Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #503 – A Meditation Discussion



Very often I meditate. And so five minutes or 10 minutes into meditation, I get an idea a solution. And instead of just, okay, this is solution, I will think of it later. And going back to meditation, I cannot go back to meditation, that’s good, that’s good, because you’re in the receptive mode, and once it flows, then follow it, the meditation got you ready to be ready to be ready, now you’re ready.

That’s why we don’t want you to follow any rules or guidance from anyone other than what’s coming directly from your inner being to you. Everything we teach you about, we’re not trying to teach you which politics to follow. We’re not trying to teach you which things that we think are the right or the wrong things, we want to teach you how to connect with your own guidance, so that you can be the creator that you were born to be. And remind you that you can’t get it wrong.

So when we say sit for 15 or 20 minutes, there are some people who sit and sit and sit and sit and sit. And sometimes it’s an escape from unsettling things. And that’s all right to but you’ve trained your minds to be responsive and sort of ask them to be inactive, really sets up a tension in you that is not productive. And so 15 or 20 minutes, and usually within that time, you receive some reasonable alignment. and off you go, you want to talk about meditation a little bit, have we whetted your appetite for it enough that you’d like to talk about what it is and how to do it?

All right with you. So as you well know, now you understand so much about it just from what we’ve been talking about. But the whole point of it is to quiet your mind, which means stop thinking. But that’s asking a lot because they’re already thoughts that are active and Law of Attraction is already responding to the active thoughts. So when we say don’t think about that, you’re thinking about that thing that you’re trying not to think about, because it’s active is just the way that it works.

So it is helpful to find a thought that isn’t a very big thought, a thought like maybe a sound, Esther usually can find a sound in whatever room she’s in. Usually, there’s a fan or there’s something off in the distance or the condenser in the air conditioner. And if you don’t have a sound, maybe you want to turn a fan on. Or maybe you want to turn the fan on in the bathroom, or something that projects enough of a sound that you can hear it or if you don’t want to listen for your focus.

If you rather look for your focus, then watch a dripping faucet or watch the minute hand on the clock, or watch the flicker of a flame. In other words, something that doesn’t take you into a lot of thought so you can listen for it or watch for it. We really think it’s better if you close your eyes. Because when you close your eyes, you’re less aware of your surroundings, and the less aware you are of most of your surroundings, then the better off you are because there are triggers everywhere that will activate thoughts and the whole point of meditation is to deactivate thought.

Because why we would like to teach you to have pure positive thought is far easier to teach you to have no thought far easier to teach you to have no thought. But it’s not logical for you to be awake and have no thought you really require something to focus upon. So a sound an ohm S will find a note within her. And she’ll reach around um, they’ll be fine. That’s where she likes to be right there. And then sometimes you hold them with her voice. But then it gets a little tiring. So she holds it with her mind.

And then every now and again. And she’ll speak it out loud just to make sure she’s still remembering what she was saying. Doesn’t matter how you go about it, there’s no right or wrong, find your comfortable place, but find something to focus upon. So as you focus upon that, at first holding that note or listening to that sound in the air conditioner, whatever it is that you’re doing, it requires focus. And as you listen to it, at first, your mind will wander because you still have active thoughts. Don’t be mad at yourself about that. Just say, of course it’s natural. Those thoughts are still active.

And the game that you’re playing right now is how can you let those thoughts and others like them become inactive. And the way is to focus upon something else. And since you’re choosing something that isn’t very meaty to think about, in other words, I think I will meditate and I will remember my ex husband. Not really a good idea. I remember the traffic accident. No, no, I remember that girl that doesn’t like me know. There are a lot of things that we really cannot focus upon.

And yet your mind still might be trying to reach them. I’m worried about money. I’m worried about money. I’m worried about money. No, we’re being ridiculously obvious here. But there are things that you don’t want to think about. You’re trying How to quiet your mind. Because when you stop thought you stop all thought. And when you stop all thought you stop resistance.

And when you stop resistance now, the thought that your inner being is thinking about everything that matters to you kicks in, and you have access to it. And with a few days of just quieting your mind, you’ll start receiving that access to thoughts will start flowing to you the ideas about the book that you’ve been wanting to write for a long time will begin flowing, the name of somebody that you’ve been trying to remember will float into your mind, after you’ve used every resource to try to figure out what it is things that you’ve been wondering about solutions that you’ve been looking to ideas will come to you.

And maybe the idea that comes is not the idea that will take you all the way home to the solution. But it’s the idea that will lead to the idea that will lead to the idea that will lead to the idea that will lead to the idea that will take you all the way you see what we’re getting at. And so do you meditate on a regular basis? Have we convinced you? Are you at a place now where you would encourage yourself to at least set the time aside? And does it feel logical to you that first thing in the morning is the best time before your mind has gotten too active on too many things?

And does it seem logical to you that you could find something to focus upon. So the first thing that you will feel the first indication that you really have accomplished a softening of activity of thought is that you will begin to feel a detachment from your current reality. Now, don’t worry, you’re not going to float away, you’re not going to become unconscious, this will not be the window into your death experience. This is a quieting of your mind. And so you’ll feel a detachment which usually means Sit in a comfortable place. If you’re not comfortable sitting on the floor, then sit in a chair.

And it’s better if your feet are on the floor. And it’s better if your hands are relaxed. Don’t sit tense and don’t cling to something. In other words, be as relaxed. As you can be while you’re sitting up. You could lie down, but it might encourage you to go to sleep, which means the experience will be ineffective for you. If you fall asleep, then you have stopped conscious activity. But when you awaken you’ll pick up right where it was when you drifted off. And so if during meditation in your aware and not aware state as the resistance subsides and the vibration of that broader part of you becomes more active.

When you come back from your meditation, that’s the vibrational frequency that your point of attraction has been reset at. So since there’s absence of things that you’re worrying about, it won’t be immediately that you’ll go back to worry, since its absence of being mad at somebody that you’ve accomplished, then you won’t go back to being mad at them.

Now that does not mean that sometime during the day something will trigger a thought about something and you could end up back in a somewhat resistant spot on some of those things that you’ve been worrying about. But you will not return to the same vibration of resistance that you were before. Every day. This is a progressive thing.

Every day, your resistance will become less and your allowing you will become more every day Your anger will be less and your love will be more every day, your lethargy will be less and your feeling of enthusiasm will be more every day your confusion will be less and your clarity will be more every day, your sense of self will be more sharply focused and in keeping with your inner being until we’re not kidding you at all. within a period of as short of 30 days, you can have completely re established your point of attraction. And long before that 30 days is up.

The people who are surrounding you and your life experience will be noticing a difference in the way you be in the world. And you’ll be noticing different Rendezvous in with different parts of different people. We’re not saying that the people that you’ve been Rendezvous in with will go away altogether. Oh, yeah. I meditated you right out of my experience. Thank God. Now you will meditate the troubling parts of them out of your experience and Law of Attraction will not rendezvous you with things that are not active within you.

This is the thing that we want you to take away from the conversation about meditation, law of attraction will not cause you to rendezvous with things that are not active in your vibration. And meditation is the fastest way to cause things that are not wanted to be acted in your life experience to no longer be active in your life experience. So now you have a clearer sense of what it is.

Don’t make a big deal about it. Don’t make a ritual about it. But it is a good idea to get off to yourself unless you have a really compatible partner. Get off to yourself, wear comfortable clothing and focus on something that requires very little attention and then just begin to let the good times roll because it is our promise to you that they will do something more wonderful, really wonderful. And there’s always more really good. Really good now what you’re feeling pretty good, aren’t you?

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