Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #407 – Helping Combat Veterans


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Everybody ready for the crying show? All right. What kind of show crying so crying? Crying? I didn’t hear Yeah. Cheers. Your sweetheart? How serious is this? Let’s, let’s get let’s get for the first question. I have a second question. I mean even more. So I’m a combat veteran, I trained bomb dogs in Iraq. You know, with that comes some exposure to things I worked with special forces and infantry. I’ve been receiving different healing modalities since 2007. I’ve come an extremely long way.

But I would like to know how I can approach other combat veterans. And help them the reason that we are happy to have this brief conversation with you. And it has to be brief, is because it’s sort of what we were talking about earlier, that when you are in something that’s exaggerated, and something that’s dramatic and traumatic, and something that’s really physical, and really involving a lot of your physical senses, that you have lots of strong reactions to and opinions about, and you’re just jumping in with them right where they are, and wanting to give them something, there’s very little that you can give them that’s going to make any difference.

It’s like what you said about this long way that you’ve come, but you can shore yourself up. So now what would finding some you can you can feel it in the room, what would finding some not enough boxes of Kleenex for this room? What would finding some satisfaction in the middle of something like that feel like we are eternal beings. We have source energy flowing through us, we are so often guided, we find ourselves involved in things that are coming from a deeper level, we are where we are. While we would like to snap our fingers and transport ourselves out of this experience altogether.

That’s not a reality that’s really going to happen right here. And now you have to just keep starting over and keep starting over and keep starting over yourself with reminding yourself that everything is about freewill, that everyone is choosing to participate in the way that they do that everyone has an inner beam that consciousness is flowing, that there are not rights or wrongs in terms of the behavior that people should be offering that everyone is self empowered, that everyone has good timing that everyone has healing abilities, that law of attraction is always working, that inspiration is always flowing, and that I as an individual, and this is what you’re really wanting to impart to them.

When I’m really tuned into this. And I figured out how to do it when I’m really tuned into this. I find myself knowing what to do I find myself in vibrational sync with broader perspective I find myself doing things that I don’t even know that I know how to do I find myself making really good choices I find that the important things are standing out to me I’m not doing things in a rote way nothing is just normal.

This is just the way we always do it every interaction with every person is an intuitive in the moment. Experience like it is with the animals. They’re tuned in tapped in turned on they’re trained to do what they do but they’re using senses that humans usually do not use if you’re wanting to teach the other was ask them to watch their animals because their animals know these things. Yes. Close enough. Yeah.

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