Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #501 – Journal Leads To Much More



And are you refreshed? You’re ready to continue. I feel great. Thank you. Bring us back around to where we are. All right. Well, I think what I’d like to do is take a step back and just tell you a little bit more about what’s going on in my life right now. And I’d love some advice. I went on an absolutely amazing trip last fall to backpacked all through Central America.

And when I left home, I was so burnt out, and so stressed out, and I was just in a bad place from work schedule, the stuff that I have seen and been a part of that work. And right from day one, I started journaling, very, very heavy. And I didn’t leave anything out. After a few weeks of very heavy writing, and being honest with myself, and lots of yoga, and scuba diving, and really healthy stuff, I started to feel incredibly healthy and happy.

And there was a point where I said, I’m writing a book, and I didn’t know it at the time until I just was like, wow, this is a book. And it made me really happy. And I started writing to a reader, instead of just writing to myself. And that brought me great joy, because I felt like I was really helping other people. Do you think that? Or were you writing more about where you had been in what you had been living? Or were you writing about now? I think for me, what it was was to go back and shine some light on the things that had brought problems to what do you think was the reason for your infusion of feeling better?

Do you think it was from reflection on what was? Or do you think it wasn’t? Because of your more active integration into your now experiences? Because what you were describing with yoga, and the water and that sort of thing? What do you think was the reason for your rejuvenation? I think a lot of that was stress relief, and just being there’s no question that when stress releases that you feel better, but do you think the reason for your release of stress was what? Well, let me release?

Like, I know, this is another question I have for you. But let’s just do one thing at a time. This is exactly what I did is I went back and the things in my life, like are you’re not answering our questions. I’m trying to answer it, like, we’re trying to guide you in the answer that we want. Okay. All right. Well, it would be stuff like this finding blessings and and really awesome things in the past.

And that would be to almost create these good memories, like you. Were asking us, do you think that your current experience where you were in new places where you had to be living more in the now where you’re focused upon what’s happening now, where there was less association with what was going on, could have got you into the receiving mode. And then once you were in the receiving mode, your reflection on your past was more appreciation than you were accustomed to living?

In other words, we just don’t want you to misunderstand your own book, we don’t want you to misunderstand what really happened, because so many people want to write a book about how far they’ve come. And we want your book to be about why you were where you were, and why you even had access to the reflection, the positive reflection on your life, because you did not receive a negative reflection on your life, which means you started in a new place where you found your inner beings reflection on your life. Yes, I guess like, that’s just not how I saw it. Right. So how did you see it?

Well, you know, it was like, I know, talking about stuff is tough, but we had some cancer in the family. And what I realized through writing was that that was a time when our family was in a really low place that we turned to places like Hay House, and we got the wake up that we needed through such a thing. And by writing through it. Now I can say that was an awesome blessing for us.

Yes. And now I am here because of that. And now that you are here, what now? Right now, right now I’m sitting right here. Yeah. So what are you going to do with this? Are we going to focus back to a trip or we’re going to focus to before what are we going to sow is just telling you what’s going on in my life right now is long story short, the book. Now that was a long story long. Anyways, I got really good, and I decided to become a writer instead of a fireman.

And Valentine’s Day was my last day. As a fireman, I quit my job. And I am on this cruise as a starting the new chapter, the next chapter of my life and I bought a 40 foot shipping container, put my entire house in it, rented my house out, bought a camper for my truck. And now I’m traveling around the states editing my book, what we’re asking you to focus on just a little bit with us and others. can maybe see it more clearly, but your impulses, your really good impulses.

That’s a much more active, focused living of life than most people live, to be in a camper and be moving around where every day is new every day is different, every scary. It’s, that’s why people don’t do it, because it is terrifying. I have two mortgages, and I just quit my job. But I believe that I can do it. And that’s why I’m here. Well, that was sort of what we’ve been guiding about, and these hours that have come before this conversation, because there is a sort of rampant tendency to jump right into things, whether you’re ready or not. And if it’s terrifying, you’re not ready. It’s a good terrifying, well, I’ve never felt so alive and happy. Well, then you’re not terrified.

No, but like, in other words, you can’t have it both ways. If you’re alive and happy, you’re not terrified, I would want your book to be vibrationally accurate, this is what we’re talking about. You’re either terrified, or you’re alive and more happy than you’ve ever been, which is it? Oh, I’m happy. It’s awesome. I’ve never felt so good in my head. So that’s what we were sort of guiding you to in the now reflecting back on how the book came about, because the book came about because you put yourself in a situation where the day was new.

And whether you acknowledge it yet or not, you were not as bogged down in the resistant thoughts that you usually were. And because of that, you were able to break loose of a lot of those resistant thoughts get into the receiving mode, and really good things flowed. So what you did is what we’ve been talking about, we’ve been encouraging a sort of easier, and some might call safer methodology. We’re encouraging you to sit in the house that you already own.

