Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #497 – He’s Seeking Body Alignment



Something more. Yes. Yesterday’s talk was a lot about alignment. Getting into the meditation and dialing down to zero when you use the term we had to use before reboot, which really struck home with us. Because we have to do that about putting yourself in a position where your resistance can be non existent for a little bit, where the true momentum of who you are, can then be received by you, in the early subtleties of it, and then allowed to increase until you’re fully up to speed with who you really are.

And you can do that in 15 minutes. Okay, and the topic of alignment also brings to it I don’t know, if you want to talk about this as something in my vortex I’d like to love it’s there. I’m struggling with an issue. Two of my vertebrae have come out of alignment. They’re pinching a nerve had been to see the surgeon, he says, Yeah, I can fix it. It’ll take nuts and bolts and screws, but it’s your call, you can live with what you got, if he wants to try a chiropractor, it might go right back into place.

But here’s the thing, and we are happy to discuss this with you. And we would not ever discourage anyone from following the advice of their physician provided their physician has rebooted. Do surgeons ever reboot? It could happen. And here’s what we mean by that. Because think about it. This is a really good conversation in light of what we’ve talked about so far. So let’s say that this is the current state of being and you are feeling discomfort because there is a nerve being pinched, and it does not feel good.

And so of course, you’re living a condition in a physical manifestation for which you are seeking a remedy. So when we say you can’t get there from there, what we mean is that when you ask a question from that place, the answers can only be so sophisticated that sort of like doing surgery with a chainsaw. In comparison with doing this reboot that we’re talking about, where you find satisfaction, even though nothing’s changed for a little while, so that you let your satisfaction for a little while not be dependent upon this pain going away, you find some way of adjusting to that and so that your alignment and your pain control are two separate things. And so you are finding some satisfaction and some satisfaction.

Now this is a subject of vibrations, turning to thoughts and thoughts, turning to things. So somewhere along in there, once you’ve managed some satisfaction, some ease about it, then what happens is an idea will come into your mind, an idea that is so soft, that it feels unimportant, like Esther thinking, oh, I want to go to that place, because maybe they now have what I’ve been looking for just a thought about something that matters or doesn’t matter. But it’s just an idea.

And when the thought came, she thought, oh yeah, that’s what I want to do. And she could not get her shoes on fast enough, and get in her car and get over there fast enough. Because the idea felt so vivid to her that it almost felt certain that what she was looking for would be there. And when she got there it was and she nearly hugged the lady that was in the showroom. That lady thinks she’s crazy.

Because Esther was so excited about things showing up just at the right time for Esther to be there because she’s not in that town very often. So something that feels so may be interesting, not life changing. Interesting, provocative, may be clarifying soft, not this is what I’ve been looking for and looking for and looking for, as you rest in that or even follow that inner beam vibrational lead, follow it, then it will lead to something that will lead to something that will lead to something that will lead to something and before you know it, you’ll be standing before someone because we do expect that there will be someone assisting you in this process with some sort of physical adjustment, manipulation or surgery. We just want you to get there from there rather than from there. You’ll know the difference.

They’ll know the difference. And meanwhile, their satisfaction in knowing that it’s going to be all right, their satisfaction in knowing that. It’s like there are things in your belief patterns that aren’t helping you that you don’t even recognize aren’t helping you and you can’t get rid of them because you can’t identify them. And even if you did identify them, you would not be likely to get rid of them because you believe them. Does that make sense to you? But they’re not helping you.

But you believe them, but they’re not helping you, but you believe them. But after a few rebooting things through meditation, then when an idea occurs to you, and I did it formally, you would have discounted because you didn’t believe it. Now, you feel differently about it.

And because you feel differently about it, it leads to a different thing that leads to different things that leads to different things and leads to a different thing. Because there are all kinds of ways to skin a cat. And the cat doesn’t like it in whatever way you choose. You get the sense of what we’re talking about. A couple of things yesterday, didn’t you.

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