Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #435 – The Receiving Mode


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Okay, we’re eager to talk with you about anything that is important to you. We want to show you where you are along this vibrational spectrum will help you to understand why you’ve got a block, it’s always the same one, it’s always looking for something and counting to this missing, when it’s a vibrational version that you have to look with different eyes.

And if today you develop the ability to look with different eyes to look with sensors, if you can find the satisfaction factor in something, then you will be one who does live happily ever after. Because as sure as anything, as short as you sift and sort and you know what you don’t want and you know what you do want. And there it is gestating in your vortex of creation, and you’ve been meditating and you’ve been tuning in and you’re feeling good. And you’re in love with this, and that, and this and that.

And you are what others say, a very positive person, because you’re looking for things that feel good, and you’re getting really good at doing that. And you’re more optimistic and less pessimistic, and you’re feeling good. And as those thoughts begin turning to things, then boom, here’s the manifestation of what you asked for, you ask. And now it’s there for you, for you to see, for you to experience for you to sleep with, for you to drive for you to spend, for you to have all of those delicious tactile experiences with you’ve got it, you’ve done it, you’ve created it, good for you.

And then you stand not only as the recipient of whatever it was, but with another set of contrasting experiences causing you to give birth to another rocket of desire. So that gap will always be there, because you are an eternal being, you are eternal, which means life is going to continue to cause you to be vibrational and catch up with it. And then be vibrational and catch up with it and be vibrational and then turn the vibration into the tangible and then be vibrational and turn the vibration into tangible to be vibrational and then turn the vibration into tangible and every step along that way.

You can have satisfaction, because the only time that you do not feel satisfaction is when you are in resistance to what you’re asking for. Esther has been having a wonderful time. She’s been in Southern California for a few weeks now. And she’s been enjoying everything about it. And the other day, she said to someone, someone who she’s been playing with. Now, there’s some things I really want to do today what you’d rather work than play.

Yeah, yeah, today, because she began realizing that when she’s been asking for things, and then not letting yourself go to them, she is creating the sort of unnecessary tension. That’s what we mean that you mean when you say, I want to be true to myself. When I’ve launched a rocket of desire, when I intend to do something, and I do other than it, that is an unnecessary, calm contrast in the energy, which feels like dissatisfaction, not satisfaction.

And so we want to help you to understand, because so often, as humans, you’ve been measuring the rights and wrongs of your life and others by what’s out here in this manifested environment. And we want you to leave that aside for a little while and trust that that manifested environment is what’s caused you to create more into this vortex. But once you’ve done step one, and you have, then you can leave that manifested environment aside for a little bit, and reach for your satisfaction factor vibrationally.

And as you do that, it’s sort of like watching your children behaving on a subject in a way that you believe is not good for them. And it is causing you discomfort as you observe it. So you jump right into the middle of it, and you lay down a new rule, or you reiterate an old rule. And they continue to ignore you as they have been doing for much of their life. And your frustration factor just goes right through the roof because you know, you’re right, and they can’t hear you.

And the reason they can’t hear you is because you’re not on the vibration of what you mean to say you’re fixated on what’s gone wrong, and that’s the vibration that’s coming out of you. And so these are the words that we want you to leave this room remembering, you just can’t get there from there. You cannot improve a situation by jumping into the middle of it at this stage of its see ability hear abilities smell ability. In other words, once it’s out there and manifested, and it’s in that forms are your effort and action and words attempt to change it.

The momentum says otherwise and you’re not going to buck that current. But if you could, for example, matter meditate for 15 or 20 minutes on a regular basis. And let’s say you’ve done that for a week, about all it takes and you’ve found that centered place We’ve actually quieted your mind. So there’s no contradiction to what you desire going on within you, at least not right now. And you’re able to stay there in that detached and quieted place.

Because your inner being knows everything that you intend everything that you want, certainly everything that has to do with those others that you love. So in that quiet place, since your inner beam knows everything that you really want, then you begin to feel the momentum toward what you want, the true solution began to come forth within you, the true solution began to come forth. Now, it’s not really obvious at first, you just feel good.

And then the impulses come, and maybe you even have something go across your mind this sort of vision, or sort of dream, a sort of sensing of the perfection of this kid of yours, the feeling of love just radiates through you in a way that you haven’t allowed in quite a while, because you’ve been looking at what is instead of about what really is. And now you found that centered place, and now the momentum is flowing. And now, thoughts are turning to things and you’re being guided from you’re tuned in tapped in turned ON position.

And now, law of attraction brings you to the perfect moment. Because you are in a state of reception, you are totally in the receiving mode. And when you’re totally in the receiving mode Law of Attraction will not rendezvous you with your kid who’s not in the receiving mode, you can walk in and bang on his door and demand that you have a conference with him.

But it’s not likely that either one of you will be in the receiving mode under those conditions. But here you are, you started over and you got yourself there and you followed your impulses, and you rendezvous. And now the words and the conversation, understanding is happening, you see the difference. And everything is that way, you’ve got to start over, get in the receiving mode and rebuild your path. It doesn’t take a long time, we’re talking about 15 minutes a day for a little while. You will be amazed and delighted at how things line up for you.

When you take the time to become yourself a cooperative component to your own desires. If you’ve never heard anything else from us, or anyone else ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, that’s all you would ever need to live happily ever after. And the success that you want. We want it for you. We want you to have all the toys and relationships and experiences and empires that you want to build. In other words, there is nothing off limits. We are not trying to get you to go into meditation and deprive yourself of the physical stuff.

This is the way you allow the things the physical things of your dreams, to flow into your experience, you have to get into the receptive mode, you have to receive them, you have to be the Realizer of them. And with just a little bit this week, coming up is going to be one of the most thrilling weeks of your life because you’re going to have conscious awareness of a tweaking of your behavior and a tweaking of your understanding, which is going to allow so many of the things that you’ve been holding yourself apart from to flow easily into your experience.

So now what some good things here. A lot of trouble in this room. All right. Take it easy if we don’t call on you right away or ever. It is our promise to you that we’ve got you and we will answer you. So looking for the logical stream of unfolding here.

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