Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #432 – Esther And Jerry’s Communication


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I have a question for you that separate. Yep. Okay, get it out. Your husband Jerry’s passed away. Again, your husband Jerry passed away. Sorry, natural transition to the non rival the next logical step, and this never happened to him or you? How do you communicate with him? I was asked to communicate with him, Are you the same way that she does with us, because he’s in the same place as it used to get back with you. You don’t stop endlessly. If Esther is lonely, she can’t hear anything.

She’s missing him. He’s gone. But when she’s in love with life, when she’s tuned in, tapped in, turned on, he’s right there. playful, playing, assisting what one tip you can give me to Nick to say this. Yeah, the tip is through meditation, you got to start there, you got to start there. And then when it comes, Esther couldn’t find him because she was looking for places where he wasn’t.

And once she remembered or realize that he’s right there. So in a place of loneliness, she can’t find him because she’s not ready. But in a place of loving something, what happens to so many of you, those Dearly Departed, are right here out here on the leading edge with you involved in what you’re involved in and thinking about what you’re thinking about right now, all the time. But when you’re thinking of them has gone, then you don’t let them in.

When you’re thinking of them as missing, then you don’t let them in. In a sense, everything that we’ve been talking about here today about your inner being, and about what we’re thinking about you is the same sort of thing. Everyone who’s made their transition to non physical is aware of you, and playing with you in the thoughts that you’re thinking. And the very reason that you feel negative emotion is because you get on thought tangents that are not in harmony with all of that.

The real answer to your question is you got to practice it. But what you’re practicing is not receiving and chattering. What you’re practicing is being in the receiving mode. So what’s important to you, which is always offering to you can be heard by you. There’s a big difference. And we want to make it we’re going to wrap this up here. But the thing that we really want you to take away from this, and we touched on it earlier, we want to come back to it that thinking a thought is different than receiving a thought. thinking a thought is different than receiving a thought.

Now once you are in the receiving mode of a thought, then you can ponder it. And as you ponder the thought, now you’re thinking the thought but you are in the receiving mode at the same time. So it’s like giving and receiving, giving and receiving, giving and receiving, are you following how it all fits together?

But if you don’t take the time to get into the receiving mode first, then you might be thinking the thought that’s really off base from who you really are. And then that thought cannot lead you to satisfaction. It can lead to more thoughts, but it cannot lead you to the satisfaction that you want.

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