Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #496 – Abraham Bootlegs And More



Good afternoon. Thank you. My wife and I have been following your work since 2006. And then on several cruises, we subscribe to the twice monthly CDs, and faithful lists and month after month. We bought also gotten involved in several Abraham, groups and neighborhood groups. And they show videos, listen to CDs, and then discuss them

. One thing that’s been bothering me for a long while is that seem to remember, in the early days, of my listening, that Abraham said, We shouldn’t be listening to any bootleg tapes, videos or so on. Because listening to them is promoting a sense of a lack.

So each time somebody pops in a video that they got from from someplace copied off of the internet or someplace, I sort of sit there and cringe and think and make promoting a sense of lack. And I wonder if that’s still the current status? So Abraham said, based on that, or has it changed, because it’s prolific out there? You can look up anything you want on the internet, youtube at any subject, type it in and get an answer. And I’ve resisted doing that minute thinking about the sense of luck.

We said some time ago that the internet in the way it is unfolding is the closest thing to replicate in a way that you can really understand how law of attraction really works, that you can formulate a question and almost immediately find some access to some information about it. We agree with you that it is prolific and we think it is a good thing.

But it is. We think that whatever you want should come easily to you. In the early days, when you go back, before Internet, and when things were being produced and delivered and so forth in a different format. We have conversations with Jerry and Esther about the importance of the vibrational accuracy of the work. As we speak through Esther, we offer to her a block of thought.

And she, as you know, at an unconscious level finds the words that are the equivalent of the block of thought. And over time, we’ve been able to fine tune with her sometimes you’ll hear her response to our projection when she will say begin again. And that’s because what she’s beginning to translate could be said in a better way in an easier to understand why. So together with Esther’s and Jerry’s, and many of you cooperation, we have created a language that is, from our perspective, near perfection in terms of vibrational accuracy.

So in those early days, sometimes people were taking the information melding it together with other information that was vibrationally inaccurate. Jerry would bring to us frequently, a book that someone had cobbled together, and it would have some of this and some of that and some of that. And as he would read the tenets of the book, we would say to him, someone who believes that cannot possibly believe that there are such a vibrational variance in that understanding.

And so their intention at our encouragement was to keep the message pure. But over time, what has happened is because of those like you and because of the glorious Internet, and because of the enormous appetite for what we’ve got going on together in this format, there is so much information that is available that it is unlikely that anyone couldn’t get right to the heart of what the vibrational accuracy of this message is. And then those Beloved’s like you continue to come as you’re doing right now, and have another conversation and another as we continue to take thought into that new place.

The only discomfort about the existence of that body of work is that it really is old news. Because everything that is new is happening right here. And now that’s why you’re looking for an update. But you can feel vibrational accuracy in things.

Esther and some of her lovely friends who traveled with her went a few years ago to the Martin Luther King monument and they spent a little over an hour there and as Esther walked and read and walked and read and walked and read and walked and read She wept at the vibrational sameness of so much that she was reading that had been carved in stone on those walls. And she thought, oh, it’s gonna be all right.

It’s going to be all right because there is so much that is vibrationally accurate in those words that are right there in plain sight for everyone to see. So there is no guardedness. We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable yesterday. That’s what we were talking about. Don’t feel uncomfortable about your participation in anything and trust your own guidance system that if it feels good to you, it is a good thing for you.

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