Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #498 – Abraham’s Ideas On Some Quotes



I made some notes yesterday things in terms of alignment with the following expressions fit with being aligned, being cool under fire. Is that indicative of you? Well, actually, I was thinking about somebody that I used to work with who was always very cool under fire. And it seems to me when when describing alignment, like I have situations that are frustrating in my family, sometimes, particularly people who have passed on what used to be very frustrating to me.

And which leads to another question before you get there, because we would say in answer that question, yes, you are cool under fire. But we want to say something about that. A lot of times, that’s just learned behavior. People learn how to feel one way and behave another. So they have the appearance of being cool under fire, but there’s still a vibrational adjustment that would serve them.

So the question that we would rather you ask and answer is, do I feel satisfaction under fire, because sometimes, oh, sometimes you can be under fire. And it’s so fun. Because you know, the answers and you know, what’s really going on. In other words, if you’re feeling insecure, and unstable about something, and somebody comes after you, then you do feel defensive.

But if you’re stable, and sure, and somebody comes after you, it doesn’t even bother you. In other words, you’re cool under fire, because you’ve got your sea legs, you know what’s going on, and them shining the spotlight on something that they don’t understand doesn’t mean that you don’t understand it. And just because they don’t have the ability to be in the receiving mode right now and know what you know, doesn’t mean that you don’t know it. So you’re cool under fire. Oh, it’s so fun to be cool under fire like that.

That’s when you say and mean that bring it on, bring it on, bring it on, and you’re not looking for a fight, you’re just ready for one, you’re just ready for one, because it’s a contrast in experience is going to put more clarification in your vortex about the term act as if act as if I am and I will be is a very common expression that has some potential of slight movement. But we want to describe in a way that you can really feel the characteristics of this manifested world.

We said yesterday that in this manifested world, this world that you can already see and hear and smell and taste and touch this really fully manifested come to full fruition world, that this is where you do most of your thinking. This is where you do most of your evaluating. And, of course, it would be ridiculous to say that there is not some movement in that world, the majority of the processes that we have written and given to you over the years, are to soften that world a little bit to help you to get ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

But ultimately, anything that you’re doing that is affecting that world is miniscule in its power, in comparison with the full connection to who you really are. That’s why through the years, you’ve heard us say things like one who’s connected to the stream is more powerful than millions who are not, that we’ve heard to say there is so much leverage in alignment.

And so again, it’s almost the same answer as what you asked just now is that act as if I am and I will be, but if you’re acting the part and not believing it, and your questions are brilliantly inspired by the conversation that we had yesterday, because that’s exactly what goes on with so many people is that they behave in a way that they don’t feel, which makes them then have that fight with themselves, where they’re defending something that they don’t feel, and anytime 100% of the time that you’re in that defensive mode, you are not in alignment with who you are.

Because when you’re in alignment, there is nothing to defend wellbeing is yours, and you know it. So do we think that acting as though it is and it will be is better than lying on the floor and throwing a tantrum? Yes, we think that you can save yourself a lot of trouble by behaving in ways that people around you have come to expect that you should behave under certain conditions. We think that you’ll cause a lot less grief for yourself by behaving but it doesn’t do anything to improve your vibrational state of being by pretending something that you aren’t authentically experiencing.

And that really is the reason that Jerry in particular, and Abraham in more particular, were not too excited about people melding this work with the work of others, because there’s a whole lot of that going on in this sort of work. Take it to make it would fit right in there to expression fake it till you make it. Eyes off. What is eyes on what’s coming. You said yesterday, keep your eyes off what is it’s a good philosophy and less what is is just pleasing you.

Esther had conversation with some friends last evening about some things that they’ve been experiencing together, and they just regurgitated the good times and milk them and milk them and milk them and milk them and milk them. And they weren’t even things that were happening right now there were things that had happened that were so wonderful, as the universe was just orchestrating.

And they were just in such a flow of it. And so anything that holds you in that place of knowing your power, of course, put your eyes on it. But the reason that we’re behaving a little stubbornly about it, is because we don’t want to teach you conditional living. And there’s a little bit of possibility that if you are really looking at conditions that are good, that now you’re training yourself to look for conditions, and when you do, you’re going to find some that are of advantage to you, and some that are not of advantage to you. So we just want you to be deliberate about the way you’re focusing.

Focus, really is the basis of this conversation, isn’t it, focus and feel, focus and feel, focus and feel for the satisfaction or not focus and feel for the satisfaction or not? One more. And meditation is maybe two more in meditation, you said, reaching for comfort, and stillness then converts the passion and enthusiasm. Because Law of Attraction is always responding to whatever you’ve got going on. We’re going to step aside from that just a moment and come back to it. Let’s say that you have a desire and Law of Attraction is responding to it. But you also have a belief about that desire.

