Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #495 – They’re In Two Different Countries



Good afternoon. We are extremely pleased that you’re here is taking us through a little longer just trying to get her birthday out of her head she likes it best when no one is focused upon her. But that’s difficult, isn’t it? So what brings you here today? More clarification, taking thought beyond that, which has been before, understanding how to apply what you know, in a more consistent way. eagerness for the new and only important result of satisfaction as you’re moving through life experience.

We are eager to get right into it with you. So what do you want to talk about? All right. We’ve enjoyed this interaction. Immensely. Let’s begin right here stand if you think it is you, yes, thank you. My life is getting better and better. Every day. I have the most the may seem we like that. We want to ask you one question all of you. Does it have to get better and better and better and better and better and better? Or can it get better and better and better step back better and better and better?

Step back better and better and better step back. Can it be step three, step three, step three, step three, step one, step three, step three, step three, just a little clarification. Don’t hold yourselves to impossible standards. We know what you meant. But we just wanted to clarify, it is consistently better and will always be so for you. That’s part of the answer of my question. We’ve enjoyed this interaction. Because I love expansion. And I love fast moving energy, and fast moving evolution of my life.

And I’m also a little, there’s a little bit of resistance on the change. So I have this amazing boyfriend, this there. And we live in two different countries. And we would love to move together. And I also have the best work ever, in which I inspire people to live a better life. And somehow, I am trying to find the path in which these two things are compatible in order to Well, here’s the question that we want you to focus on for just a little bit. Is it your job? To right now find the path when you haven’t found it yet?

Or is it your job to allow the path to be shown to you? And to just have a good time? In the meantime? Yes. And if you’re looking for a path that you’re not ready to find? Will you feel frustration or ease, frustration? And so isn’t the path of ease the path to everything that you want? Yes. So don’t you want to not highlight that, from a place of it not being in other words, we saw you take a little gulp there when you spoke those exact words. In other words, we live in two different countries.

And of course, you want to be together. And do you believe that that process is unfolding? Yes. And so what is the basis of most impatience? The basis of most impatience, is to look at the manifestation in other words, the what you might call in any creation as the end result, we want to live in the same country, we want to live in the same house. We want to be together all of the time.

So as you look to that, there is never an ending place but a more manifested ending place where there’s more seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching of what you actually want, as you look toward that before you have been ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to really be ready. That’s when you feel frustration, and that frustration is your indicator that these kinds of thoughts aren’t helping. Now this seems almost opposite of what most people who We’re talking about positive thinking, and setting goals would say to you, they would say, you need to think about what you want.

All of the time, we have said that think about what you want, rather than about what you don’t want. But the thing that is so important, and you are on the verge of really getting this completely, we felt it in you yesterday, is that since every subject is two subjects wanted an absence of it. And so this subject is two subjects being together and not being together, you’ve got to ask yourself, every time you talk about being together, which vibrational end of the stick, are you activating.

Because if you’re activating the we’re not together into the stick, then your attention to this subject is slowing it down, not helping it. So we would say, don’t think about it. And you might say to your partner, I never think about you when I’m not with you. Well, that’s not what someone else wants to hear. And it’s not what we would expect from you either.

But you’ve got to find a way of lessening the feeling of apartness and enhancing the feeling of togetherness, which means you’ve got to think about it where it is, in the formation stages, we teach you, if you were to put a kernel of corn in the ground, and you know that there’s a gestation process, and you’re going to attend to it, you’re going to make sure that the ground is moist, you’re going to make sure that it is out where it can receive the sunshine, you’re going to allow its natural resources to happen.

You wouldn’t just look on the second or third day and be discouraged that you saw no evidence of it, and just dig it up in frustration and eat it anyway. You would allow it to become and we just want you to understand that sometimes these things that you think that you’re doing, that are helping your cause to what you want are equivalent to digging it up and eating it now.

So you have to find a way of being happy with your creation at the evolutionary stage that it is in, you have to find contentment all along the way. And if you are able to find satisfaction, as you’re moving along, then you know that your trajectory is moving as swiftly as it can and as productively as it can end. And this is so important. It is bringing along with it.

So many other things that are in your vortex that you want also, because it feels to you like there are some things that are in your vortex that are contradicting some other things that are in your vortex. And we want you to know that this vibrational reality where your inner being stands, has the ability to meld every intention and desire together in the most beautiful unfoldings to give you each and every particle, every small and large intention that you’ve put there can be simultaneously satisfied.

But you’ve got to give the universe an opportunity to get the cooperative components in place. And you’ve got to most important, prepare yourself for the receiving of the impulses to be in the right place at the right time. vibrationally so that you can feel the impulse and know what to do. Doesn’t that make perfect sense? Yes. Anything that fans the flames of loneliness, or apartness doesn’t help you.

