Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #500 – Low Vibration And Compassion



Hello. How are you? What do you think? Thank you doing pretty good. We have never experienced greater satisfaction interacting with a group of people ever have kind of a pretty big question or two for you. One of the things that, you know, we talked about keeping ourselves on a high flying disc, and in a state of, you know, high vibration and keeping yourself there, or knowing how to return if you’re not there, not holding yourself to impossible standards.

But knowing how to get back, one of the things that was said, I don’t think it was yesterday or the day before was when you’re around other people that are, say, in low energy situations? Yeah. Basically, the question is, I think a lot of really, really good people are in these low energy situations. We think so too, you know, they’re our neighbors, their friends, or family. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

I know, personally, I was in a low energy situation, and I was toxic to be around, and I did bring the mood down. But that was because of PTSD problems from being a fireman. And sometimes I got a really big vibe that they’re people do a lot of self work for themselves. But there is no compassion for others, and, or gratitude, even listening to us with very much attention. So when you have really managed to lower your resistance on a pretty regular basis, and you can feel when you come into alignment, then you are seeing the world more through the eyes of source.

Which means, even though you see people behaving in ways that are hurting themselves, and maybe even hurting others, you have a true compassion for them. And we want to define the word compassion, because people misunderstand that they think it just means letting somebody do something they don’t like and putting up with it, feeling bad about it, but just not stopping them sort of like the fake it till you make it that we were talking about earlier, or pretend that it doesn’t bother you when it does. But what true compassion is, is a consistent alignment with your own inner being with the Source within you.

So that you are under any condition able to see whatever it is you’re seeing through the eyes of source. And source never makes judgment against someone ever. Those words about how God is have been spoken by those who were out of alignment, there is either love or there isn’t. And when you are in sync with that, which is source, you are in that love. Now, some people have sort of prepared that a little bit watered it down a little bit by saying, Well, I love you, I just don’t love what you’re doing.

And we can see how that could help a little bit. But two things happen. When you consistently get into vibrational alignment with who you are. First, you are bothered less by what’s going on in your world. And second, and this is really important, there’s less of that active in you. So you don’t rendezvous with it so much. Because the fact is, everybody’s got all kinds of vibrations going on.

When someone’s thinking about their mother, they might be in great alignment, they might be really out of alignment, different people are in alignment and out of alignment, depending upon different things that are going on in their life in different subjects. So what you’re looking for is the timing to rendezvous with them at times when there can be a conversation that is meaningful to both of you cooperative components. And sometimes someone asking and someone answering is the most wonderful of situations.

Esther was talking with a friend around Christmas time about finding perfect gifts to give to people. And he was very much wanting to really get into the right feelings so that he could find the perfect thing. And then they got talking about giving and receiving. And then they got on the subject of givers and takers have there are some people that just can so easily receive from others. And there are some people that just want to give all the time. And then Esther was stimulated to want to sit and write and speak with us about it. And we explained something that she had never thought about before.

And it’s what you’re looking for here. And that is that. When you are in alignment with who you really are so that you are in the receiving mode, you are accomplishing step three. So step one caused you to clarify what you’re asking for. And step two is source answered it lined everything up has all the cooperative components assembled, the gestation process is prepared, and a thought stream is being offered you constantly so that you can receive what you’ve been asking for.

But The operative word for all of you is, you got to find ways to consistently be in that receptive mode. And if you are in the receptive mode, often or in the example that we’re about to give, if you’re in the receptive mode, then very often source will project to you an idea of extending something to someone who’s asking for it, in other words, source can utilize you as step two, as the one who is doing the giving. So when you are in step three, consistently, now you’re receiving from source, and you’re also yielding to others, and receiving from others.

And that give and take is what the most delicious relationships are about. You see, have you noticed that there are no pipelines beaming in things from other planets, it’s all an exchange of thought, and energy and resources and interactions with one another. And so when you realize that we really are all in this together, we’ve offered the story often about how, when someone is grieving over what they think is the loss of their dearly departed, and how often that dearly departed will project an impulse to a nearby bird to bring a message right to the Griever.

And the reason that the birds are such good messengers is because first of all, they are plentiful, and even more important, they are usually in the receptive mode. So they receive the impulse when they go deliver the message and all kinds of things like that are happening around you all the time, you see. And so you are often the bird receiving the message that is taking it to the other.

It is a big topic, isn’t it? It is because there’s a lot of pain and there’s a lot of anger in people like the other question was an awesome question in regards to hold it for now. And let’s take segment of refreshment and we’ll begin with you when we return. Thank you good time for segment.

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