Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #509 – You Have A Choice In Every Moment



And dancing, the dance and that same CD of whatever mp3. Esther gave an example of using the ingredients that surround you to maintain, I guess it would be step for being on an airplane, or she almost slipped backwards into a tunnel when a first class seat and and then asked us to imagine that we’re on our flight to have a very beautiful 14 hour flight to a very beautiful place.

And that may not be the best experience in the world. airline food is airline food. But we can make a choice to focus on the positive aspects of that flight to remain in the receptive mode. Without, you know, getting on my lap about the dirty fork or the lousy English muffin just going forward. And that whole process of living happily ever after. And then manifestations will occur along that way.

I don’t have to be sitting focusing, like Napoleon Hill that I’m meeting with the guy that next week at eight o’clock in the morning to do whatever we’re gonna do, I just got to stay in the flow. And God did that feel good. It is not a lot of work. And so what you just said, we want to say with even more emphasis, in every moment, you have a choice, you can choose to feel not so good, you can choose to feel better, you can choose to play someone outside of you, you can choose to please yourself, which means coming into alignment with who you fully are in every moment you have those choices. And the more you choose to feel good now, the more you choose what feels good.

But before you can do that, you’ve got to get your sea legs. That’s why we are sort of over the top a little bit about encouraging you to go to that quiet place if you can every day and reset your vibrational being so that it makes it easier for you to choose alignment rather than not, don’t worry, life will continue to come at you. Because you have vibrational attraction already in motion. So even though you’re meditating, and during meditation, you have stopped the resistant point of attraction, you are going to come back into consciousness and you are going to start focusing in a way that you are going to continue to reactivate that point of attraction that is serving you and sometimes isn’t serving you.

But if you can just accept just this one small, it might not seem small to you. But it really is this one small concept that what you’ve been practicing thinking still has some momentum going. And until you stop practicing thinking it is still going to have momentum going. So as long as you keep doing that, so you have that momentum going, and then you meditate and then you go back and you keep that momentum going, and then you meditate, and then you come back and you have that momentum going, then nothing’s going to get a whole lot better for you.

But if in this meditation process, you then are more consciously aware of what you’re doing when you’re doing it. And then you’re choosing feeling better rather than not see how it all fits together. And that’s why Napoleon Hill and other teachers like him, were wanting you to be more focused, wanting you to realize what you were doing more consciously. And we’re not saying that that’s not a good idea. We want you to get back into full lively creation, we just want you to give yourself a big head start by resetting yourself because there are not enough processes or behaviors in the world.

To compensate for that momentum. Once you get it going. You’ve got to find a way to slow it down. And then to redirect it and slow it down and then redirect it. We’re not for a moment, encouraging you to sort of veg out and meditate and quiet your mind and then just sit there for the rest of your life saying whatever will be will be the universe will provide that’s not what we’re encouraging you to do. What we’re encouraging you to do is to find that vibrational stance that makes it more likely for you to focus your thoughts were you mean to because that’s the most exhilarating thing about life experience, is to deliberately think about something and deliberately ponder it and deliberately milk it and then watch the universe provide it in direct response to your clarity.

Good, yeah, a little more on the ingredients of my environment. Image, we use the word ingredients to pick the ingredients of your environment to Alright, so let’s talk about this just a little bit. So let’s say initially, the ingredients of your environment would be because we’re going to encourage it toward meditation, a quiet place and comfortable clothing where you can focus on your breathing and when your mind wanders, then it will release the thought. How’s that?

A nice quiet A place where you’re wearing comfortable clothing where maybe you’ve got the draperies pulled, there’s not a lot of stimulation coming in around you, because the intention is that you’re just going to settle down in this. And you’re just going to feel the rhythm of your true vibrational nature. So you’re just going to do your best to quiet your mind, whatever that means to you. So that’s the environment for them. So then, now you found that environment and now you’ve managed to soften, maybe eliminate altogether in resistance, you are in vibrational concert more than you were before with this non physical energy, that is you.

And now in the absence of resistance, because law of attraction never stops working, law of attraction never stops responding to whatever vibration is present. So now, you’ve got not very much momentum vibration going, but there’s no resistance in it. So now law of attraction is responding only to that vibration. And as law of attraction responds to that vibration.