Don’t run away from home, don’t put your stuff in a container and meditate, he chose to accomplish nearly the same thing in an entirely different way. But don’t mistake what took place. Are you following you found a way over a period of time in a rather consistent way of lowering resistance? And when you did, things started floating to the surface for you. And it’s a wonderful thing. We’re not giving you a hard time about any of it, we think is magnificent. What you did to get to where you are and what’s coming next. But understanding what happened will help it never slip into the terrifying mode. Yeah, I use the wrong word. Because the joy that I’m feeling I’m the how is that word we’re thinking about? Well, you know what I honestly, you know what, I woke up the morning before this cruise at 555.

Absolutely. Shredded in fear. Because it was that night before that Thursday night was my last paycheck. And now I realized that I literally am doing this. And so your brain side? I feel I feel incredible. I feel incredible. Oh, are you terrified? So are you telling us that it depends on what you focus upon? And I’m saying just comes in waves. I’m very honest with myself comes in waves. But why? Because it’s a big life changing thing. It comes in waves. Why?

Why does sometimes it feels terrifying. And sometimes it feels invigorating. It’s no different than a breakup or something. But why we’re asking you what is the vibrational reason for it? What is the law of attraction reason for it? What do we want you to say? What do we want you to say? What’s the reason for any emotion? It’s your inner guidance system telling you, it’s your relationship with what your inner being knows. So when you feel terrified, what’s that terrified moment telling you, your inner being is not looking at it like you are because your inner beings over there in your vortex knows what’s coming knows that you have a viable path of least resistance knows it’s all going to work out.

So when you’re thinking a thought in opposition to what you want, and what your inner being knows. You feel terrified. I shouldn’t have said terrified. I feel incredible. I use the wrong word I really did. I feel I’ve never been so happy. You just say you didn’t use the wrong word. You use the right word. It’s alright to feel terrified. And say I feel terrified because I am right now denying my true knowledge. I feel terrified because I’m focused upon what could go wrong instead of everything that is going right.

This is a really good example of telling that like you want it to be or faking it till you make it or you’re hearing what we’re saying. And so we’re not trying to evoke Perfect Words from you. We want you to understand why the words the reasonable words, the reasonable and accurate words that are occurring to you are coming out of your mouth and the reason is because of the vibrational relationship that you have between what you’re thinking in a moment and what your inner being knows about what’s going on in your life experience.

Sometimes people will say, Esther, we want to thank you for your bravery and Esther will say, I haven’t been brave. I’ve just started been following my bliss, I’ve sort of just been following the next logical impulse. Now, it would be called bravery, if you are not ready to be ready to be ready to be ready to be ready, and all of a sudden, you quit your job and you have no income coming in and you have no place to live, there is a certain amount of bravery in that, unless you are factoring into it, what you know about the laws of the universe and what you know about what’s in your vortex.

And so that’s why we were reluctant to let you get too far in the story of how you got here. And why we’re more interested in you telling the story about where you’re going. Because if you’re going to write a book that tells people that when life is hard, and they’re not feeling very good that what they should do is just quit everything that they’re doing that that’s not good advice for them.

And it’s not good advice for you, either. That’s not the case, is the case with the case is what the case was, was that being honest with myself, because it is nice to be on that high flying disc. We all know that. But one of the things, but you weren’t being honest with yourself just now. So what is being honest with yourself, what is being honest with yourself, I’m seeing like, through the power of writing, I was able to figure out what was pulling me off that high flying disc, what was making being super happy in that wicked spot, what was making that difficult.

And once I figured out and I I went into some dark places with a flashlight while I was writing. And then there’s great wisdom that comes from the stuff that once kept pulling us off that high flying disc. And once a person, it takes a lot of courage and fear. But that’s why I sometimes disagree with not ever thinking about the past. Because it’s always going to be there in the backburner. This is why there’s so many firemen and veterans and all different types of people that have big problems with stuff, their backpack is just full of little things.

And what I did was went through it sorted it out, got the wisdom I needed from it. And I became incredibly powerful and happy and inspired to do amazing things with my life, like quit my childhood dream job. Because when I went through and sorted out the problems I actually had in my life, a dream this big, presented itself. And that was some very heavy self worth.

Esther said to us one day early on, about something because we were talking about at that time thinking thoughts that feel good reaching for the best feeling thought that you can find so that you can become a more steady vibrational match to who you really are, which is where all those resources that you’re describing with your words come from. And she said to us in those early days before, she really understood what we were talking about, really, she said, But Abraham, it’s true. It’s true.

And we said, but you see talking about what’s true, is not necessarily talking about what your inner being is talking about. Because there are a lot of things that are true that you don’t want to live, you don’t want to continue to live, you don’t want to encourage others to live. So the truth of it is not the best criteria, the way it feels is the best criteria. So if what you’ve done, and we can sense from what you’re saying, and from your passion about it, the way you’re saying it, if what you’ve done is you’ve moved yourself through the trip through the exposure to life, through the time you spent in the sea, through the time you spent in yoga. So the time you spent in meditation, or however you got to that more aligned state.

