Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #508 – A Newer Understanding



not even be fair not even. Not even that fair. I think I have a very interesting question we think you do to me, I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear you. We think you do, too. Okay. From what I recall. Jerry first became interested in this work, by stumbling across a book, in a motel on a coffee table called Thinking Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. Those were the very early rumblings. And so he must have been inspired to read that and perhaps even source, it put the book on the coffee table for him to find.

So it’s always true. It’s always true. So that has evolved. And then he read everything, get his hands on and never found anything that was vibrationally accurate, like that was right, spin off bits and pieces of it here and there. Most of it distorted, made a study of vibration. And that has, to me has sort of evolved into your current work, Abraham’s current work, it’s just expanding, there’s more and more and more information coming out about it, you could say that the work has evolved.

Or you could say that those beginning questions evolved. That book caused an expansion of question within Jerry. And the reason we say this to you is because we want you to feel the benefit and the value of this step one, because the evolution of your questions matters so much, there can be no expansion of the message without the evolution of the question. Good. So I think I’m leading up to a question that heard the answer to our recent, twice a month tape and I want you to expand on it.

But on the way to that, at some point, I picked up on creative workshop. And I started doing the exercise and what you want and why you want it. And when you think about what you want, and why you want it, the Y usually takes you right to the vibrational core, the Y usually takes you into a more general place, so you’re less resistant. So when you think about what you want, and why you want it, you are focused upon what you want with less resistance, which makes you more likely to receive the next ready to be ready to be ready. Step one, all of your step ones have created this vibrational reality that is ready to manifest into your awareness ready to be received or perceived by you.

Since it’s already done, then any work you do like processes isn’t to further the creation, the creation is already furthered along enough is to further your reception. So these things that you’re calling creative process, and we have to a creative workshop, every exercise or process that we’ve ever offered, is to help you to be more ready in your reception, not to further the creation.

That’s a great new understanding. Yes, because I was in the hot seat once I was getting up every morning with 17 pages of my top four requests for a manifestation, yes, listing them all out. And all right, because as you list them, they become more familiar to you. And as you think about them, and as you fill them in with details, you own them more on a vibrational basis. But the key thing to be aware of is in the conversation about that. How are you feeling along the way if milking it by thinking about it further is causing you to feel exhilaration then as the momentum of it by virtue of your focus upon it as the momentum increases, and you’re not in alignment with it you feel worse and worse.

As the momentum increases and you are in alignment with it. You feel more buoyed more refreshed, more exhilarated. We’ve never said that so clearly halfway No. And I came to the to the chair and asked the question, when is it too much and it felt like a chore. And Abraham suggested that well back off of it or the death it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. So I backed off of it and I’ve been going on that’s been several years ago. Just this and this on this cruise. I was listening, it’s on my phone listening to the October 29 version of wherever Esther, Esther or your and it talked about manifestations occur on the way to happily ever after. Yeah. So that just hit me like, Wow.

It was like I don’t know how Napoleon Hill was able to follow His daily exercises and whatever he wrote down and really focus on what he wanted, what he wanted and what is like work? Well, that work has come to a new understanding heaven that because the majority of that work from thinking Grow Rich was focused upon the doing part of it the setting of goals and the action part of it. Are you aware of the expansion of that Napoleon Hill story as it relates to Jerry, have you heard us tell it before, I’m not sure.

So some years after that book was written, and Jerry and Esther were living in Arizona, and we’re receiving Abraham, and Jerry was still teaching some courses that were based upon the Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich book. And so Jerry got onto the stage one night, and as he is relaying in his very clever and passionate way, one of the stories from the book, Esther is in the audience sitting on the back row. And she felt the non physical current active consciousness of Napoleon Hill, flow into her into her awareness. And she sat there as him hearing Jerry’s rendition of what he had written.

And his enthusiasm from non physical was such that Esther could barely contain herself was an energy that she was not quite accustomed to. She wasn’t quite in vibrational sync with it, because it was slightly different from what she had been receiving from Abraham, and all those years. And she did her best to maintain her composure. But she was sure that she was lighted up. And as soon as the seminar ended, Esther went up the center aisle, right onto the stage to Jerry’s hand and said, Come with me now.

Let’s go now. And so Jerry followed her they went to the car. And Esther said, Jerry, Napoleon Hill was here was here, was right here enjoying your explanation of so much that was important to him? Well, what we want to Jerry to know, then, and you to know now is that all of these masters and all of these teachers and all of these, whether they are religious figures, or whether there are philosophical or scientific, as they reemerged into non physical, they’re still pouring forward in all of you, you see. And so Jerry was breathless and eager, and asked if he could ask them questions.

And so Esther relaxed, and just allowed the conversation to take place much like this one is, and Jerry, ask, what would you do differently. And this consciousness said, Now, I would explain where it came from. But in those days, the READY TO BE READY TO BE READY TO BE READY wasn’t ready. People weren’t ready to accept their extension of non physical, they weren’t ready to understand how they related to this non physical energy. And so he said, the original book that I had written, was many times larger than the book that was published, because everything was edited out of it, that talked about the non physical or that talked about the ethers.

And so that gave Jerry a greater understanding and Esther to that those former teachers, whether you’re talking about Jesus, or Buddha, it doesn’t matter who they are, they are non physical energy, who are eager and excited about what is taking place on planet Earth, and are looking for every opportunity to flow who they are forward. But more than that, to be in on the new that was the beginning when they were there, you see what we’re getting.

And that’s why that happily ever after statement is so important is because it never ends, the expansion of the Universe never ends. The love that is source never stops becoming more everything becomes more it is the evolution of the consciousness of all that is and when you tap into it and understand it, and then let yourself go with the flow of it.

And more important play your role in what your life is bringing to that then you get to dance the dance with all that we want to say it clearly not those who have come before, but those horses continuing to come forth through you. Yeah, yeah.

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