Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #408 – Friend Going Through Tough Times


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Ron, that’s now see what’s happening. It’s alright. You can’t fix things out here, right? And you can tell by the way you feel that, even though we’re gonna say some really, really good things to you, they’re not going to settle in in a really strong way. So can you get back to an earlier place, I have a friend, go ahead and say I have a friend going through very serious cancer in the brain that just sit there for a minute and feel it. A lot of people relate into that in some form, so sit with it for a moment and feel what you’re feeling and tell us what it is. Just call it out. sadness, grief, worry. hopelessness, loss, empathy.

That’s good. So disconnection, disconnection, disconnection, disconnection, disconnection, disconnection, disconnection, disconnection. Logical, logical. So what further pursuit into this experience, be likely to sue the disconnection or to cause the disconnection to be more? It’ll make it more. So it’s clear that the answer isn’t diving in, in service. Because if you don’t get aligned, you don’t have anything to give anybody anyway. So how far back do you have to go? Well, maybe, since we’re already here, in this conversation, and we’ve already talked about it enough, maybe in this moment in time, we can’t even get back there.

Maybe it would take a good night’s sleep, maybe it would take waking up in a new day, maybe it would take waking up in the new day, and having a time and meditation to quiet your mind to remember the wholeness of who you are the wholeness of who your friend is, we can get there fast. Thanks to your teachings, this friend, I’ve opened her up to your teachings. And I feel as though it’s guiding her and empowering her to overcome this. And it’s beautiful. We agree with you completely, completely, completely, completely. But it isn’t where you started in this conversation just now.

Correct. And that’s really the thing that we’re wanting to call to your attention. Don’t start in the hard place. Don’t keep activating the hard place. And then thinking that you’re going to get from a hard place to an easier place. Don’t start there. If you had started there, this whole conversation would have been different. My friend and I have figured that we can be or do or have anything that we want. And we’re living some contrast real light which is caused an activation of desire and inner beings are working overtime. Big time, full time.

Feel the difference? Show yourself the difference in the way you feel when you think about it this way. And when you think about it this way, and stop being the practical. Got to tell it the way it is to explain it to others in the way they’re used to hearing it way. Get into that place where you have the leverage. Yes. Good. Thank you so much indeed. All those.

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