into action, because you like almost all other humans, believe that actions, how you make it happen.

And so you want to jump to the words and the volume and the action, rather than to the emotion. So in averting my attention to that, what feels better in that moment to just lie there and rest and receive all this vision? How might I best manage that approach, by noticing the pleasure taking from lying there, by acknowledging that there isn’t anything that you need to do right now, and that if there were you would feel the impulse to do it by acknowledging that this is part of the process, and that in the beginning, all momentum is slower.

And that slow momentum that is not being resisted with any sort of urgency is momentum that will get larger and larger, and so that you’re in the right place at the right time doing the right thing, there’s not something else that you should be doing differently, everything is unfolding perfectly, your inner being understands where you are energetically and vibrationally.

Your inner being understands where your mood is, where your attitude is, your inner being knows right where you are, and is calling you with a very gentle, subtle understanding of where you are, your inner being is never doing to you or for you, what you asked us to do when you first sat down, your inner being has never tried to solicit you or entice you, or coax you into anything, because your inner being stands there knowing emphatically understanding completely, the doneness of all of that anyway, your inner being just stands there.

Knowing the dumbness of it and is just waiting for you to find a clear enough space that you can begin now these are the key words, your inner being is revealing to you all the time, are you realizing what’s being revealed, feel the difference between those two concepts or words always been revealed. But you’ve got to prepare yourself to be the Realizer of what’s being revealed. Just now you ask us, Abraham reveal it with such fervor that I can’t not realize it. And we say we don’t want to give you the impression that that’s how it works, because that’s not how it works.

You got to chill your way into alignment, you got to find the beginning stages of momentum, the momentum has to move naturally within you. And when it does, that, it will feel like oh, that was my idea. Then it will feel like oh yes, I have Rendezvous in with all of this. Then we feel like yes, this is my creation. This is my manifestation This is my rendezvous.

This is my this is my this is my because it is you say this is the most leading edge conversation that we’ve had about turning thoughts to things so far, so far. And it came out of a discussion of trying too hard to turn the thoughts to things one more time, it came out of a discussion of trying too hard to turn the thoughts to things and that’s because you’ve been standing in a place thinking that this is the real deal that this is the reality all of this manifestation, sorting things into piles, good piles, bad piles. n

Republican piles, Democrat piles, sorting all this stuff into piles squabbling over the piles instead of realizing this is old news that where it’s at is the vortex. You got a hook to that current you got it hooked to the current and do it why? Because it makes things happen. No, because it feels good. Feels damn good.

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