Infinite Intelligence Podcast Episode #507 – Don’t Try To Think Your Way There



There is so much love here for you. So forgive me because I’m a scrambled mess. So I’ve made some notes she got done I haven’t done much when you know about this right, so you’ll get your mouse somewhere next he’s worth waiting for Abraham having been having been passionately obsessed with a heartfelt trail of deeply nourishing love, there is a realized depth of emotional potency called connection called connection and the realisation of a spirit which is so flowing through me today that she wishes to dance elegantly across my soul or across my heart and leave me with an unparalleled stirring.

And the basis of today’s question is to accentuate your head might blow off. Let’s do it baby. Accentuate the full meaning of this emotional potency of life. While maybe we recommend something just for a moment here, and that is just sit for a little bit and just let go of your hands and keeping me to pillow. Everyone but just sort of relax with an attitude of Esther remembers when she was feeling this sort of energy tension within herself that you’re feeling. She remembers just saying all as well. I’m willing. I’ve been getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. In other words, just relax. Just relax.

Because when this energy as you’re describing is all focused within you, and you are reaching for the perfect words. First of all, you don’t need to find the perfect words. Just relax, just relax. Just relax. Just relax. Because it was so easier said than done. Because you haven’t been practicing it. Oh, come on go. Give me a break. Cut me some slack for a change. All right, you have our undivided pity. So when you find yourself these last days, three words have become very manifest in my experience.

And those three words are intrigue, fascination, and captivation. In such that there has been a melding of minds that have morphed and organically created this emotional potency. Well, those three words all mean one word focus, intrigue, interest, fascination. In other words, its focus its focus. And think about it. The reason that you wanted to find bigger, more dramatic, more specific words than focus is because you can feel that it’s focused from source it feels like it requires more description because it feels so big, that fascination, that interest that intrigue, that Infinite Intelligence, who is aware of where you stand and eager about what you’re observing, finding satisfaction in everything that you focus upon.

That’s what you’re talking about. But often you think you’re talking about it from the focus of your physical perspective. Whereas you’re tuning in to this non physical energy. You’re really describing what it feels like from that non physical point of view. We use the word eager, and you use the word eager, but when we use the word eager, we mean way more eager than you’ve ever eager and If you’ve never eagerly, like we eager, and that’s why you’re sort of straining a little bit to express it in what feels like it’s bigness.

But you know what happens when you totally relax and allow yourself to morph, you use the word morph into that, then there’s no difference between you and your inner being. And then it doesn’t feel so much. Esther remembers coming off the stage, especially in the early days. And Jerry was all lit up by what had happened, new things that had heard new understanding that he had gathered from the conversation that had taken place. And he was all alive and on fire wanting to talk to Esther, about what just happened. And Esther would say, really? And Jerry said, Well, what did it feel like to you?

And Esther said, it felt like talking about what we were going to have for lunch. Because when you are in that energy, while there is certainly an eagerness about it, there’s not a oh my god, can you believe what we just heard or what we just said, because we’re always out here on the leading edge, we’re always having new experiences, you see. So that’s why we say just relax into it and accept the bigness of it. Certainly, we don’t want you to ever underestimate it, or under value it the respect for it that you were describing in your most early statement to us here. That so good.

Just accept it as who you are to. Yes. So in this cultivation of this such heightened awareness, conscious awareness of this cultivation of the vibrational alignment that allows me to receive it, you’re not cultivating the awareness, you’re cultivating the environment that puts you in the receptive mode period. Don’t try to think your way there. All the thinking takes place in step one, meditate your way there, receive your way there. Don’t try too hard. You see what you’re demonstrating here.

And it’s all right, because it’s natural for everyone. As we talked about getting ready to be ready to be ready to be ready. You’re wanting to be ready. And then there? Oh, yes. Yeah, well, it makes you tense. So just be ready to be ready. I want to change tents to intensity. Because this intensity that I feel is where I want to live. I’m a ravishing liver of life. Well, we don’t disagree with that, we would just like you to feel a little more relaxed in the process. So I hope we get there. And the words that we’ve coined this energy flow is on parallel a day or two ago, about the difference between thinking the thought and receiving the thought. That’s really what we’re talking about here.

Don’t get so ready to receive the thought and then speak it speak it, speak it just receive it and let it settle in a little bit. Because you know, the most vivid and you use the word dance a little bit ago, the most vivid and perfect translation of connection to this energy is often wordless. And you experience it in your dance and in your movement. You see it in the beauty of your planet all around.

You see what we’re getting at. Don’t try too hard to articulate it. And then in those perfect moments, the universe will yield as it constantly does, but more important you will receive in your perfect timing. The inspiration. Beautiful, I am done. Thank you really good. It was always quite clear.

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