And Law of Attraction is responding to that too. So Law of Attraction is responding to these. Want it don’t have it want it don’t have it, want it don’t have it want it don’t have it wanted to have it. So you’ve got some tension going on within you. When you meditate, you stop that part of it. So now you are left with no momentum happening. Because your conscious mind is quiet. But your inner being conscious mind is not quiet. Your inner beings conscious mind is fully focused upon all of the remedies, all of the things that you want. All of the happily living Ever After that you want. Your inner being is focused there.

And Law of Attraction is responding to your inner being. And your inner beam, who was intricately tied with you is projecting a signal to you that holds all of that. The question is, where’s your tuner set? Well, now that you’re meditating, you’ve quieted your mind. So your tuner is set to receive those beginning signals. So your inner being is offering the signal and you are beginning to come into focus with them. You see, we want you to feel the difference between a revelation, which is what your inner being is projecting to you the revelation of all of the things you want.

The revelation is it’s all been revealed to you. But the question isn’t, is it being revealed? Of course it is? Of course it is. Of course it is. The question is, am I receptive to it? Have I got my tuner set so that I can receive what’s being revealed to me. So since you’ve meditated and quieted your mind, the likelihood is high that you are receptive to it. And so you receive whatever you’re ready for. And as we were demonstrating about Esther, it might be something that feels totally unimportant, but it’s a starting place for you. So you receive it.

At first it feels like the emotion of contentment, the emotion of satisfaction, Esther sits there, she can feel the emotion in her body, she feels detached, she can feel her limbs beginning to move just a little bit, her head begins to move just a little bit, she can feel muscles moving. Even in her back, she can feel herself getting a massage from the inside out a sort of vibrational retuning is happening, even without any conscious thought. She’s not asking for it. She’s not thinking about it.

She’s just ready for it. And so it’s happening. All the kinks are sort of being worked out of her just a little bit as she’s just sitting there and allowing this to happen. In other words, non physical energy knows exactly what needs to be done and knows exactly what vertebrae are being pinched and exactly where to put her buttocks in order to make that feel a little bit better, how to move just a little bit better, and not so much because we don’t want to bring her out of her conscious sublime we want we’d like her to stay right there. And then the thoughts begin to flow, the emotion, the movement and then the thoughts begin to flow. Now this is law of attraction in action.

This is law of attraction now responding because you can’t find a piece of vibrational alignment with your inner being and maintain it for very long 16 seconds is really enough before a law of attraction will add to that and add to that and add to that and add to that and add to that and that’s what that momentum is now in your meditation, because you’ve made the decision to sit there for 15 or 20 minutes and it often takes nearly that long for your vibrations to settle down for your resist. tends to settle down.

So once you get there and you begin feeling that satisfaction, you’ve really done your work. And if you’ve really done your work, then once you awaken isn’t quite the right word as you come back into more full awareness of your physical environment, open your eyes, sort of appreciate where you are, then there will be a continuing of a stream of impulses and thoughts, you may feel like you’d like to get up and move, you may feel like you want to take a walk, you may feel like a drink something would be really, in other words, just follow the impulses whatever they are, because they’re coming from this non physical awareness of who you really are.

And a day that begins like that will have many things within it that are slightly different than you are accustomed to living, you will feel a keener sense of satisfaction all through your day. Law of Attraction causes momentum on whatever vibration you’ve got going. Let’s catch up with yesterday just a little bit. So a vibration of non resistance that has very little momentum feels like satisfaction. It might even feel like movement, it might even feel like stretching, it might even feel like yawning.

It might even feel like taking a shower. But a vibration of non resistance that has a lot of momentum will feel like getting your running shoes on and go on for a jog. It’ll feel like calling your favorite person and going and doing something fun. It will feel like digging into something that you’ve been thinking about and really figuring it out. It might even feel like looking those airline tickets that you’ve been meaning to book and haven’t been feeling like booking, but you will feel an enthusiasm, a momentum, it will be strong enough that it will move you to action. And that’s what inspiration is.

Inspiration is that feeling that I really want to get into the day. It’s what makes you seem obnoxious to people that aren’t up to speed with you. There’s two more things one several people at dinner last night remarked on Esther’s sea legs. And in the wake of the weather shirtless picture, said stood straight still as a as a as a pillar, and must be nice to have the sea legs. She told her friends she was a horse in a past life as she used to just lock her knees to sleep. In her alignment, there is an anticipation of what’s going on.

And there is a flexibility and a willingness to adapt to whatever it is when you are rigid and worried. That doesn’t happen when you’re in alignment. Then Jerry used to tell the story that his father told him, his father was a sailor, and his father said there was a hole on the ship that sailors would fall in and die unless they were drunk.

And if they were drunk, they usually lived because there was something about their relaxed state of being. Esther is not drunk but you get the point. And I want to thank Peter for helping me across the stage and he will do it again now. Enough, really good. Everyone is always appreciated.

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