Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #502 – She’s Looking For More Ease



Hi, I’m so and the question that occurred to me these last days is, how can I even more, allow myself to have an easy life, because I’m so used to working hard, and so on. So we want to clarify something quickly. And then we’ll let you speak a little bit ease and flow. That’s a wonderful state of being, from what you’ve been hearing us talking about, we’ve been really out on the leading edge talking about what happens when you accomplish that reset. And then you start in that place of non resistance and allow law of attraction to help you increase momentum

. As that momentum becomes more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more, everything’s moves faster, and faster and faster and faster. And yet, you can still call it ease. Because it doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, unless there’s resistance in the mix, you can be going 100 miles an hour. And if you don’t hit a tree, you’re experiencing ease.

But if you’re not good at not hitting trees, then you want to slow it way down for a little while. And so when you say you want a life of ease, we know that you don’t mean I want a life of nothingness, or I want a life of slowness, or I want a life of laziness, or I want a life of no activity. What you mean by that is you want a life of fewer bumps. What you mean is you want a life of less resistance, you want to trip over fewer things, and you want to have less efforting.

Because when you have an impulse of needing to offer effort, you’re trying to overcome resistance, and a whole lot of people are not tending to their vibration, and then offering a lot of action to compensate for energy that they didn’t smooth out. And so we like it when you say I’m looking for more ease, because we hear you saying in that I’m looking for more alignment, not less speed, not less enthusiasm, not less passion, not fewer things to do less resistance. Yeah.

And the focus is on allowing myself to have this easy life. Because sometimes I think, couldn’t I have it a little bit easier. But how does one do that you do that by letting go of some beliefs that were in your way, like, I have to prove my worthiness through my hard work or in order to be appreciated, I have to be knocking myself out all the time, or I have to compete with all of the people and I have to be doing the most of anybody’s doing. They’re always thoughts that you’ve picked up along your physical trail, that our thoughts of resistance that are hindering your ease.

So we like it when we hear you say, I have to let myself Esther has been having some of these conversations with herself too. She holds beliefs still, that she doesn’t even know she holds. Because they feel like they’re the right beliefs to hold because she’s believed them for so long, even though they hinder her. You’re always that way. That’s exactly my feeling that there’s something that I actually cannot put my thumb on, that is holding me back.

And sort of how do I what our friend just now is explaining to us and he may have a good point that if you are able to figure out what these things are that are holding you back, maybe you’ll stop doing it are noticing of what most of you do when you get your finger on those things is that there’s a part of you that defends them for a while. Sort of unnecessarily defends them. It’s the Yeah, but syndrome. Yeah, but yeah, but if I don’t do it, who’s gonna do it? And if, right, exactly, yeah. So Wow. I feel like I have to allow myself to do we have some questions for you for all of you. But you’re gonna like this.

Do you believe in the existence of your vortex? Yes, of course. You wouldn’t dare admit it. If you did. It’s right there. Do you believe in the existence of your vortex? And do you believe that your inner being has been there all along, receiving your requests and focusing them into being? Right? Yes. So there’s an aspect of you that’s been thinking these things into a vibrational reality as you’ve been sifting and sorting and discovering. Do you believe that anytime you feel off or negative emotion that you’re just crossways of that you’re looking at that differently than your inner being knows?

And are you willing to accept that the reality of your inner being is really the biggest and most basic reality of you? This is a big thing to ask of you. We’re asking you to detach from the reality that others witness when they look at you, and detach from the reality that you’re Speaking about all the time, all those beliefs that you hold and arguments that you have, we’re asking you to detach from them just for a little while, both wanted and unwanted aspects of them, and just listen with a keener ear for the story that your inner being is telling about you.

Because your inner being calls you a success, whether you do or not, and your inner being knows that you are a lover, whether you acknowledge that you are or not, that self forgiveness that our friend was talking about earlier, your inner being will never be in a mode of forgiving you, because your inner being has never been in a mode of judging you to begin with. So what forgiveness may be is when you start looking at yourself, like your inner being doesn’t always have rather than as you have been looking at yourself, as you have done and may still be doing. It’s like a different vantage point.

Following. So, do you believe in the existence of your vibrational reality? Yes. And do you believe that your inner being has been expanding as a result of your step one moments like crazy? Yes. And do you believe that your inner being is now fully in the beingness of all that you have become? And is broadcasting that signal to you, all day, every day? And do you believe that you have access to that knowing? And to that feeling? When I’m still Yes. So when you’re still you said, when you’re still you can feel that feeling of who you are? And does it make sense that if you can stay there a little longer, that then that part of you will come forward into your experience so that you can reflect it in all the words you speak and all the moves you make, and all the relationships that you foster, and all the decisions that you make?

Can you feel how that wise, non physical essence of who you are, is accessible? You created it, you asked for it, and you created it and your inner being has been tending it and knowing it and owning it and projecting it. And now, doesn’t it feel sort of kind of like it’s time for you to receive it, and be it and live it? And isn’t that the ease that you’re talking about living? You can never be at ease. If you are at odds with your inner be. Esther had a lot of wonderful moments as she was involved in watching the election process of the last United States election.

It was really a very productive exercise for her because she decided that she was going to read as much as she could read and hear as much as she could hear from as many places as she could hear it. Because what she was asking herself was not what’s the truth of it all, because she’s learned a long time ago. In the very early stages of Jerry and Esther receiving us. Esther said, Oh, good. Now I can know who’s lying. And so there was a Judge Wapner on at the time, and the judge would review cases.

