Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #499 – Living In The World Today



My name is Eva. But badly need to come up is that you said that we should. If we feel like we want to do something like it sounds like fun, we should just do it. And then you’re talking about Martin Luther King, because I’m 73 now, but I used to be a hippie, you still are. But it leads up to is maybe a question about the current conditions in the world, because I intellectually know that I’m not supposed to be involved in it. But it’s a little difficult to not be involved, because I’m such an involved kind of person.

And for instance, we went to the March on Washington in Los Angeles, because it sounded like a fun thing to do, and it was fabulous. So I just guess I need help with how to be in the world but not have it. Well, we are not encouraging you to withdraw.

And we’re not discouraging you from having contrasting moments. Because step one is necessary to your personal living happily ever after, we were talking earlier about a relationship, and how if it doesn’t continue to expand and grow, then it cannot continue to be viable, it cannot continue to be wonderful and lovely. And so your relationship with your world, your relationship with your life, is that way too. We don’t want you to withdraw from things in a sort of fearful stance, it’s so nice to be able to be out in it and know who you are.

But when you find yourself involved in whatever it is, and the general nature of your conversation is one of pushing against something, then you know that your current stance and your current point of view is not serving you and is not serving the greater good either. A little bit of really knowing what you don’t want causes you to clarify your vortex. And we have to say that the global vortex of consciousness has been revitalized, unlike anything that we’ve ever seen in modern times, there is so much more asking than there ever has been before.

But that won’t serve you as an individual or as a society, or as a global society, unless a number of you are in vibrational sync with what you’re asking for. Because really, you got to acknowledge that your vortex has always contained more of what you want than you as a world people have been letting in. There is no reason for there to be starvation anywhere.

There is no reason for there to be political quagmire anywhere. In other words, there is no reason for things to be bogged down, you have the abilities to solve problems in magnificent ways. But in your fighting against each other, which is really your individual fighting against yourselves, you are holding yourselves almost everyone to some degree of not receptive mode. And so you keep addressing the problems and not receiving the solutions. But you know, we’ve been saying this to you for a while, that you can approach life as an individual or as a collective in many different ways.

But these two ways primarily, you can know what you don’t want, which causes you to know what you do want. And then you can talk about what you do want and think about it and line up with it, and meditate and close that gap and be a vibrational match to it, and then live it. And then there’s a new set of contrasting experiences that come to you. So again, you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want. And then you close that gap through meditation and positive good feeling thoughts. And then you receive the full manifestation of that. And also a new set of contrasting experiences.

And then that you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want, and so on. Or you could do what a lot of people do, you could know what you don’t want and know what you do want. And then know what you don’t want and then know what you do want. And then know what you don’t want and then really know what you do want but know what you don’t want.

And then know what you do want and then know what you don’t want know what until you’ve got this big battle going on inside of yourself. And then you really know what you must have. That’s sort of what’s going on. There’s a stronger asking now, here’s where it gets really good for you. In terms of what you understand. Did you hear us earlier say to you that when you’re asking and have been asking and now are asking with greater specifics with greater clarity, things you didn’t even know to ask for you’re now asking for. So now the asking is very, very strong. And your inner being is there with all of those answers because when you ask it is given, but you’ve got to get in the receptive mode to receive.

So now more of you are meditating. More of you are rebooting More of you are receiving what you’re asking for, you see what we’re getting at, it can never really go wrong. It’s just up to you to decide for yourself personally, how much drama and drama you feel you need in order to justify the well being that will inevitably come. We think you’ll like the drama, but we really do. Most people do. And you know why most people like the drama of it, because you have found more momentum in the negative than you have in the positive.

And you’ll take momentum over alignment, because you didn’t understand that you could have it both that you could have alignment that would grow in momentum. That was big. Most people will take momentum over alignment, because at least it feels like you’re doing something, you’re marching and you’re shouting, and you’re getting on television, and you’re making things happen.

And at least I’m now doing something about it. And we say you are doing something about it, you’re asking asking asking in a stronger way. But somebody’s got to get into a place of allowing it before the ideas of solution are going to be received. Because a lot of people are getting ideas, but they’re not being well received by others. But more ideas will come and more ideas will come and soon you will find a pathway for your ideas of compatibility and harmony that will be received by more.

And so sometimes it takes some sort of extraordinary conditions to cause people to think about what they really want and why. And then it takes some willingness to find your own power. And that’s really what’s going on in your nation. And in your world. It’s a power struggle. But it’s not Democrats against Republicans or other way around. It’s not the power plays that you think it is. It’s the personal individual power struggle you are fighting for your vibrational survival, really, those words are too dramatic, because you can croak and you’ll reemerge into non physical and you’ll come back and you’ll be just fine.

We just don’t think you should have to croak to do it. We think you ought to be able to find alignment and that you should be able to live happily ever after. Even when people are upset about a lot of things. There are some who would hear these words and they would say, well, Abraham, you’re really not offering any solutions because you’re not joining the fight in any way.

And we say there are no solutions in joining the fight. Step one already happened. It’s old news. Now undivided attention to the vortex is where the happily ever after part comes in. So the best thing we can do for the world is just sit quietly and find a vibrational line. Well, maybe, maybe, but maybe you’re going to wake up and feel inspired to go to one of those marches.

Maybe that’s going to feel like a good idea to you. And if it feels satisfying to you then by all means go. Maybe there’s going to be something that happens that causes clarification for your vortex. We are not saying sit and meditate and wait till things blow over. That’s not our message here. Our message is get out and live your life.

We just want you to meditate enough to find satisfaction so that you can tell the difference between whether you’re satisfied or not. And if you’re finding great satisfaction in fighting, you might want to meditate and find out if it’s really satisfaction. Yeah, thank you helpful. Yeah, do thank you so much. That time for one more before we take.

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