And then from that aligned state, now you are reviewing what had formerly bothered you. And now it is not bothering you so much, then that is a really effective process. But when you are still using words, like terrifying, and some of that is you’re wanting to build some bridges between you and your readers, you sort of want to hook them in because a lot of them are now where you were. And you’re right, we really appreciated your opening words to us.

There were a lot of people who are carrying a lot of baggage around. And we are essentially talking about the same thing, when we talk about the resistance that we want you to render inactive within you. And when you said it’s always there, the dark stuff is always there. Like I didn’t mean for me. I didn’t mean for me like dark and, and fear and but what did you mean when you said that? Well, what I meant was that there’s a lot of low energy situations that need a little bit of light and love. And I just meant it’s really nice, and we don’t disagree with you about that.

But what we wanted to say an amplification of that is that every thought that you’ve ever thought and every experience that you’ve ever lived, has the potential of becoming vibrationally active again. And as a deliberate creator What you want to utilize your focus upon is in determining by using your guidance system, how you feel, what things you want to make vibrationally active again, because you can have lived something, that’s what that post traumatic stress syndrome is, you can have lived something that was really uncomfortable to have lived it, and not focus on it, not because you’re in denial, that because you’re focused upon other things in your life.

And eventually, that experience will become inactive, and it won’t be a big player in your experience. There are a lot of people that believe that you have to dig into it and get to the bottom of it, but there is no bottom to it. Because every time you focus upon it, you cause an activation about it that holds it into your experience. And that’s why it never goes away. You know, to be honest with you, I work very closely with a couple very powerful angels and those situations that we’re talking about.

I feel like I have gotten to the bottom of it with some really powerful light on those situations. And now those situations are I look at them. And I see and I smile, that’s a wonderful thing. Would you walk us all through it, because this is the most important thing that we’ve ever heard ever. Absolutely. I don’t want things in my life that bothered me, I don’t want to have any No Go Zones, I want to be able to look back at everything.

And I just got a tattoo through the eyes of source absolutely just got a tattoo in Peru and it says right on, and it’s kind of a pun. But I want to look back on my life and be able to look at absolutely anything that has happened, anything that I have done, and say right on when I’m an old man want that to but here’s the distinction, and you may already have found it. And you may just not be articulated in a way that we’re hearing it.

As we said a few times today, we don’t want you to run away from things, we want you to be able to stand in your knowing and focus anywhere without flinching or without being terrified or without being afraid. That’s the whole point of coming into vibrational alignment. But we know for sure that there are easier ways of going about it. What you’re describing here is in part, a lot of the work that we’ve been doing over a period of many years with a lot of you where we are acknowledging where you are, and encouraging you to find a way of looking at that in a way that feels better.

But what happens with so many humans who are fixated on the now reality is that when they focus upon the now reality, because it holds so many components, and so much potential of activating so much that keeps them from their alignment, that then their times of alignment are really fleeting, and they lapse back into their old way of looking at things.

And most people are not going to set aside everything. Most people have children or spouses or some form of relationship. In other words, people can’t just cut loose of their ties in a physical way. So really what’s going on here in this conversation is it you’re describing a way that you’ve discovered of for time cutting most of physical ties, and allowing a rebooting. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but we’re encouraging. If you can’t cut loose of your physical ties, there is still a way to find rebooting. And that’s kind of with my writing.

When I talk about going if you want to talk going getting to the bottom of things, a lot of that could be self forgiveness. So say, because I would love to meet a girl and have a family someday that’s, that would be incredible. So I’m not saying that, you know renting your house out and going doing what I’m doing is you need to cut those physical ties. This is I just have the world by my whatever right now, would you say that the ultimate self forgiveness is being in perfect alignment with who you really are, and seeing yourself through the eyes of who you really are. Absolutely.

And I think it’s easier to stay connected to source or to be on that high flying disc or to enjoy that cup of coffee, and then to enjoy your job and your family and your friends and your neighbors. When you have by doing that self work and shining light on the things in your life that holds you back even though you may not be thinking about them.

They’re little things I feel like kind of drain your happiness, we are in agreement about that. Because there is a level of resistance in most people that they don’t even know that they have. And letting go of that level of resistance is what will put you more steadily into that place of feeling good. Really good. It’s like the the back burner stuff, the stuff that has been shoved on the back burner.

I think it’s stuff that people might not think about the difference between what you are advocating and what we are advocating is that if it’s on the back burner, we would leave it there and eventually it will see stubborn, but if you keep bringing it to the front burner, it will never see stubborn. Interesting enough. Yeah, no, I’m very thankful. To have been up here I really appreciate really good conversation thank you very much you don’t want to wake Esther up now what.

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