And Esther would say, oh, good Now which one is telling the truth and which one is lying? Because they were telling opposite stories often. And we said to Esther, a better question is, who believes what they’re saying. Because different people have different perspectives. It’s not right and wrong. Like everyone thinks it’s opposed to what I think and may be in harmony with what I think but there’s not a giant right or wrong in the sky. So Esther’s exposure to all of these different points of view made her realize that she held long standing beliefs about things that she couldn’t get around.

And when she would hear someone speaking in opposition to something that she believed she would shut down and not listen to anything else that that person might have to say, which really upset her about herself. Because she was wanting to glean information and knowledge she was wanting to glean information from which to make her better decisions about things. So the reason that we’re telling you that story is because you’re out here in a giant political election.

And we don’t mean the one that has just passed, we mean the world in which you live, we mean all of the people that you’re interacting with all of the variety of beliefs and desires that they hold, and you have more than ever before, tremendous exposure to a lot of sifting and sorting of information. If you are wanting to live as you intended when you came, then you’re wanting to stand where you are and evaluate to find the best of it to find the best thought process the path of least resistance for your well being and for the well being of others. Stay with us. You’re really gonna like this What if there were a part of you who has suspended all judgment and all pushing against of all that exists?

And what if that part of you could just say, there’s a viable answer for the whole? There’s a viable answer for the whole? What if there were a part of you that was not bogged down in your own prejudices and beliefs that are working against? What if you could tune in to that God force part of you?

And what if you could select now from this buffet from this bouquet of magnificent differences that are on your planet? What if you had the ability to with ease find the path of least resistance while you do, that’s what this is all about. In time, as Esther played the game with herself a little bit, she began to not have to hide from one network or another. She could watch any of them.

And she could find a good idea. Every time she listened, she could find a reason to appreciate that person being interviewed, or even that person talked about no matter what the discussion was, when she was looking at it through the eyes of source, you say? And so how are you going to be happy in this world? When you are primarily a source energy being when you are a lover? How are you going to be happy when you find things to hate? You’re not? You can’t have it both ways? How are you going to feel secure and insecure at the same time, you’re not, you have choices to make.

And really the only choice that you have to make, you’d have to sort out everything that everybody’s talking about, and everything that everybody’s thinking about. Esther was really going about it the hard way in those early days of that because there’s too much she was making notes. She was recording things she was trying to remember what that said she was trying to remember what they said before and what they said before. And after a while, she realized they didn’t even know what they were saying, because they said a different thing every time they said it.

So there’s really no point in trying to figure out what they think because they don’t even know what they think. And then she figured out that by coming into alignment with who she really is, by coming into alignment with the source within her by looking at the world through the eyes of Abraham through the eyes of her inner being through the eyes of source that she could find in everyone something to love. And then and only then was she free. Because there’s always going to be something out there that you’re going to be tempted to push against.

And that’s what step one is no, I do not want that. I don’t like that. I don’t want any part of that. I deny that I push against that. No, no, no, no, no. But you can’t be doing that without your inner being over there saying well, then, yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes to this. So you’ve got all this? Yes, yes. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. To love. Yes. To well being? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, it’s there. And it’s active all the time. And you can tell in any moment, when you’re fighting this battle against yourself.

You’re not fighting the battle with the others who are speaking the words that you’re reacting to, you’re fighting the battle with yourself, because you still have active vibrations within you that don’t harmonize with what your inner being has come to know about who you are and what you want. You see the world that is coming, this getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready.

There are generations being born by the millions coming into your experience, who are watering down the resistant vibration that you all have going on. Those who are coming in are in vibrational alignment with their own inner beings. And yes, they will discover their own contrast of their own time and place. But you have already discovered the contrast of your time and place.

You’ve discovered it and you’ve created a new and we’re just asking you to give yourself a little bit more of an opportunity to be a vibrational match to what you have been asking for. And let what you’ve been asking for which is already accomplished in the vibrational setting to be lived by you. In this time, space reality, we don’t think you have to croak and become part of the next generation in order to reap the benefit of what you’ve been sifting and sorting and asking for.

We hope you like that conversation as much as we do. And that’s why previously and forevermore, we will continually be saying to you and don’t beat up on yourself about where you are because where you are is just fine. Where you are is where you are. But if you are striving for that alignment with that, that’s where your happiness is. You say there isn’t any thing that any of you want, whether it’s a pile of money or a relationship or a circumstance or an event, material object, there isn’t anything that anyone wants.

That is for any other reason than you believe that you will feel better in the having of it. It’s that feeling good that you are reaching for that’s the success that you’re reaching for that joyful satisfaction. That’s what you’re reaching for. And we just want you to know that you can have it right now, even when things haven’t changed. You can have it right now, because while they haven’t changed in terms of full manifestation, they have changed in terms of the vibrational reality.

And when you sync up with a vibrational reality, then you get to be that satisfied person who gets to usher it in to the real live world, then you get to be the one that has the idea that says the words is in the right place at the right time, then you get to be that one and that’s not lazy and that’s not laying back that’s energized and alive and fulfilling your reason for being you see, then you get to reflect all that you’ve become forward into this world. You say your babies are doing it already and most of your animals are doing it to and view we love you so much. We’ll never be happy unless you are doing it too. So.

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