Now, more momentum is there. And now your environment has changed without you needing even to apply conscious action toward it, your environment has changed. Because now you’re feeling more active, you’re still non resistant, but you’re feeling more alert than you were just a little bit ago, maybe some sensations are moving through your body, maybe you’re feeling some movement in your body, your environment has changed because your vibration has changed. And your vibration is changing your environment. Your Vibration is dominating your environment.

So maybe the question that you’re asking is, how much control do I have over my environment. And we say not that much law of attraction is the creator of your environment. But Law of Attraction is responding to your vibration, and you are responsible for your vibration. So you are ultimately in control of your environment. But most don’t know what they’re doing, you see what we’re getting at. So that’s why when you started over from the beginning, and you allow the momentum to increase.

So now your environment has changed in that now you’re not in that deep, deep, deep disassociation from everything. Now your body’s starting to wake up a little bit because the cells of your body are responding to the intentionality of the Source within you. Now your body is being renewed, the cells of your body are being regenerated, you’re starting to feel more lively as the momentum is becoming more and about that time, thoughts begin occurring to you. And as the thought occurs to you. Now, once you allow the momentum of the thought to increase just a little bit.

Now you’re going to feel differently, you may feel inspired to stand up and get moving, there may be a thought that is so clear in your mind that nothing can keep you from making that phone call right now, or from going outside right now. In other words, your environment is going to change because your vibration has changed and you are responding to the vibration. And in all of this, what we want to say is that when you are taking your cues from the inside out, so that it’s inspiration rather than motivation.

And to be fair, and Napoleon Hill would say it too, is saying it to was more about motivation that he was about inspiration, or at least that’s what they did to his book, once they edited it. They took the inspiration out mostly and left it with more of the action part of it. So we don’t know anyone who without cleaning up their vibration can act in a way just through thinking and speaking and behavior that is pure because the vibrational characteristics that you’ve already established are going to continue to go. Is this making sense to you? Now let’s get back to that environment.

So now your environment is being inspired by you. Esther finds herself ravenous about flowers, wanting to find flowers, wanting to plant flowers wanting to look at flowers wanting to learn about flowers, wanting to know about flowers, she’s walking through her gardens and the thought is coming through her mind. I’m feasting my eyes she never associated feasting with seen until she is seen through the eyes of source. And so the environment just keeps changing. Because your ability to perceive your environment keeps changing is not like orchestrating an environment so much other than that initial, sit in a quiet room with comfortable clothing and focus on your breathing.

And when your mind wanders, and it will release the thought. That’s the environment that we would be controlling. Can we go back to the environment of the 14 hour flight? Yes. And what you do with the ingredients of that flight? Well, you say by the time Esther is on a 14 hour flight, she’s already enjoyed meditation. She’s already enjoyed her garden, she sits with friends and what they talk about is why is this feeling so good to us? And then they speculate, could it be that beautiful?

See, yeah, it might be some of that. Could it be the fact that we can see to the boundaries of the universe might be that? Could it be that we’re in love with each other? Or it could be that? Could it be this sumptuous food that we’re eating? Yeah, it could be that. What are you eating? What does that taste like? Can I have some of that? Can I have some of that everybody’s eating off of everybody’s Can I have some of that? Can I have some of that? There’s a whole lot of milking. So that when you get into an environment that just let’s face it, it’s not that much fun to sit in the Houston airport for extra hours today. It’s just not that fun. It’s just not that fun.

Southwest Airlines doesn’t even have a first class. But since you’ve been getting ready to get ready, get ready, get ready, then the most delightful child in the entire airport comes and plays with you. And the person with the brightest smile. And the most actively vibrational heart is the one who comes and rendezvoused with you, then someone’s so fascinating six networks to you. In other words, the universe will provide under any and all conditions, the best that the environment can yield.

And you have no idea at this point in your evolution expansion, how good that can be. There’s so much more to continue to happen. So in a way it started the process, like making this silk purse out of a sow’s ear, is that but let’s find a different way of fame. It’s extracting the harmony and cleverness and beauty that is present in every particle of the universe and bringing it forward into your translation. Think you got it covered. I was up I was here earlier this week and talked about my spine and out of alignment.

Since then four or five different contacts have been made. And I know how to get hold of all of them on the ship. Except for T and T knows who she is. I want her to meet my wife because my wife is pretty much my medical advocate. And they need to have a discussion. So that’s key. If you’re out there. She knows who she is. That’s all enough advertisement. Really good. Thank you we think this is a very good time for a segment of refreshment.

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