So we’re asking a lot of her aren’t we? We’re asking her to for a little while, suspend reality, or at least not make it the dominant part. And that’s asking a lot of all of you when we say please don’t let the reality that everybody else is watching you live be the most important part of what you live. And you say what? That sounds like crazy talk. And we say, well, you could give your undivided attention to what is you could just be a constant reactor to what is if what is is pleasing you in every way.

But it isn’t is it? It isn’t pleasing you in every way. So give your full attention to the aspects that are pleasing you in every way. And spend the rest of your time as you focus. Focus in yourself into satisfaction by staying off subjects that are uncomfortable on subjects that are comfortable, until in time, even the subject of your temporary temporary separation will be a subject that you can address without hurting your own cause. But you got to wait until you’re ready for that before you do that.

You see what we’re getting at. So the point is in my day to day experience, I’m focused on my work and I enjoyed so much I am focused on my friends and I enjoy too much. But then there is like this come and we are together. Well, that’s really a sad thing. So what you’re actually saying to us and it’s really accurate a lot of people do it. How often do you go back home or you go to see someone you haven’t seen? No long time, and the whole time they spend talking about how much you are apart.

Instead of just eating each other up while you are together No, no, we do. Well, it is natural, isn’t it that when you are looking at the manifestation right at the full blown manifestation of what you want, we know it’s a big adjustment. So you’ve got two choices. Never be together until you can really be together. That’s just dumb. Or be together and love it. And then find a way to re adjust in a way where you feel satisfaction, and do it as quickly as possible, each time each time.

And don’t encourage each other to say those words that Hallmark has taught you to constantly say, I cannot live without you. I cannot breathe the air when you are not here. I cannot stand a day in the sunshine without you standing next to me. When you’re not holding my hand. I cannot walk down the path. Stop it. Stop it. Stop saying all of those things that make your heart ache. And instead say, Oh, are we creating the most magnificent thing? Isn’t it wonderful that two dynamic people can come together and have our own powerful things going on.

And when we come together, we can feel our full power. But when we are not together, we can still feel our full power. Isn’t it wonderful that I can feel the essence of you that I can know you that my inner being knows your inner being is I’m in concert with my inner beam I’m in concert with your inner beam isn’t just a lovely thing that love doesn’t need to be in the same room.

That love is something that is a vibrational accomplishment when you find vibrational alignment with who you really are and what you really want. And Thank you sweetheart for being away from me enough that I have no choice other than to find a way of coping with the manifestation that is not coming to full fruition. Because anybody who doesn’t come to a way of coping with a manifestation that hasn’t come to full fruition will never have the manifestations that they really want ever come to full fruition.

You got to be good, where you are good, where you are good, where you are good, where you are good where you are. Ah, really, really good where I are. Yeah, yes. And just the little, I want to find an easy way to not try to make it happen and allow the thoughts to we recommend these things in this order lithotomy. Drunks it’s not going to be an easy way, until it has been less easy way. And it’s not going to be a less easy way until it has been a less than that easy way.

And it’s not going to be a less than that easy way until it’s sort of a difficult thing that you accomplish. It’s about taking yourself back to a place of non resistance. And you found some ways of doing it. Distraction is a wonderful thing, focusing upon what you’re about. Esther is laughing with friends that she has runs around with from time to time, because so often, while they are eating a magnificent meal in a magnificent restaurant, they’re talking about where they ate yesterday, or where they ate last week. And Esther is because she’s hearing us playing with her wanting them all to give their undivided attention to this moment in time. When you get to the place that you are really fully present in the now.

That means your inner being is enveloping you and flowing and focusing with you. And when you are truly in the receptive mode, the thoughts that are flowing through your mind are never thoughts of lack. They’re always thoughts of the delicious embellishment and devouring of whatever the positive aspects of your current moment are, you say. And so we like it that it is in the beginning of this a little bit difficult for you to find that place. But don’t use your pain as your badge of complement to each other.

I missed you so much I cannot stand it. Those are not sentiments that you want to encourage in yourself. What you want to say is, I am so much happy, where I’m at my happiest when we are together. But I’m happy girl. I’m happy all the time. I’m happy about this. And I’m happy about this. And I’m happy about this, and I’m happy about this. And I’m happy about this, and I’m happy about this, there are so many things that you are happy about. And if it’s not that way, if your happiness depends upon that event happening, then it’s going to be one of those relationships that comes together with a big bang, where you’re really really happy for a little while, but you will not be able to sustain happily ever after.

Under those conditions. No one can sustain happily ever after. Under those conditions. If you’ve walked into something that makes you happy, and you’re conditionally happy by the conditions because The now is so temporary, and it’s so fickle. It’s so fleeting, you see, you’ve got to get your sea legs, you’ve got to get deep into your vibrational alignment with who you are and all that you are in the process of becoming.

