Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #445 – Choosing Between Career Options


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And are you refreshed? Good. Now, what supposed to be fewer and fewer and fewer are getting stirred up right here? Thank you. This is my first Abraham workshop. And I’m learning so much. So thank you. I’m wondering, in my career, I have a job that I love. I’m very satisfied there. And I feel successful. I’ve had an opportunity recently to have a change in direction.

And it feels like it’s an opportunity that I would like to take. When I think about both jobs. It’s, there are things I love about both. And so I’m wondering how do you choose when you I feel like the new job was manifested? And I’m, and I’m not sure. How do you choose between the two? Well, we appreciated your opening words to us about being new to this in a sense, and how much you felt like you’d come to know even today.

So we want to say that had you been here, sort of knowing what you’re knowing, as this new experience came into your awareness, you would have known as it came along, something that you might not know is clearly right now. And what we mean by that is, when you are already consciously following the path of least resistance, which is the same thing as following your feeling of alignment, you really can tell it in other words, it is something that is very easy to distinguish, when you are consciously aware as it is happening. After the fact it’s a little harder to sort out.

These are the questions that we would ask of ourselves, if we were standing in your physical shoes, did this opportunity come out of my continual statement of appreciation of how happy I am where I am? Or did this opportunity arise? Because I was looking for some improvement and complaining about some of the things that weren’t as I want them to be? That’s probably what it was. Because if it came up out of that, then its potential to satisfy is not really the same.

They see that that was easy to sort out, wasn’t it? Wow, why didn’t you put it that way? Yeah. The optimum state of being is satisfied where I am and eager for more. Now think about that, getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. So if I’m practicing satisfaction, while opening eager for something more, then the path is just going to continue to unfold.

And then it will be as you described, what you wanted from this. And now you’ve acknowledged your own awareness of that we can tell you that we can feel the vibration of the new opportunity is lopsided, there are a few things that make it look better, and a whole lot of things that it will not be as satisfying as where you are. But you can have all of that. In other words, you just don’t have to move right here right now to there.

Just stay in this place of appreciation, while you continue to let the contrast help you to refine your intentions. There are a whole lot of you who are so satisfied with where you are in terms of the people you work with and the freedom that you feel and the ideas that flow from you and the respect that you get and give but you would like more money.

And so it’s alright for you to want more money, just don’t get into a place of dissatisfaction. But if you make money, be the thing, and then you’re sort of vibrationally railing against what isn’t, then you lose your momentum of all of the things that are working. And the slight improvement of the more money is missed, at least for now. That’s helpful to a lot of you. That’s helpful. Thank you so much really good.

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