And then this relationship will continue to grow with the two of you will continue to become more and more and more and more and more so that every day there is new discovery in the relationship. But if you don’t teach yourself how to find new discovery, and then more new discovery, and then more new discovery, how could you possibly now be living in the same country and in the same house and spending more time together, and even have any sense of how to find new discovery, you’ll be saying to each other, like most people are saying, Oh, you made me very happy in the beginning, but you don’t bring me flowers anymore. You made me very happy in the beginning.

But I don’t feel the same way as I once did. Or you don’t seem to feel the same way as you once did. You have to keep your relationship alive. By learning how to keep it alive before it is something that you’re doing all day, every day. It’s a filled sentiment that separation distance makes the heart grow fonder. That’s bunk. What we really want you to do is we want your heart to be where you want your heart to be, because you’ve trained it to be there.

One day, this was many years ago. And Jerry and Esther were living in San Antonio, and their daughter, Tracy was still in California. And every chance she got Tracy would come and visit them. And often she would time her visit with an Abraham seminar. And one day, she called her mother on the phone after having not seen them for a while and not been to an Abraham seminar in a while. And Tracy was on her way to work and feeling discouraged. She said, I’ve lost my Abraham Mojo, I don’t feel happy.

I don’t feel eager. I missed you guys. I’m not having a good day. And it was really not like Tracy at all. And she said, I want to come and see you. And Esther said, All right. And she said, I want to come when there’s a seminar and Esther said, All right. And then she said, I remember being there in Austin. And she said, I don’t even remember what Abraham was saying.

I don’t remember what the subject was. I don’t remember what the question was. I don’t even remember what Abraham’s answer was. But it was sitting there and all of a sudden, I just wanted to jump to my feet and shout, yes. And then Tracy said, Oh, nevermind, I’m back. All she had to do was recall, and isolate and find the vibrational essence of and tap into the vibrational beingness of all of that. And she returned not only to her alignment with their inner being, but to everything that is in her vortex that she must not ever be separated from. You know, there are a lot of times when you may be with someone that you love, or in a situation that you think you want like the perfect job or the perfect new something.

But you might be having that experience as you are exploring the vibrational characteristics of this reality. And you might be in that moment, not a vibrational match to your own vortex. And under those conditions, even though you’re right where you’ve been saying you want to be, you’re unhappy, because you’re not a vibrational match to your vortex virtual characteristics to what’s in your vortex. That’s what makes you unhappy. We don’t mean to disappoint your partner.

But being in love is being in alignment and using the other as the excuse. Think about it. Is it your alignment that you’re reaching for that so often you use this manifestation as your excuse to be in alignment? Because it’s easier, it is easier. And that was your question? Is there an easy way? Can you give me an easy way? An easy way like just looking at it and liking it?

Well, the problem was just looking at the now manifestations. The problem with looking at conditions in order to feel good is that you trained yourself to be a conditional looker. So if you look and see conditions that feel good, you feel good. But if you look and see conditions that don’t feel good, you don’t feel good, and you seemingly have no control. And Law of Attraction sort of encourages you to think about what you’ve been thinking about.

So that was a best sales job we’ve ever given anyone about what unconditional love really is unconditional love is being in love with your alignment, which you can always find all the time, especially if you’ll meditate every morning and lower your resistance motion and allow yourself to feel what it feels like that satisfaction of really being in alignment with who you are.

And then the time passes. quickly, and of course, you get what you want. But in the meantime, you’re not unhappy. living happily ever after, think about what living happily ever after must mean, it must been getting ready to be ready and being happy anyway, and then getting ready to be ready and being happy anyway, not getting ready to be ready, but being unhappy because I’m not over there happily ever after means ready along the way.

And that’s what you can do live, you didn’t come for somebody else to wave a magic wand and zap the conditions into beingness that you want. But almost everyone thinks that that’s what they want. If you could just zap that into place, then I could just be there, observe it and be happy. We say No, you wouldn’t, because that’s not how you’re wired. That’s not what a creator is.

A creator is someone who has explored and decided and then learn to tune themselves to their own decision and then felt the satisfaction of that tuning. That’s what living happily ever after is you say. And so Oh, you give a wonderful gift to any partner. When you say to them, I have become I’ve learned to be a happily ever after. I’ve learned to be that which means my happiness is not going to be dependent upon you your behavior or anything about you. So you’re not going to get into that bondage state.

You’re not going to get ever into that resentful state with me, because my happiness is never going to depend on anything that you do is I’m taking full responsibility for my happiness and my alignment. And you get two people doing that. Oh, he had two people doing that. Talk about the exponential living happily ever after. Really good. Thank you. I love you. For that makes you want to live alone.

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